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Deity Guide

This section covers all of the known gods and deities of Solaris and its surrounding realms. This includes creatures or beings who may not technically be a deity, but have at some point been looked upon as though they were a deity by a culture of Solaris.

Bahumura the Dark One

The evil entity known as Bahumura has many names, the Dark One, the Destroyer, and most commonly, the Original Evil. Many believe that this entity has existed in some form or another since the very beginning of the Nomaverse. He is an eldritch abomination, a genderless, sadistic, shapeshifting, apocalyptic, cosmic entity.

Some believe that Bahumura is the polar opposite of Noma, the perceived creator of the Nomaverse. Many inhabitants of Solaris believe Bahumura is equal to Noma in power, although no one truly knows.

Bahumura is a timeless entity from a dimension commonly referred to as Primordia. Many believe that the Nomaverse has many layers built atop one another. The Primordia is the original foundation of the Nomaverse.

The first sentient beings, Noma and Bahumura, who came into existence in Primordia are the Primal Gods. Primordia is also where the Prime Energies originated. It is believed by many that with every new layer, the inhabitants of the new layer are weaker than the previous layer. Planet Solaris exists in the Seventh Layer, for reference, which is the latest layer of the Nomaverse.

It is clear that Bahumura is hell-bent on causing destruction and mayhem in every way possible. In one way or another, Bahumura has carefully orchestrated every negative event in the history of planet Solaris.

It is likely he caused mayhem before Solaris existed, but since the creation of Solaris, he's focused entirely on destroying it for whatever reason. Perhaps there is something special about Planet Solaris and its inhabitants.

Bahumura is responsible for the genocide of the first civilizations on planet Solaris. These early civilizations existed long before even the Solarians roamed the land, long before the Builders stepped in and initiated hyper-evolution.

Very little is known about the first civilizations. Once the Builders stepped in and the Solarians appeared, Bahumura caused the Great Wars, an event known as the Second Flux, he spurred the creation of the first Ciedium Bomb and brought the wrath of the Neolarians down upon Solaris in an alternate future timeline.

Even the downward spiral of Grey Fenrir and the Vegonians was a result of Bahumura’s influence. Almost any negative event that has ever taken place on planet Solaris or its surrounding worlds can be traced back to the Original Evil in one way or another.

If you put every event that has taken place into perspective, Bahumura has accidentally caused some positive things too. If it weren't for Bahumura and his evil deeds, the Elyndrian faction would not exist. The sanctuary city of Elyndaar would not be needed.

In one way or another, Bahumura has caused many of his problems by unleashing havoc over the years and spurring the creation of these defenders. No matter how hard the evil monstrosity tries, it cannot seem to get the upper hand for very long. As long as the Elyndrians exist, a balance will be upheld between the forces of good and evil.

After rampaging and ransacking the world as The Dark Avatar, Bahumura made his way all the way to the center of the Nomaverse, Primordia, and he quickly discovered that Noma is more powerful than he could have ever imagined.

Eons ago, Noma gave up his singular self, and became one with the Nomaverse. Noma is now omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Through no efforts but his own, Bahumura is now permanently imprisoned in the God's Atlar at the very center of the Nomaverse.

Dakon the Shaper

Many eons ago a mischievous deity by the name of Obel'jon created a group of enormous synthetic humanoids known as the Builders to do his legwork. Many scholars believe Obel'jon was given an enormous task to complete by Noma, the Prime God, and creator of the original Nomaverse. Instead of doing it himself, Obel'jon created the Builders to do it for him.

Dakon is believed to be the first and the leader of the Builders. Dakon and the Builders utilized highly advanced ancient technology to roam the vast Nomaverse in search of ideal locations for the creation of galaxies and solar systems. The Builders used this technology to create countless new galaxies, star systems, and the worlds within them. Many believe the Builders labored at this task for hundreds of millions of years before abruptly stopping one day. No one knows why they stopped.

As some may already be aware, the Nomaverse currently consists of seven layers, with an Inner Core at the center. The primordial core is where everything began. The first gods came into existence when Noma manifested the First Layer. The following layers rest beyond the boundaries of the First Layer, increasing in number until the Seventh Layer, which is where the Solarian system resides.

No one knows why, but Noma'el has not created any new layers beyond the Seventh Layer. Beyond that, the planet-sized vessels the Builders utilized to create the galaxies of the Nomaverse mysteriously disappeared, though some believe that one of those vessels exists somewhere on planet Solaris. Many believe this is the starship of Dakon himself.

We believe that Dakon created planet Solaris and terraformed it using the ancient technology bestowed upon him by Obel'jon. Dakon had such lofty goals for his final creation he went a little overboard, and its surface was simply too hostile for anything more than basic life. Dakon observed planet Solaris for several millennia before finally detonating a powerful explosive device in the upper atmosphere. He called this device the Qual'Baraba, whose name has no modern translation.

The moment the Qual'Baraba exploded in the upper atmosphere of planet Solaris, a powerful wave of energy swept across the surface of the world. This wall of energy resurfaced the entire world in one fell swoop. At the same time, it destroyed all life that had naturally evolved on planet Solaris. Many scholars believe this was a cruel act, but Dakon didn't see it as such. Being an artificially created synthetic being, Dakon did not have emotions. It was simply a necessary step toward his final goal.

After the energy subsided, the Qual'Baraba released trillions upon trillions of self-replicating nanomachines into the atmosphere. These nanomachines blanketed planet Solaris and penetrated deep below the surface. After latching onto the basic building blocks of life, the nanomachines began working their magic. They caused rapidly accelerated evolution in every single organism they came into contact with. In Solaris, we call this hyper-evolution.

The fate of the Qual'Baraba is a mystery. No one knows what happened to the device after the nanomachines were released. Many believe the device resides somewhere on planet Solaris. It could potentially be used for highly destructive purposes or the creation of new worlds. On a side note, the Elyndrians believe the Qual'Baraba is the cause of the First and Second Flux. The First Flux being the first use of the device by Dakon himself, and the Second Flux being the massive world-changing event that occurred in a future timeline of planet Solaris.

Back to the story, Dakon observed the world from a distance for a couple of thousand years after having released the nanomachines. The new life which came about because of this final act thrived in the harsh environment and supermassive world. The nanomachines worked their magic on any life form that arrived on planet Solaris. The nanomachines still, to this very day, hyper-evolve any new arrivals.

When the first humanoid races became the dominant species of Solaris, particularly the Solarians, Dakon finally landed his vessel and walked the surface of the planet among them. Many historians believe the early Solarians worshipped Dakon as a god, though that was not his intention. He shared highly advanced technology with the first races. One such piece of his technology was later developed into the Laboratory of the Ancients, now referred to as Solaris Central Laboratories.

Over time the old dialect we now refer to as Ancient Solarian faded away as the nanomachines influenced a new language we now refer to as Common Tongue. Any new beings who arrive on planet Solaris automatically understand this language and speak it just as quickly. The nanomachines enable this to occur naturally.

After spending over a thousand years with the first races of Solaris, Dakon and his vessel mysteriously disappeared. Many explorers now believe he now resides deep below the surface of the planet in hibernation within his massive starship. No one knows how he would react if discovered and disturbed, but Dakon is certainly immensely powerful and immortal.

Lucia the Guardian

A mysterious entity created by Noma. Lucia is tasked with protecting the God's Altar in Primordia. She is one of four Guardians of God who were created at the beginning of time, or so it is said. She is the only Guardian of God who still remains. Her existence is a lonely one as Noma became one with the Nomaverse long ago. Recently the Dark Lord himself traveled to the God's Altar in order to slay Noma and take his power, but he was locked away instead. The only two beings left in Primordia are Bahumura and Lucia. Lucia chooses to remain frozen in stone until the end of time but it is believed she may be omniscient as she always seems to have a heightened awareness of things.

Noma the Almighty

Known by every culture of planet Solaris to be the Almighty God of the Nomaverse, Noma is shrouded in mystery. Unlike the other deities of Solaris, Noma has never been encountered by anyone except his children.

Noma's origins are a mystery but he exists at the root of almost every single religion. Many believe Noma transcended to the point of becoming an omniscient entity, others believe Noma is a powerful being who resides at the center of the Nomaverse in a place called Primordia.

Due to recent events it has come to light that the Dark Lord himself, Bahumura, intends to travel to the center of the Nomaverse and slay Noma in hopes of claiming Noma's power and control of the Nomaverse. The Elyndrians and other factions of Solaris have come together to stop Bahumura.

Bahumura was successful in returning to Primordia and the God's Altar, but it wasn't what he expected. Noma was not there, only Lucia, the last Guardian of God. Lucia informed Bahumura he was trapped in the God's Altar forever and she was going back to sleep.

Lucia returned to stone and left the Dark One to his own devices, knowing he only had two options. The first option is to remain imprisoned in Primordia forever and the second option was to leap into oblivion below the God's Altar known as The Abyss. It is believed that Bahumura is still imprisoned to this day.

Obel'jon the Watcher

An immensely powerful god of the Nomaverse, Obel'jon is a silent observer of all the dimensional regions and planes. Occasionally he focuses his attention on planet Solaris. By many Solarian cultures, Obel'jon is often seen as mischievous. He is the leader of the League of Watchers, a powerful group of silent dimensional observers.

Obel'jon is seldom seen by the mortal folk of the physical realms. While he may not be nearly as powerful as Noma, he is considered the mightiest of the Beast Gods. He willingly shares his power and knowledge with those who join his league but limits them to a strict set of rules that he insists must be maintained at all cost.

No one knows where Obel'jon spends his days, but many believe he resides in a place called Primordia. It is said that there is an ancient temple located on a secluded southern island on planet Solaris that holds a gateway to the strange dimension he calls home.

Many years ago a group of Elyndrians located this temple and activated the gateway. The trio of adventurers was transported via the interdimensional platform to the home of Obel'jon where they met the man himself for a brief moment. He only allowed them to ask a single question before teleporting them back home and locking the gateway behind them.

It was recently discovered by the Elyndrians that Obel'jon is the creator of the Builder race, Dakon and Valmir for example. As it was told to them by Dakon himself, Obel'jon was given a great task by Noma the Almighty. Instead of doing the task himself, Obel'jon created the Builders and programmed them with the knowledge of completing the great task without his presence.

The Builders set forth on a path to seed the entire Nomaverse with life. They created the planets, the stars, and pretty much everything with the magical technology bestowed upon them by Obel'jon. Planet Solaris was the last planet constructed by the Builders. Afterward, the Builders fell dormant and hibernated in their enormous egg-like vessels, awaiting further instruction that never came.

Onu'rah the Wise

First discovered on Lodoros of the Void Realm, this mysterious deity was awakened by travelers from distant dimensions. These first travelers eventually formed a faction known as the Voidwalkers and placed all their trust in the being. The being first appeared to the Voidwalkers as a sentient, telepathic, Shadow-infused crystalline lattice. She later took on a more humanoid appearance. The Voidwalkers came to call her Onu'rah the Wise.

Very little is known about the origins of Onu'rah but she is believed to be a deity by the Voidwalkers and she is worshipped as such. The Voidwalkers built an entire society around the teachings of Onu'rah. They worship Onu'rah, provide her with shelter and provide her with Shadow-infused gemstones found around the Void Realm in return for her guidance, wisdom and protection.

Recently Krauser Killener of the Elyndrians stumbled through a Builder Gateway and discovered Eidos Village on the opposite end. Krauser was captured by the Voidwalkers and taken to meet Onu'rah for the first time. Their meeting went well and Krauser befriended both Onu'rah and the Voidwalkers in the name of the Elyndrians.

The newly formed alliance of sorts now seeks to rebuild Eidos Village after the Dark Avatar nearly wiped it off the map. Krauser and the Elyndrians now seek to learn from these newly discovered people and Onu'rah.

The Grand Phoenix

The Grand Phoenix is a creature of incredible power, and in a future timeline, it was often summoned to return dead warriors back to life by their allies. The being is intellectually brilliant and speaks to whoever summons it via telepathy. It is believed to be nearly as old as planet Solaris itself, but its origins are shrouded in mystery. It is also considered as one of the Beast Gods of Solaris. When summoned the Grand Phoenix is several stories in height and often causes the sky to darken.

The Grand Phoenix is believed to be the father of all other phoenixes, having brought all others to life by scattering its burning embers across the world. While the smaller phoenix of Solaris can return themselves to life, the Grand Phoenix is the only one who can restore a dead inhabitant of Solaris by using it's powerful restorative magic. Due to this reason alone the Grand Phoenix is often claimed to be the Guardian of Life. Currently, there hasn't been any method of summoning the Grand Phoenix discovered, but it's out there somewhere, waiting to be summoned once again so someone can cheat death.

Sunder the Warden

True origin unknown, the Beast God Sunder spent several thousand years stuck in the belly of an enormous plant-based monstrosity deep inside the surface of Planet Lunaris. To escape, Sunder used up most of his remaining energy to send a powerful blast up the mouth of the beast, hoping to get the attention of someone who could help him.

The blast traveled through the atmosphere of Planet Lunaris, through space, and entered the atmosphere of Planet Solaris, where it proceeded to strike Elyndaar City. It certainly stirred up some attention. Krauser Killener raised the shields of the city to protect it, so no major harm was done. Afterwards Krauser pulled together a group of explorers to travel to Planet Lunaris through a special gateway.

The team arrived in the Crimson Wilds of the new world. They set up base camp and began exploring the area. It wasn't long after some powerful earthquakes began shaking the entire forest. Krauser investigated and was nearly eaten by a massive beast they had no idea was right beneath their feet. He returned to camp and soon after was struck with powerful visions of a being, Sunder, who was trapped deep inside the belly of the massive beast.

Krauser and his team quickly devised a plan to find and rescue the being trapped within the beast. They had no idea the trapped being was none other than Sunder, the Planetary Guardian, and Beast God of Solarian system. How the powerful diety had been consumed wasn't certain, but the team quickly jumped at the chance to help.

After using his army of mechanoids to build a zeppelin out of local resources, Krauser and his team flew over the great maw of the beast and dropped straight down it's throat, into it's great belly. Fighting their way to the core of the beast, they discovered the massive feline god wrapped tightly in the creatures clutches. The team fought their way through an army of tentacles, and freed the Beast God.

Even in his weakened state, Sunder was more than capable of attacking the heart of the beast and helping the team kill it once and for all. With Sunder's help, the team destroyed the heart of the beast and escaped before the entire inner structure of the monstrosity collapsed in on them.

Sunder has now reclaimed his role of Planetary Guardian of the Solarian System. In his massive feline Celestial form he travels from planet to planet assisting the inhabitants of the various worlds. He occassionally visits planet Solaris, but spends most of his time cleaning up the mess the plant beast left behind on planet Lunaris.

Physically, Sunder is enormous. In physical form he's several stories in height and likely weighs several tons. In his Celestial form he's still feline in shape and appearance, but he can grow in size to be nearly as big as a planet, or larger.

Sunder is incredibly wise and always willing to offer knowledge to those who seek him out. He is kind and defends the mortal inhabitants of the worlds orbitting the binary system, Alpha and Omega. No one knows how long the being has existed, or if he will ever truly die.

It is believed the forest-sized parasite Nezal who captured Sunder grew to such an enormous size because it fed off of his energy for thousands of years, eventually the creature became what is known today as the Crimson Wilds. Even though Sunder and the explorers killed the heart of the beast, the Crimson Wilds still continues to grow. It may not stop for thousands of years.

Valmir the Guardian

Many eons ago, a mischievous deity by the name of Obel'jon created a group of enormous synthetic humanoids known as the Builders to do his legwork. Many believe Obel'jon was given an enormous task to complete by Noma, the Prime God, and creator of the original Nomaverse. Instead of doing it himself, Obel'jon created the Builders to do it for him.

Known as the Guardian of the Builders, Valmir is one of the strongest and largest Builders ever known to exist. Much like Dakon, he awoke in the pilot seat of an enormous egg-shaped Builder Vessel. Like all other Builders, Valmir was birthed many eons ago when the various layers of the Nomaverse were beginning to form. As with the others, he used the technology and power of the gods to create worlds, stars, solar systems, and other celestial objects throughout the cosmos.

Valmir is currently possessed by the Dark Lord, Bahumura, and he's trapped in his own body while the evil entity puppets him around to do his bidding. This abomination is known as the Dark Avatar. Unfortunately for Valmir, the Elyndrians and Dakon have so far been unable to free him of the evil god's control. No one is sure exactly what Bahumura's plans are, but he now wields the stolen power of Vol'nash and several other ancient Builder artifacts. Many believe the Dark Avatar may be heading to the core of the Nomaverse to destroy Noma himself.

Vol'nash the Jailer

Vol'nash the Jailer resides in the Infernal Chasm of the Afterplane. He's completely unbiased and only does his job. Vol'nash is responsible for enforcing damnation upon the wicked, typically demons and evil souls unfortunate enough to earn a place in his prison.

Regardless of how powerful an evil soul might be, Vol'nash has the ability to lock them away for eternity. It is said Noma himself gave Vol'nash this capability and power. Some believe the power and capability of Vol'nash rivals that of Bahumura himself, perhaps even Obel'jon.

Vol'nash is a towering, ever-burning figure. He is very intimidating and he's built like a titan. His skin is as red as blood and his eyes as yellow and piercing as the sun. He's virtually indestructible and nearly unstoppable. He is unending, undying, and the final destination for evil beings.

Recently Vol'nash was critically injured by his brother Bahumura in the possessed body of Valmir the Builder known as the Dark Avatar. No one knows exactly how the fight went down, but somehow the Dark Avatar gained the upperhand and plunged his own Shadow Blade into the back of Vol'nash. After doing so, he stole the Burning Blade of Vol'nash, basically trading weapons. The Burning Blade has capabilities far beyond that of the Shadow Blade wielded by the Dark Avatar.

After losing his Burning Blade, Vol'nash was left to rot in his fortress, paralyzed on the floor. That is, until two Elyndrians showed up and removed the Shadow Blade from his spine. These two Elyndrians were Krauser Killener and Scrios the Reaper. After some questions and answers, Vol'nash gifted the two of them with a powerful artifact to be used in their battle against the Dark Avatar. He then generated a rift to take them back to planet Solaris to continue their fight against his evil brother.