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Faction Guide

This section covers the known and most notable factions of Solaris and its surrounding realms.

The Awakened

In another life, the Hinterfolk were a group of Grovekin and Beastkin who lived in near-perfect harmony among the plants and animals of Hinterfall Region. Then the Black Empire came and things changed forever. After not only destroying the forest by salting the land, the Black Empire forces burned down the Mother Tree known as Ylelthaeus.

Princess Yasmine disappeared for a time and her people fled Hinterfall. It scattered the Hinterfolk, for a time. When the combined armies of Solaris fought and defeated the Black Empire in the Blasted Region, Yasmine returned with a different outlook on things. As her Grovekin flooded the battlefield and overtook Vegonaar City with the rest of their allies, they swept away the Imperial forces and claimed the Blasted Region as their own.

None of the other factions wanted the land, so Queen Yasmine and her people claimed it. Many other groups thought they were crazy for wanting the land, as it was completely drained of life... but this is when the Queen's powers shined fully. Shortly after the battle ended and everyone went their separate ways, life returned once again. In just a few short months the Blasted Region became the Wildlands, which is now one of the most lively regions on planet Solaris.

The Awakened are the new Grovekin of the Wildlands, and they are not like their predecessors at all. This new group is very guarded and aggressive! Not only will they attack any remnants of the Empire, but they also shun their old allies... including the Elyndrians. Queen Yasmine has changed completely. Many travelers of the Wildlands have gone missing.

The Baskarians

The inhabitants of Baskar in the Void Realm are a peaceful group led by Chief Milama. Baskar is the second stop on The Flow from Lodoros. The Baskarians have a welcoming and friendly attitude toward travelers from The Flow. They are a supportive bunch who shun technology and thrive off the land.

The Baskarians live in huts, tepees, and longhouses. They are spread across the island and seem to live wherever they want across the land. Unlike the Voidwalkers of Lodoros, they do not have a centralized village. The Baskarians are remarkably similar to the Native Americans of Earth Realm. They are believed to be descendants of humanity as well, unlike the Voidwalkers of Lodoros who are a diverse bunch.

According to Chief Milama, the Baskarians have thrived on the island for many generations. It is believed the first Baskarians arrived by stumbling through a dimensional rift from Earth. Unable to return home, they found ways to survive and adapted to their new home. At this point, the Void Realm is their home and they wouldn't leave even if they could.

The Black Watch

This group is led by Master Zenatory of Roshema Village in the Darkmire. The Black Watch is tasked with protecting the Darkmire against the undead scourge who escapes the Shadowgate. They aren't a particularly friendly bunch of people, but they do their job very well. Many of the Black Watch are seasoned soldiers and mercenaries. These fearless men and women are paid well by Master Zen, but also enjoy a side perk, Blackroot.

Blackroot only grows in the Darkmire region and Master Zen seems to control massive amounts of it. The plant offers several benefits to its users, often numbing pain completely, producing a strange sense of heightened awareness as well as producing several other interesting side effects. The problem is, Blackroot is extremely addictive. This allows Zen to use the Blackroot to keep his soldiers in the Darkmire, fighting for his cause.

The Black Watch maintains a strictly neutral stance in the world. They will defend Roshema and help travelers who need it, but not much else. They won't go out of their way to help other factions. For example, heading over to another region and assisting allies against a greater threat. It's just not happening. For that reason, the Black Watch doesn't have a great reputation with the rest of the world.

The Death Guard

Led by Scrios, the Death Guard is a group of individuals who protect the souls of Evermore Village from the demonic threat of the Infernal Chasm. As we all know, Demons consume the power of lesser souls to escape the Afterplane. The Death Guard protects these souls to prevent demons and other dark entities from escaping into the physical realm. You stop the consumption of souls, you stop the progression of the demons.

Normally demons and other wicked souls should be kept locked away in the Infernal Chasm but for many years now something has allowed them to escape the chasm and venture into the upper Afterplane. From there the demons feed on souls and climb higher through the levels of reality until finally making their way all the way back to the physical plane. The balance of the Afterplane suffers due to this. Scrios and his Death Guard pride themselves on maintaining the balance, even though some of them are also demonic souls.

The Death Guard is purely neutral to outsiders, especially the living. They can sometimes be cold toward the living, as they feel the living should never venture into the Afterplane. Scrios however is usually welcoming to his old friends, the Elyndrians. The Elyndrians have assisted with fixing major problems for decades now, and Scrios understands this.

The Elyndrians

Often seen as the defenders of Solaris, the Elyndrians are a large group of like-minded citizens and soldiers from Osperia region. Throughout history, they have often stood in the way of evildoers. Currently, the Elyndrians are based out of Elyndaar City and their current leader is Drake Raven, who was appointed by Krauser Killener after he had dispatched the previous regime who had become corrupt.

The Elyndrians focus on furthering technology, protecting the world and its inhabitants, and maintaining a balance. They are close allies with the Thunderwings and seem to get along well enough with most of the neutral factions, even those who were once part of the Black Empire. The Elyndrians are one of the wealthiest groups in the world and due to this, they are often seen as privileged by others. This leads to some not accepting their help, even though they willingly offer it.

The reason Elyndaar City and the Elyndrians are so wealthy is that Elyndaar City was built atop one of the largest ciedium mines on the planet. The underbelly of the city is constantly buzzing with activity, mining, and production. Many outsiders are not aware of this. This is why the Elyndaar City mechanoid forces are nearly unstoppable in the current age and a big reason why Elyndaar City is a technological leader of planet Solaris.

The Eternals

A group of empowered Angels and Demons who were hand-picked by Vol'nash after the great catastrophe caused by Bahumura many eons ago. These ancient guardians act as the stalwart protectors of the Eternal Sanctum. They protect it from the outside dimensions as well as keeping what it contains from escaping. These select few Guardians are incredibly powerful and empowered by the Eternal Flame wielded by Vol'nash. Very little is known about this group as not many beings from the living realm have ventured into the Infernal Chasm and returned.

The Exiled

Led by General Dorn, formerly of the Hinterfolk, this group of Beastkin fled Mother Tree Ylelthaeus during the invasion of the of the Hinterlands. The battle was going south quickly and Dorn's people suffered catastrophic losses. Rather than lose the whole lot of them, he reluctantly commanded them to retreat. This left the Grovekin at a complete disadvantage, but saved the remaining Beastkin. The decision left Princess Yasmine, now Queen Yasmine, feeling very betrayed.

The Exiled now survive on a small island in the Dormuzahn Isles, very near the island where Krauser Killener's laboratory resides. The island has everything they need to survive and the group is in the process of building a small village there. General Dorn, who now prefers not to be called a General, still leads this group. The Exiled are now hated by The Awakened, who are a new group led by Queen Yasmine from the Wildlands. Although they remain neutral to most other groups.

When travelers visit their island they are treated well, but not encouraged to stay for very long. Any and all Beastkin are welcome in this group, but they've become somewhat distant from the rest of the world, especially Grovekin who they once protected. There is a certain noticeable amount of shame that seems to follow this group, even though staying to defend the Hinterfolk would have certainly brought their demise.

The Exiled have been all but wiped from existence as the vengeful Queen Yasmine unleashed hell upon planet Solaris. It started without warning, an infected villager returned to town covered in fungal growths. Unaware of the danger, the villagers took him in and quickly discovered the threat. As his body swell and exploded, spores spread throughout the tiny village and infected many of the inhabitants. This started a devastating chain reaction of events.

As the fungal plague spread throughout the previously peaceful island, General Dorn had made many of his people leave on ships they had built previously. General Dorn and a few select soldiers remained on the island to defend their new home, but things didn't go well. A large flower sprouted at the center of the island and began releasing a new type of spore. These spores turned into a new breed of Grovekin they called the Sporelings. These strange new plantlike abominations ravaged the island and the remaining Exiled struggle to fend them off.

The Explorers

Led by Captain Agremmon Tillen, the Explorer's faction is quite large and diverse. The group maintains a strictly neutral stance in world affairs and for the most part, they mind their own business quite well. That’s about all they are concerned about.

The group may be called the Explorer's faction, but many of them are all about business and trade. Tillen's Harbor is quite a vast trade city and people come from all over to do business in the city. Often enough others rely on the Explorer's to take them via ship to distant lands.

One will always find a ship available in Tillen's Harbor, for a price. Many of the captains are always looking for business and some will take travelers to the edge of the world and beyond if the price is right. The Explorer's league knows no bounds!

The Old Guard

Led by General Raynar Dragonsbane, this group is very militaristic and well organized. The Old Guard is sworn to protect the city of Korbgrad till the bitter end. While they were once part of the Black Empire they are now considered completely neutral. They are not extremely friendly with the Elyndrians of Elyndaar City, much like the Flatlanders. Often enough they believe Elyndrians are spoiled and overly privileged.

The Old Guard's numbers mostly consist of Gorgons, though there are a few exceptions. Many of them are seasoned veterans of the Black Empire. Now that they are free of the Empire's control they seek to protect their land, their people, and their ways. To most, the Old Guard may seem old fashioned. Truth be told, if the old ways aren't broken, why fix it?

The Pathfinders

Led by Kora Nightblade of the Elyndrians, the Pathfinders are a group of like-minded explorers who choose to call Lunaris their home for the time being. Their goal is to maintain an established presence on the tiny moon. They seek to explore the lands of Lunaris, defend Explorer's Landing from the remaining Nezaling infestation and to guide newcomers from planet Solaris.

The Pathfinders are a group of mostly retired warriors from Elyndrian roots. While they may be retired in most respects, they are all still highly effective if needed in battle. On several occassions they've been called to face off against the evil menace known as Nezal. Nezal is what's left of the giant planet-eating Nezaling destroyed by the Elyndrians and the Beast God known as Sunder.

If needed, the Pathfinders would happily return to planet Solaris at any time to help with any threat. They are a reliable and dutiful group who will stop at nothing to maintain balance in the system. While they may be an offshoot of th Elyndrians, they are still very much Elyndrian at heart.

Recently, the Pathfinders gained a foothold in the Titan Expanse of planet Gorgonia. While Kora Nightblade continues to lead the original group on Lunaris, she sent Rusty the Mechanoid to oversee the Pathfinders of Gorgonia. The group now assist the Elyndrians and the Gorgons crippled society with rebuilding after the destruction brought about by the Dark Avatar.

The Ruathar

The strongest warriors in Aufesian society have banded together and formed the Ruathar. These warriors are the more violent raiding party that strike fear into the hearts of coastal villages when their ships appear on the horizon. Their sails have patchwork designs of Queen Vishera's visage colorfully displayed in their center and they will stop at nothing to please her.

The Ruathar wholeheartedly devote their existence to Vishera and treat her as a living goddess. Their ranks are filled with various experts in battle, ranging from archers and foot soldiers to wizards and healers. Thought of throughout the Aufesian people as zealots, these people are not one to approached with ideas of contesting Queen Vishera in any way shape or form.

The Ruathar are looked upon by many as ruthless and cutthroat, the Ruathar warriors are some of the most brutal in all the land. They are well known for being highly loyal to their Queen, those who flee the Ardanian empire are often hunted down and murdered. The Ruathar have become one of the most brutal groups in modern day Solaris. Their thirst for blood nearly unrivaled in all the land.

The Shadow Brokers

This group is unfriendly with the Elyndrians. Many of them are outcasts of Elyndaar City. They now consider the Endless Plains their home, specifically the trade hub of Valen City. Many believe Norven Nelbright may pull the strings from the shadows of the criminal underground.

There always seems to be quite a bit of drama in town and never for any obvious reason. While they are not hostile toward the Elyndrians, they certainly won't help them. Many Shadow Brokers look upon the Elyndrians as spoiled brats and treat them poorly when they arrive in town.

Violence is common in this group. Bar fights are brutal and travelers dare not slip into an alleyway at night. If you do happen to get on their good side they will always have your back. Many Shadow Brokers believe a snitch is worse than a murderer. An unwritten law of the Valen City underground is never be a snitch, or there will be hell to pay.

Due to recent world events it was discovered that the leader of the Shadow Brokers, Norven Nelbright, had been mutated into a plant-like abomination by Queen Yasmine. Drake and Krauser were able to defeat the monster and trap him in the Arena of Elyndaar City.

Using Norven's misfortune to develop a cure for the Queen Yasmine's blight, the Elyndrians set out to cure the misfortuned inhabitants of Solaris and then stop the Awakened once and for all. It also turned out the Shadow Broker's were a bunch of manipulated teenagers and children.

Norven would be dealt with and punished for this, but the Shadow Brokers were no more. Nearly every member of the Shadow Broker's died during the attack on Valen City.

The Thunderwings

This group consists of the Thunderwing Brood as well as friendly allies who live in The Den with them in the Highlands region. By allies we mean some Beastkin, a few Grovekin, and a handful of Guardians.

The Thunderwing Brood is a large family of Dragonkin who all descend from Lord Kelthuron and his female consort, Lady Milnaith. Together they have bolstered the numbers of remaining Dragonkin from a small handful to several hundred. General Lothuron directs the military wing of The Den.

Many believe Lothuron is nearly as powerful as Kelthuron. The Thunderwing faction is both noble and defensive. They will protect their lands, but also welcome most outsiders. They are allies with the Elyndrians, as they wouldn't exist without their help.

After the Dark Avatar almost completely decimated Skyhold Mountain, the Thunderwings nearly lost their rebuilt society overnight. This caused the Dragonkin to become even more reclusive and guarded. While the Dark Avatar had taken his prize and moved on Kelthuron and Lothuron were left feeling more exposed than ever. The Thunderwings are still friendly to the Elyndrians and their allies, but have completely shut their gates to anyone else.

The Vindicated

After the final battle for the Blasted Region and the loss of the Black Empire, the Vegonians were forcibly removed from their homeland by the combined efforts of nearly every faction of Solaris. Much to the behest of the other factions, most Vegonians were slaughtered like cattle by the Awakened for murdering the Hinterland Grovekin. The few remaining survivors fled to the Kazarial Desert to lead a new life in exile. Trusted sources suggest their numbers have fallen from over 160,000 to less than 100 survivors struggling in the desert.

At first, a newly appointed council led the remaining Vegonians. The High Council cleansed the Vegonians of the corruption placed on them by Bahumura. Times were difficult for the remaining few but good. A newly cleansed Grey Fenrir returned to his people and took command once again. Cleansed of his corruption, many still fear something dark lurks beneath the surface but, only time will tell.

The Voidwalkers

Led by a mysterious entity of unknown origin, the Voidwalkers are a mixed group of beings from many different realms and worlds. As Bahumura and his army left the portal from Gorgonia and exited into the floating isle of Lodoros, this group was brutally attacked and nearly wiped out. Shortly after that, Bahumura and his army continued on their journey to the center of the Nomaverse, leaving the Voidwalkers to pick up the pieces in their wake.

Not far behind Bahumura and his army, Krauser Killener also wound up here after traveling into the portal. Quickly assisting the Voidwalkers he befriended their mysterious leader and now assist the group with some recovery efforts. Soon enough Krauser learned that the Voidwalkers are made up of various individuals from all throughout the Nomaverse who have accidentally wound up on Lordroros Isle over the ages.