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Solaris Community


  1. Solaris RPG Forums

    1. Solaris Discussion

      This forum is for topics related to what is currently going on in the game world and as well as other game related discussion. Questions and comments about the site should be posted here as well. This forum is for discussing Solaris RPG-related topics only.

    2. Peer Review Forum

      All custom equipment and abilities should be posted here. This is the place where the players of Solaris come together to discuss all character modifications. It allows players to voice their concerns about a change before it becomes a problem. When requests are completed they will be locked.

    3. Ideas & Feedback

      This forum is for players who would like to discuss new ideas for the site. It's also for reporting issues, glitches, mistakes, etc.

  2. Role-Play Forums

    1. The Commons (Group RP)

      This forum is for standard role-play sessions. Players may choose any documented area from the World Guide as a setting for their session. After a session has been completed it will be judged by a member of the administration EXP points will be awarded and the session/topic will be closed.

    2. The Lonely Road (Solo RP)

      This forum is specifically for players who want to do solo sessions. Other players should not jump into role-play sessions started here unless requested by the original poster to do so.

    3. The Quest Hub (Quest RP)

      This forum is for player created quests as well as major storyline quests. Players can create a quest and other players can come along for the ride. Questing is one of the primary ways a character can earn gold in Solaris RPG. Please check the Quest Guide for more details on questing and earning gold. All new topics/quests require moderator approval before they will be made available.

    4. The Market (Buy, sell, trade)

      This forum is for character created shops and characters who would like to trade items with each other. If you would like to trade or sell something, copy it from your character's inventory and paste it here with your price. You will find character shops here as well, these are pinned topics. If you have a "Profession" you can run your own shop and request to have it pinned in this forum. If you want to purchase something from a shop, simply copy and paste it into a new topic and request to buy that item for the posted price.

  3. General Forums

    1. Gaming Discussion

      This forum is for discussing games from any platform; this includes but is not limited to PC games, console games, mobile games, retro games, etc. Many of us here on Solaris RPG are fans of PC gaming. Any game-related discussion, questions, etc., should be posted here.

    2. TV & Movie Discussion

      This forum is for discussing TV and movies. Many of us here on Solaris RPG enjoy discussing TV shows, new movies, and posting trailers in this forum. You can post a movie trailer from YouTube by simply copying and pasting the URL to the video.

    3. Tech Talk Forum

      This forum is here for discussing gadgets, computer hardware, mobile devices, etc. Anything tech related.

    4. Everything Else

      This forum is for any topics related to anything that doesn't already have a specific forum for it. It's for non-Solaris related discussions mostly. (Gaming, movies, books, TV, etc...)