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Equipment Guide

Equipment may consist of anything of importance that a character carries around on his person. Equipment ranges from weapons and armor to shields, jewelry, and runes, as well as things like gadgets, even bags and clothing, and pretty much anything else that you can think of. Please see the following sections for a better understanding of how the equipment works.

Naming Equipment

Every item should have a unique name, even if it is generic. The most general would be something like “Darrel’s Longsword” but many players love to come up with much more intricate names that give away a bit of the item’s individuality or begin to tell its story. Even when you buy an item, like a longsword, from the market, you should re-name it to something unique and give that new name when making your purchase.

Describing Equipment

Like the name, an item should be described in some sort of unique way. The description gives a little insight into how your character obtained it. Maybe he found it in the forest and polished it up. Maybe he asked the Blacksmith for some time with the forge and made the item himself. If you are just buying something from the market, it is a little harder to make a unique description, as it has no past or anything unique about it. However, some players have managed to come up with some interesting new descriptions for things that might seem mundane in the eyes of someone who is not trying to find anything unique.

Purposing Equipment

Often referred to as Equipment Attributes, these include things like the type and class of armors, relics, and weapons, as well as the names of enhancements that can be put on equipment. Equipment Attributes are listed in parenthesis at the end of an equipment's description. Most of them will just declare the "Type" and "Class" of the item and some may show a special "Notes" section as well. Many items will have uses in or out of a battle that is not enhancements listed in the market that you came up with on your own. Maybe your armor pulses with light when you are near another fire-user or maybe your weapon grants you a bonus once per battle after it tastes blood. These unique enhancements will not be listed in the Equipment Attributes section and are only seen in the description. The following list covers some common note section attributes.

Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment (or EE) are special items that may be upgraded to be more effective, enchanted, or bolstered with legendary boons during major storylines. This type of equipment is critical and greatly influences a characters capability during combat in various ways. The primary types of essential equipment is an accessory, an armor, a ranged weapon, a magical relic, a shield, and a melee weapon. All characters of Solaris may have either a combination of these items or all of them. They may choose to upgrade some or all of them as well. Keeping as many pieces of essential equipment upgraded is also a good way to improve a characters overall effectiveness, but it's not required.

Quality Tiers

Certain types of equipment are considered essential. This special group of equipment includes a character's armor, weapon, relic, and shield. Essential Equipment (EE) is important because it can be upgraded in quality, which increases its effectiveness in combat.

Accessory (EE)

Accessories directly influence a character's dodge rating. Accessories can be many things, ranging from a piece of jewelry to an article of clothing. Some may consider a necklace as an accessory and others could use their cloak, boots, or even a bracelet as an accessory. Accessories are considered an important piece of Essential Equipment for all characters, as the ability to dodge during combat is critical.

Armor (EE)

Armor, along with shields, directly influences a character's physical armor rating. Armor is a critical component of Essential Equipment. Armors include Cloth, Racial, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Cloth armors include armors made of fabric. Light armors include armors made of animal hides. Medium armors include armors made of chain or scale. Heavy armors include armors made of heavy plates.

Ranged (EE)

Ranged weapons directly influence a character's ranged attack power. Ranged weapons consist of bows and crossbows or anything that fires some sort of ammunition over a long distance. The ability of a character to deal damage while out of harm’s way makes it a popular choice among many characters. All characters with a ranged weapon are considered to be carrying some sort of quiver or equivalent that contains mundane ammo and is assumed to have enough for a battle and never run out.

Relics (EE)

Relics directly influence a character's magic attack power and magic resist rating. A magical relic enhances a character's ability to cast magical spells and use the magical forces of Solaris. Relics come in all shapes and sizes. They can be worn as jewelry or wielded like a weapon. The choice is up to the player. Relics are considered to be Essential Equipment to nearly all characters, even non-casters.

Shields (EE)

Shields, along with armor, directly influence a character's physical armor rating. Shields utilize the same upgrade system as other Essential Equipment. Any race or class may use a shield, there are no restrictions on this. Shields come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from any material, even energy.

Weapons (EE)

Weapons directly influence a character's melee attack power and deflect rating. Weapons are a critical component of Essential Equipment. Weapons include Ranged, Racial, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Racial weapons include claws, talons, fangs, tails, etc. Light weapons include knives, daggers, short swords, fist weapons, etc. Medium weapons include swords, axes, maces, hammers, etc. Heavy weapons include two-handed swords, clubs, mauls, axes, etc.

Non-Essential Equipment

The following section explains all the other types of equipment. It includes equipment not considered to be essential. This type of equipment does not have quality tiers and is non-upgradeable. It is never used for combat unless a mount is used in battle. Sometimes a gadget may be used to check for weaknesses or to estimate the power level of another character.


Essential Equipment may be enchanted to add extra capabilities to the equipment. Enchantments may be purchased from Enchanters in the market. Each Enchanter makes his or her own unique enchantments. These enchantments are capable of doing many different things, so if you want to know more please go check them out in the market.

Legendary Boons

For having considerable participation in a major storyline, character's are rewarded with a permanent and very considerable stat boost by a key figurehead of the story. Please see the following key points regarding Legendary Boons.