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The Fall of Ylelthaeus

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(In continuation of https://solarisrpg.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17102-wandering/)

Since the corruption had spread up the base of the mighty Mother Tree, Ylelthaeus, the Nu’Lathian plant-folk had been in constant turmoil. Many of their species had fallen victim to what had effectively transformed them into mindless zombies. Many of the beastkin, The Exiles led by Captain Dorn, fled the tree-city and headed to the south for a fresh start away from the civilizations of the north.

Even though the Hinterfolk had accepted the Beastkin all those years ago, lived alongside them, and shared their own home city with them... the beastkin had fled at the first sign of trouble and abandoned the very people who sheltered them from the rest of the world.

Princess Yasmine struggled to maintain control over her city as many of her people changed into terrible abominations. She stood high above the streets, watching broken-heartedly has her people ran through the streets screaming in terror, while their own brothers and sisters chased them and ripped them to shreds. Over half the population had already been infected by the corruption brought about by Grey Fenrir and it was spreading exponentially faster.

The telepathic bond between Yasmine and the Mother Tree had been broken. Yasmine could no longer communicate with the once sentient tree and the longer the bond remained broken, the more the corruption began to spread amongst her people. Instead of calling for help from the Elyndrians, Yasmine had attempted to hold things together on her own... and was failing miserably.

It was time to make a move or die, she knew it in her heart. Much of the remaining population and a handful of beastkin who hadn’t already fled remained barricaded inside the throne room. An entire horde of zombified Nu’Lathians awaited outside the great doors to rip them limb from limb.

“My people, there is nothing left for us here... the Mother Tree has fallen silent and many of our people have fallen ill with this disease brought about by the Black Empire,” she swallowed hard, the realization of leaving finally setting in.

“We must now leave before the rest of us fall to this corruption!” She nodded to one of her most powerful sorcerers, Altheion.

“It is time, Altheion, create the rift!” Yasmine commanded her head magus as the mighty doors began to buckle from the horde outside.

Altheion nodded silently and quickly waved his hands through the air. A green hue of energy rolled around his body and whirled through the air in front of him. A moment later a tear in the fabric of space ripped apart and he held firm as Yasmine motioned her hesitant people to head through.

“Go! Quickly...” she urged her remaining people through the rift and hopefully to a new beginning elsewhere on plant Solaris. As the remaining dozen Nu’Lathians began to slip through the gateway, the doors buckled and a horde of fallen plant-folk began to flood into the room.

“Quickly Princess, go through now!” Altheion pleaded to his leader as a purple vine wrapped around his throat. Yasmine reluctantly slipped through the portal just before it closed... leaving Altheion behind.

The small group of remaining Nu’Lath stood silent, watching their ancient tree from a distance. While the tree was magically kept invisible to outsiders, the plantfolk could see it from miles away. The enormous tree towered above the surrounding forest.

Ylelthaeus had been entirely corrupted now and the remaining plant-folk watched as its once green leaves turned a strange shade of purple and a violet glow overtook the entire canopy.

Many of the group fell to their knees and cried, Yasmine and her remaining commanders stood silent. It was over...

As the tree died before their very eyes, something else began to happen. Those few remaining Nu’Lathians began to stiffen. The telepathic link to one another was cut off entirely.

They began to scream out, not in pain, but in fear of losing that last little piece of sentience as Ylelthaeus fell to the corruption. All Nu’Lathians, those born of Ylelthaeus, began to slip away now.

The entire lot of them began to stiffen and turn into inanimate trees all around the grove they had been transported too. Yasmine screamed as she witnessed a family of three stiffen and merged together to form a tree right next to her. Many of her guards had changed already, and their armor began to fall to the ground, some of it remains stuck in the newly formed trees.

Yasmine dropped to her knees and bellowed... everything was lost. The handful of faithful beastkin who still remained stood silently, horrified by the sights around them. As the link back to their tree finally faded away, so did their conscious minds and sentience. Without the link, the magic, they became just like any other plant life of the forest.

Yasmine though, unlike her people, was different. She cried and cried... and remained on her knees for quite a while. The remaining beastkin gathered around her, mourning with her. “It’s over... it’s all over...” she cried.

Suddenly, Yasmine felt something strange within her. A warmth began to fill her from within. She looked between her remaining friends, confused... her body began to glow and the beastkin family surrounding her quickly took a step back.

“It seems that I too must change...” she said, feeling something from within overtaking her entire body, she smiled one last time as her form suddenly contorted and transformed into a large green pod that glowed with the same familiar hue that Ylelthaeus had.

A familiar voice pierced the thoughts of the remaining beastkin, “It seems all is not lost, my friends. While I have lost my previous form, I see a new beginning for our people.”

Indeed, this was a new beginning, as long as Grey’s armies didn’t catch wind of Yasmine’s location. Altheion had placed his people several hundred miles from the previous Mother Tree, and it was just far enough to give the new generation a head start.

The remaining beastkin built a new village around the newly transformed Princess Yasmine and the surrounding grove of once Hinterfolk. The being once known as Princess Yasmine is now known as Yazmir. The Yazmirians now protect and guard her with their lives.

It will take many years for Yazmir to grow into a full-blown Mother Tree like Ylelthaeus has been, but in the meantime generations of beastkin would guard and protect her...

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