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  1. Atiesh for me, Seth too.
  2. Far above Elyndaar City a silver and blue streak dashes through the night sky like a shooting star. As the object falls from the sky and descends through the atmosphere it burst into flames and a shockwave rumbles the city. This thing is moving. The object travels from the east to the west within a few short seconds, leaving a trail of fire in the night sky. A moment passes and finally it touches down in the far western reaches of the Osperian Region. As the object disappears through the tree canopy in the distance another faint shockwave rumbles the city. Whatever it was, it made quite an impact for sure. The townsfolk of the city were only slightly disturbed by the first rumble, but the second rumble had them peeking out windows and stepping into the streets wondering what the hell was going on. A black humanoid feline perched quietly on the roof of the tavern as the object finally touched down. His ears twitched, and a moment later his curiosity got the best of him and he was leaping rooftop to rooftop heading to the outer wall for a better look. "Bu'lah! What the hell was that?" Arngrim hollered from the tavern's doorway. "No idea... something shiny." Darkclaw responded, not many people called him by his real name, but he and Arnie had become good friends over the last couple of years. The feline quickly leapt from building to building and made it to the city wall. He paused briefly, watching a silver shimmer die down in the distance below the treetops. "What was that?" Ignius, the town cartographer called out to Darkclaw... everyone around town knew the cat gathered information quickly. "I'm heading after it right now, I'll return with an update!" He shouted back, and an instant later he leaped from the wall down into the trees below. In a few brief moments he was already halfway to the "shiny" object. +327 EXP
  3. I remember that too! I will look for it.
  4. So, how do you think they will explain Neo’s return?
  5. https://solarisrpg.com/guidebook_factionguide.shtml I've made a huge update to the Faction Guide today. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
  6. Krauser

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    Maintenance is complete and I'm noticing a significant improvement in performance throughout the forums.
  7. Doing some maintenance on the server tonight. It may seem a bit slow.
  8. Krauser was minding his own business when a portal suddenly tore open not fifteen feet from him. "What the hell!?" Who was coming through? He could only imagine, but almost instantly he felt a familiar energy from the other side. He grinned. It was Drake Raven, but why was he out here? Before Drake could step out of the portal, Krauser quickly wrapped himself within his cloak and hid his energy signature. He slipped into the shadows, behind some trees and brush, and seemingly vanished. He was curious what the new Elite Master was doing so far from home. He watched in secret as Drake stepped from the portal. +109 EXP
  9. As you step through the portal and instantly travel from planet Solaris to planet Lunaris you find yourself stepping into a camp in the middle of a blood red jungle/forest. You notice some huts and other buildings around Explorer's Landing but for the most part it's quiet. Occasionally a mechanoid guard is spotted, but for the most part this place is a ghost town. The mechanoid known as Wingnut suddenly steps around the corner of a building and approaches you, "Welcome to our humble camp." He says, knowing the place is a ghost town. "How could I make your visit more comfortable?" He asks, expecting you to do an about face and go right back through the portal within the next ten minutes. Noticing you don't seem to want to be bothered, Wingnut just nods understandingly and wanders off, leaving you to your own devices. As you wander the village you begin to notice there really isn't much to do here, at least not in the village. Rusty's Upgrade Shack is promising though, but maybe later. You head to the north side of the village and notice a trail leading into the woods. "Careful traveler, we can't protect you beyond the borders of this camp." A guard was quick to issue a warning. Eyeing the dirt path leading off through the forest, curiosity gets the better of you and you head beyond the guards and up the trail. Not long afterwards you head up a small hill and down the other side into a valley. This forest is extremely dense, and dark red. Everything is red. The vines, the leaves, the bark on the trees, it's all blood red. Some light from the gap in the trees above was all that would guide you. Not long after leaving the camp you realize you've lost track of time and the light is beginning to fade. How far have you gone though? You turn back and head up to the top of a small hill. Explorer's Landing is nowhere to be seen. Night approached quickly on this world, in fact, it was due to the increased spin and smaller size of planet Lunaris vs planet Solaris. The days were much shorter here. As the daylight fades you suddenly realize your caught in pitch black darkness and you are a lot further from camp than you realized... +394 EXP
  10. Just after entering into the Afterplane through the Shadow Gate you hear a little child crying... As you track down the source of the cries, you round a bend in the trail and find a small ghostly child crying for his mommy. As you approach the boy looks up to you and wipes his ethereal eyes. "Hello? Can you help me? I've lost my mommy..." He asks, seemingly sincere. Is it a trick or what? Perhaps this child is a demon from the Infernal Chasm acting as a child to lure you from the relative safety of the clearing. "My name Cathos and I can't find my mommy. Please help me." He begs and begs, and eventually even steps over to tug on your sleeve. "Please, come with me. I think she's over here...." Will you follow Cathos into uncertainty? Or will you quietly leave the boy to suffer, alone? +150 EXP (A reward will be given at the end of this RP/Quest.)
  11. What are the most recent movies you've seen at the theater? For me, it's been Spiderman: Far from Home. Which was good, but that's the only movie I've been to the theater to see since 2016 when Passengers came out. I enjoyed that movie, but the theater experience was so horrendous we never went back again. Anyway, what movies have you seen recently at the theater? What movies do you want to see?
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