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Showdown at Gavdrek Temple (3X EXP & GOLD)

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As the Elyndrians began arriving at the Explorer's Landing base camp on planet Lunaris they were greeted with quite the commotion around the small village. The wind was strong and the trees surrounding the small village wavered from the force. Besides the mechanoids that had stayed behind, the place had been a ghost town since the Elyndrians were transported back to Solaris by Sunder. Just outside the camp the roars of Ardanians howled over the wind and the rustling of the leaves.

"KILL THEM ALL!" one of the voices howled.

"I'LL EAT THEIR HEARTS!" another voice shouted.

It sounded as if the marauders were just around the bend in the trail, not far from the edge of camp. The sound of laser rifles firing off were also apparent. There were several mechanoids perched around the tops of the structures, two on the tavern's roof, and three others on the next building over. The mechanoids were blasting the marauders as they approached from the southern trail.

The Ardanians were quickly gaining ground and using ranged weapons to knock the mechanoid sharpshooters out of commission. If this continued, it wouldn't be long before the Ardanians penetrated the outer perimeter of the camp. Would any of the newcomers help?

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