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Within the vast expanse of Solaris RPG, a multitude of factions has emerged, each with its own distinct ideology, purpose, and influence. These factions, scattered across the lands discovered by the Elyndrians, play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the world, their actions and decisions resonating throughout the realm.

Osperian Forest

The Elyndrians
The Elyndrians are a powerful group of Osperian Forest inhabitants, often regarded as Solaris' protectors. Headquartered in Elyndaar City and led by Drake Raven, they prioritize technological advancement, world preservation, and balance. Close allies of the Thunderwings, they maintain cordial relations with most neutral factions, even former Black Empire members. Their wealth, derived from a vast ciedium mine beneath Elyndaar City, has led to some perceiving them as privileged, causing some to reject their aid despite their willingness to help. Their mechanoid forces, fueled by their technological prowess, are a formidable presence in Solaris.

Skyhold Mountains

The Thunderwings
The Thunderwings, a large Dragonkin family led by Lord Kelthuron, reside in a sanctuary for Beastkin, Grovekin, and Guardians. Their mission is to protect their land and its inhabitants while maintaining a welcoming attitude towards most outsiders. They are staunch allies of the Elyndrians, to whom they owe their continued existence.

Xhan Tarn

The Explorers
The Explorers, led by Captain Agremmon Tillen, are a large, diverse faction that maintains strict neutrality and focuses on business and trade. Their trade city, Tillen's Harbor, is a bustling hub for travelers and merchants seeking passage to distant lands. The Explorers' ships are available for hire, taking travelers to the ends of the world and beyond for a price.

Darkmire Swamp

The Black Watch
Led by Master Zenatory, the Black Watch protects the Darkmire from the undead scourge. These seasoned soldiers are fueled by Blackroot, an addictive plant with pain-numbing and awareness-enhancing effects. The Black Watch maintains neutrality, defending Roshema and travelers but not aiding other factions. They bear a poor reputation due to their isolated stance.

Hinterfall Jungle

The Old Guard
The Old Guard, led by General Raynar Dragonsbane, is a highly organized military force dedicated to the protection of Korbgrad. They maintain neutrality but harbor a degree of resentment towards the Elyndrians, whom they perceive as privileged. Primarily composed of seasoned Gorgons, the Old Guard upholds traditional methods and values, believing that if something isn't broken, it shouldn't be fixed.

Kazarial Desert

The Vindicated
After the final battle for the Blasted Region and the loss of the Black Empire, the Vegonians were forcibly removed from their homeland by the combined efforts of nearly every faction of Solaris. Much to the behest of the other factions, most Vegonians were slaughtered like cattle by the Awakened for murdering the Hinterland Grovekin. The few remaining survivors fled to the Kazarial Desert to lead a new life in exile. Trusted sources suggest their numbers have fallen from over 160,000 to less than 100 survivors struggling in the desert.

The World's Edge

The Ruathar
The Ruathar, a formidable Aufesian warrior clan, instill terror in coastal villages with their merciless raids. Comprising a formidable arsenal of battle experts, from archers and foot Warriors to wizards and healers, they are perceived as fervent devotees of Queen Vishera, and any opposition to her is met with swift and unforgiving retribution.


The Pathfinders
Led by Kora Nightblade, the Pathfinders are a group of seasoned veteran explorers who have established a presence on Lunaris. They aim to explore the moon, defend Explorer's Landing from the remnants of Nezal, and guide newcomers from planet Solaris. The Pathfinders stand ready to aid Solaris against any threat and maintain balance in the system. They recently expanded their presence to planet Gorgonia.

The Afterplane

The Death Guard
The Death Guard, led by Scrios, safeguards souls in Evermore Village from demonic threats. Their mission is crucial as demons consume souls to escape the Afterplane, disrupting the balance of reality. Despite their demonic nature, the Death Guard maintains neutrality, offering assistance only when necessary. Scrios, in particular, holds a welcoming attitude towards old allies, the Elyndrians, acknowledging their contributions to resolving major problems.

The Infernal Chasm

The Eternal Guardians
The Guardians of the Eternal Sanctum are a group of empowered Angels and Demons who were hand-picked by Vol'nash after the great catastrophe caused by Bahumura many eons ago. They are the stalwart protectors of the Eternal Sanctum, and they are incredibly powerful. The Guardians are led by Vol'nash himself, a powerful deity who wields the Eternal Flame. The Eternal Flame is a powerful artifact that was created by Vol'nash himself, and it is the source of the Guardians' power.

Void Realm: Lodoros Isle

The Voidwalkers
The Voidwalkers, a diverse group of outcasts united by their shared experience of rejection, are led by the enigmatic Onu'rah, a powerful entity with a profound understanding of the Void Realm. Driven by the unwavering quest for a place of acceptance and respect, they employ their varied skills, from combat prowess to magical mastery, and infiltration expertise to diplomacy, to achieve their common goal.

Void Realm: Baskar Isle

The Baskarians
The inhabitants of Baskar in the Void Realm are a peaceful group led by Chief Milama. Baskar is the second stop on The Flow from Lodoros. The Baskarians have a welcoming and friendly attitude toward travelers from The Flow. They are a supportive bunch who shun technology and thrive off the land. The Baskarians live in huts, tepees, and longhouses. They are spread across the island and seem to live wherever they want across the land.

The Wildlands

The Awakened
The Hinterfolk, once harmonious inhabitants of Hinterfall Region, were driven from their home by the Black Empire. They scattered, but Princess Yasmine returned with a new outlook and reclaimed the Blasted Region, transforming it into the Wildlands. The new Grovekin, the Awakened, are guarded, aggressive, and hostile towards their former allies and the Empire's remnants. Queen Yasmine's transformation has raised concerns among travelers, as many have vanished while venturing into the Wildlands.

The World Below

The Gloomwardens
The Gloomwardens, Protokin warriors woven from fungal threads and imbued with The First One's resolve, guard Eldrenhollow. Blades clash, machines hum, and ancient battles whisper in their ranks. Vigilant eyes pierce the endless dark, while murmurs of dissent flicker – will they remain unwavering shields or forge a new Eldrenhollow? Their blue luminescence, ever watchful, echoes the First One's cryptic warnings in the heart of the World Below.