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[HALLOWEEN] Azmodeus has arrived! (EXP 5X EXP & GOLD)

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The cackling laughter of a maniacal demon echoes through the city of Elyndaar. Azmodeus, the pumpkin-headed demon, has arrived!

"Prepare yourselves, for I have arrived once again to terrorize! Men, women, and children shall flee, or wear a pumpkin head for eternity!" Azmodeus shouts down from his position atop the roof of the Arena.

He suddenly lobs what appears to be a flaming pumpkin at the head of an old man sitting on a bench. The pumpkin strikes the old man square in the face and seems to merge with his head. A moment passes and the old man suddenly leaps from his seated position and begins laughing maniacally, just like Azmodeus.

The pumpkin-headed old man begins running after some small children, chasing them into the housing district. Azmodeus cackles loudly again and chucks another pumpkin at a small child. The child ducks, avoiding the pumpkin... but it explodes on the ground behind him and three imps suddenly materialize and chase the child and his friends around the corner.

"Muahahahahah!" Azmodeus cackles as all hell breaks loose and the citizens of the city begin fleeing in terror. Men, women, and children flee in terror. One man chucks a stone at Azmodeus, but the demon swats it away like an insect. He then leaps from the rooftop and shoves the man into a barrel of rotten vegetables.

"Fear me fools! Or I'll scare your children and steal your pies!" The demons ranting doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's effective none the less.

Who will step up to banish Azmodeus back to the Afterplane?

(Only characters currently on Planet Solaris can participate in this session.)

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From around the corner down the street within the shadows of buildings Five small creatures skitter around through the darkness. The sound of skittering sounds more like mechanical sounding clinks and rolling sound. After a moment a small droid appears from the shadows. Upon the side of it is a badly painted banana. It walks forth from the alleyway and pauses the screen on its little head area turns read and it skitters around on its metal lets looking around the area before seeing a pumpkin throwing goblin creature within the city. A small beeping sound comes from the droid and from the alleyway, four more droids much like the first come out from the shadows. They all have glowing red screens as they look around the area spotting the same as the first droid did. After a moment they take off down the street heading into the area where the pumpkin throwing monster is. Two of them branch off and begin taking on.


Two of them begin to fight off random pumpkin monsters, small pumpkins that have vines tormenting villagers (Because I could not think of anything) and The other three droids begin to take pot shots at the strange pumpkin-headed demon monster that is throwing pumpkins everywhere.


Banana droids where made for Gremlock , and were mostly used as light guard for the City of Elyndaar, in case of random attacks to the city and its people.

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Five little Banana Droids run take point around the area three of the five climbing walls and sitting upside down from outcroppings of buildings around the area scanning and picking off any impy creatures that are nearby, or if not outright killing them keeping them distracted at the very least. One of them spots other warriors down the lane, and with a quick scan realizes one of them is known as Drake Raven. A powerful warrior of old, at least from what the data says he is a good warrior. So they leave the main boss to him and the unknown female.


They are Spider Droids, after all, their main purpose was to take out pests and lay cover fire and mainly police and guard the city not take on major bosses. And thus they distract the Imps and pumpkins and such that are menacing the populace.


Pew Pew, Laser blasts ring out across the area leaving light scorch marks on the ground where they miss or hitting hard on the imps that are running about.


One of them gets ganged up on by some imps grabbing ahold of it causing it to try to pull away and struggle with the little demons smacking at them with its robotic legs and sending out beeping and booping sounds as if communicating to the others of the situation at hand almost as if it were R2D2 or something.

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Azmodeus doesn't seem to react to Drake's chaos energy poisoning at first. After a moment he dramatically grabs his armor-clad stomach and begins bellyaching and stumbling around. "What... what is this... horrible... sensation..." He wobbles around a bit and turns back to face Drake and Odessa. "You're making me... ill. I fear... I may... -YAAKK-!" Suddenly, his pumpkin-mouth opens wide and he lets loose with a hurling green vomit that sprays over both Drake and Odessa. Without skipping a beat he explodes with laughter and begins cackling again, flailing his sword around absently as he chuckles.

"Challenge accepted!" he howls, rather boisterously.

With a quick twirl of his blackened blade, he launches it into the sky directly above the street. At the same time, he throws his arms into the air and a thunderous and somewhat jolting -BOOM- shakes the area. Out of nowhere what appear to be flaming pumpkins begin raining down from the sky above. Pumpkins of all sizes shower down upon the open streets and buildings. When they hit, all hell breaks loose.  An army of imps begins exploding out of the busted pumpkins that are scattered throughout the area. Dozens of imps in fact... maybe a hundred or more. The tiny flaming creatures quickly begin rushing around and latching onto the tiny spider droids throughout the area.

Several imps stuff one droid into a barrel of water on the street corner. Elsewhere a droid goes flying through the air and smashes into a brick wall. Another droid goes stumbling by the group as two imps hang from it. It's complete chaos!

Azmodeus' sword suddenly drops back through the sky and he quickly grabs it and points it at Drake's chest. "ON GUARD, NAIVE!" he shouts at the Solarian scientist.

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