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Across the vast expanse of Solaris RPG, many powerful beings preside over the realm, their presence shaping the very essence of existence. These god-like entities, each with their own unique domains and spheres of influence, have woven their ethereal threads into the fabric of the world, guiding the destinies of mortals and shaping the course of history.

The Beast Gods

Dragonus is a creature of myth and legend, a towering leviathan said to be one of the last remaining dragons on the planet of Solaris. Deep within the labyrinthine caverns beneath the Thunderwing Stronghold, he slumbers, his immense form curled amidst an echoing expanse of darkness. Tales whisper of his serpentine body, its scales shimmering like emeralds under the faint luminescence of the caverns, and his eyes, glowing embers that pierce the gloom with an infernal intensity. Legends paint Dragonus as a being of immense power, a potential Beast God who could command the very elements. His presence is said to radiate an aura of awe and primal fear, a testament to his ancient lineage and the raw, untamed energy that courses through his veins.

The Grand Phoenix is a creature of incredible power and one of the Beast Gods of Solaris. It is believed to be nearly as old as the planet itself and can restore a dead inhabitant of Solaris to life using its powerful restorative magic. The Grand Phoenix is several stories in height and causes the sky to darken when summoned. It is also the father of the Ashrisen, having brought them to life by scattering its burning embers across the world.

Sunder the Warden is a giant feline Beast God who serves as the Planetary Guardian of the Solarian System. He was once trapped inside a massive parasite on planet Lunaris named Nezal, but was rescued by the Elyndrians. Sunder is wise and kind, and always willing to defend the mortal inhabitants of the worlds orbiting the binary star system. He is also incredibly powerful, and can grow to be as big as a planet in his Celestial form.

The Builders

Dakon the Shaper, a mysterious immortal being believed to have created planet Solaris and its inhabitants, led the Builders, a group of enormous synthetic humanoids who created galaxies and solar systems. Dakon is said to have terraformed Solaris, hyper-evolved its lifeforms, and created the ancient laboratory called Andorum. Very recently, Dakon sacrificed himself to save the Elyndrians. He self-destructed in the Vault of the First One to kill a being known as Shaogog.

Valmir the Guardian is one of the strongest and largest Builders ever known to exist. He was created by Obel'jon to help him complete a task given to him by Noma, the Prime God. Valmir was recently possessed by the Dark Lord, Bahumura, and was trapped in his own body while the evil entity puppeted him around to do his bidding. This abomination was known as the Dark Avatar. Val'mir is free of Bahumura's control now.

The Gods

Bahumura the Dark One, also known as the Destroyer and the Original Evil, is a timeless, sadistic, shapeshifting cosmic entity from Primordia, the original foundation of the Nomaverse. He is responsible for many of the negative events in the history of planet Solaris, but has been unable to gain the upper hand for very long thanks to the Elyndrians. He is now permanently imprisoned in the God's Altar at the very center of the Nomaverse.

Noma the Almighty is a mysterious and powerful deity who is said to reside at the center of the Nomaverse in a place called Primordia. He is the object of worship for many religions on planet Solaris, but his origins and true nature are unknown. Recently, the Dark Lord Bahumura attempted to travel to Primordia and slay Noma in order to claim his power. However, Bahumura was instead trapped in the God's Altar by Lucia, the last Guardian of God.

Obel'jon the Watcher is an immensely powerful god of the Nomaverse who leads the League of Watchers, a group of silent dimensional observers. He is seldom seen by mortals, but is considered one of the mightiest of the gods. Obel'jon willingly shares his power and knowledge with those who join the League, but they must follow his strict rules. No one knows where Obel'jon resides, but many believe he lives in Primordia. He is the creator of the Builder race, Dakon and Valmir for example.

Onu'rah the Wise is a mysterious deity worshipped by the Voidwalkers, a faction from the Void Realm. She is believed to be a sentient, telepathic, Shadow-infused crystalline lattice who can take on a humanoid form. The Voidwalkers built their society around Onu'rah's teachings and provide her with shelter and Shadow-infused gemstones in return for her guidance, wisdom, and protection.

Vol'nash the Jailer is a towering, ever-burning figure who resides in the Infernal Chasm of the Afterplane. He is responsible for enforcing damnation upon the wicked, and is so powerful that he can lock away even the most evil souls for eternity. Vol'nash was recently critically injured by his brother Bahumura, who stole his Burning Blade. However, Vol'nash was saved by two Elyndrians, Krauser Killener and Scrios the Reaper.

Other Entities

Lucia the Guardian is a mysterious entity created by Noma to protect the God's Altar in Primordia. She is the only remaining Guardian of God, and her existence is lonely. After the Dark Lord was recently locked away in God's Altar, Lucia chose to remain frozen in stone until the end of time. It is believed that she may be omniscient.

Nezal was once a benevolent force in the Nomaverse, but a cataclysmic event corrupted its essence and transformed it into an evil entity. Driven by an insatiable hunger, Nezal embarked on a reign of terror, consuming entire worlds and their inhabitants. Sunder stopped Nezal on its journey to planet Solaris, crashing the parasite into the moon, Lunaris. Now trapped on Lunaris, Nezal remains a constant threat, an evil entity forever seeking to break free from his prison and unleash his corrupting influence upon the world once more. The Elyndrians and Sunder continue to watch over the Crimson Wilds, ever vigilant against the day when Nezal awakens to threaten Solaris again.

The First One
Venturing into the enigmatic depths of the World Below, the Elyndrians have unearthed the presence of an ancient entity, potentially as old as planet Solaris itself. Shrouded in mystery, this enigmatic being amasses knowledge through a vast, hive-like consciousness. While not a deity in the traditional sense, its power and wisdom are unparalleled. However, its intentions towards the surface worlders remain ominous, casting a shadow over their future. The First One, as it calls itself, claims to be the first sentient being on planet Solaris. The First One was defeated by Dakon when he self-destructed to save the Elyndrians.