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[RP] Fixing Three Big Mistakes

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Roughly fifteen minutes after leaving the Sunfire Tavern where he met with Akistos and Odessa.

Krauser quietly made his way through some large white doors at the base of the Central Security Tower in the middle of Elyndaar City, the seat of the High Council. As he entered several mechanoid guards quickly stood at attention and saluted him. These mechanoids were well armored and polished to the nth degree.

"At ease." He said, passing them by. Regardless of being a wanted man or not, these mechanoids had the utmost respect for their designer and creator. While they worked for the High Council now, one would be hard pressed to get them to lift a finger against their creator... perhaps it was built into their firmware.

Krauser made his way through two sets of security doors, a retinal scanner, a body scanner, and finally through a metal detector that went completely ape shit as he passed through it. Two large mechanoids quickly stepped forward and stopped him. 

"Sir, no weapons beyond this point."

Krauser shrugged and stepped over to a table where he proceeded to unload half a dozen gadgets and gizmos. He removed his favored sword,  Pandemonium, and carefully laid it down gently on the table and then proceeded to remove a few remaining objects that might set off the detector again.

After a moment of unloading he was satisfied and made his way back through the scanner. No alarms. The guards, now satisfied, quickly returned to their positions and allowed him through. 

"All clear." One of them murmured in a robotic voice.

Krauser smiled and stepped into an elevator. As he turned to face the entrance/exit, the doors closed and the elevator promptly took him straight to it's only destination, the very top of the tower. The ride up was surprisingly long-winded. The tower was incredibly tall, and from the top one could easily see for miles.

Finally, with a ding the doors separated and Krauser stepped out onto a solid stone floor that was polished well enough he could see his own pale reflection.

As he continued up the corridor to a set of massive white doors he rolled his head and shoulders, loosening up a bit. The council was not happy with him, and he fully expected this wasn't going to go well... but he planned to roll with the punches as needed.

After a few more steps Krauser approached the massive doors and they promptly swung open. The next room was impressively large and surprisingly futuristic compared to the rest of the city below. It felt like jumping 30,000 years into the future by simply going up an elevator. Clearly the council had expensive tastes. Krauser tossed his crimson hood back and unclasped his shroud, shrugging it off and gracefully tossed it over to a hanger on the wall. He continued onward.

The High Council

"So... Mr. Killener... you finally decided to show yourself after your betrayal." A man with a very monotone voice suddenly spoke up as Krauser approached a very long, mirror finished table toward the far side of the room.

Three high-back chairs faced away from Krauser on the opposite side of the fancy table. The council members all apparently staring out a massive window that overlooked the entire Osperian Region. The entire upper deck of the tower slowly turned like the Seattle Space Needle so the council could watch everything

Krauser remained silent.

"Nothing to say for yourself?" A firm female voice pierced the silence from the rightmost seat.

Still, Krauser remained silent. Shifting his gaze from one seat to the next, waiting for something. Clearly these three thought pretty highly of themselves. Krauser thought they'd really gone too far, waaaay too far. 

Suddenly, two of the council members turned around to face him, the left and right.

In the leftmost seat there sat a tall and very pale figure with a scar over his right eye and a tiny black goatee. This man was High Administrator Roark of District 2, the western side of Elyndaar City. His hair was slicked over his head like a hardened shell, partly covering the right side of his face. He stared at Krauser with a blank look on his face, unblinking and unmoving. As far as Krauser was concerned the man was heavily overdressed and thought too highly of himself... and with his helmet-like hair, he gave new meaning to the phrase "dickhead", if you know what I mean.

Krauser eyed him briefly, fighting a grin, before glancing over to the rightmost seat.

In the rightmost seat there sat a small female figure with light blue hair, obviously a solarian woman. This woman was High Administrator Yve of District 3, the eastern side of Elyndaar City. Much like the figure on the left she was overdressed and clearly thought very highly of herself and her appearance. Imagine a woman who looks and acts an awful lot like Queen Ayesha from Guardians of the Galaxy, without the gold skin, but with blue hair.

Krauser sighed and waited for that center seat to spin around. He hadn't been in this room in months. The sad part was, he'd helped to design and build it.. and put these three in charge! To say the very least, he felt sickened by their appearance and skewed perception of themselves. Power can sometimes corrupt, but damn... this was fucking stereotypical bullshit.

That monotone voice spoke up again, coming from the center seat. 

"You've got a lot of nerve coming back here after recalling over 70% of our mechanoid workforce."

The man's fist slammed the arm of his chair.

"Only about 20% have returned to the city! Explain yourself, now!"

Krauser took a deep breath. "You remember the roughly 14,000 brain eating parasites our scanners picked up to the south about a year ago? Those parasites I made you aware of, and you three wouldn't do anything about? They were wiping out entire islands to the south, consuming the minds of entire villages and towns of people. Watercrest Village is now GONE! Every citizen was killed by the parasites. I came to you repeatedly, asking for help... you ignored me. Finally, I took it upon myself to take care of--"

...and he was suddenly cut off.


The center seat quickly spun around finally revealing Chief Administrator Hendrix. Hendrix was an exceptionally well built and well dressed man with golden hair and icy blue eyes. His features resembled that of a chiseled Greek God. Hendrix slammed both fist on the table in front of him.

Hendrix was furious with Krauser.

"I couldn't care any less about the filth to the south. Watercrest was full of savages and heathens. They deserved everything that happened to them. The parasites did us all a favor." Hendrix snapped back.

Krauser had just about had enough this. 


Hendrix demanded, grinding his teeth as he glared at Krauser in anger.

"I think some time in prison would do you good, Mr. Killener. You need to learn some respect like the rest of the sheep below."

Hendrix scowled at him and slowly stood up.

Two heavily armored mechanoids quickly approached from either side of Krauser and promptly grabbed both of his arms, restraining him without question or hesitation. Krauser quietly looked at the left mechanoid, and then to the right.

"Sheep?! I've gotta say, you three have really let this shit go straight to your heads in my absence." He said, wrinkling his nose a bit, anger building... just a bit.

Hendrix's eyes widened and he jumped over the table, landing on the opposite side and quickly approaching the now restrained Krauser Killener. He quickly reared back and with everything in him punched Krauser right in the gut. The guards held firm, allowing it.

OOMPH! Krauser grunted.

Hendrix reared back and punched him across the face, quickly and sharply knocking Krauser's bald head to the side.

Krauser spat out some blood.

"I think maybe... ten years in prison should help you learn some respect!" Hendrix growled, rearing back and punching Krauser across the face again.

Krauser's head snapped back sharply. He leaned forward and spat blood right into the man's face, his eyes, his mouth... it was all kinds of nasty.

"You piece of shit!" Hendrix reared back and gut punched Krauser again.

WUMPH! Krauser took it, again.

"That's THIRTY years in prison!" Hendrix roared as he wiped some of Krauser's blood from his face and promptly spat trying to get the man's blood from his mouth.

"Is that all you got? You little bitch." Krauser growled.

Hendrix lifted a hand and it suddenly encased itself in ice. He quickly reared back and belted Krauser right across the face again, knocking his head straight back into the chest of one of the mechanoids detaining him with a CLANK. The ice shattered and littered the floor.

"ONE-HUNDRED YEARS!" Hendrix's voice boomed in anger.

Krauser slowly turned back to face the man. Yve and Roark sat quietly behind the desk, watching from a distance. Slowly, Krauser cracked a grin and smiled widely.

"What is wrong with you?! I'll kill you!" Hendrix clamored, enraged now. He quickly reared back and a long shard of ice formed around his forearm and hand.

"You all have taken this place and soiled it, turned my dream into a mess, a pile of shit... You manipulated the people, my people. You stir up war. You spread lies. You three represent everything wrong here. You epitomize it. You are a shameful and despicable trio with no honor. I am ashamed of myself for helping to put you here." Krauser growled, spitting some more blood onto the floor.

"You, Mr. Killener, are sentenced to death for treason." Hendrix seemingly ignored everything Krauser said, Yve and Roark remained silent in the back. "Any last words?" He said, rearing back for the final blow.

Krauser nodded silently, "Boys, release me! Time to fix this shit."

Suddenly, both mechanoids released their grip on Krauser without hesitation.

Hendrix focused his gaze on the mechanoids, "What the..." he stammered, "That's impossible!" He quickly reared back and lunged forward at Krauser with his massive frozen spike. To Krauser, it was like time itself slowed down to a crawl. Decades of training, fighting, and war suddenly filled his mind. He centered himself. Focused. Hardened himself... hardened his heart... bringing back that impossibly cold, cold heart of his... once again.

As Hendrix thrust his frozen, icy cold arm forward and the two mechanoids fully released their grip on Krauser, his body shifted like water flowing around a stone in a river. He was loose, fluid, and emotionless. Hendrix just missed him. In that moment, Krauser dropped an elbow straight down on the weaponized ice, shattering it completely. 

Yve and Roark both began to stand up in the background.

Krauser's form shifted forwards and to the left as Hendrix stumbled forward like a graceless thug. He quickly dropped his arm down around the man's exposed neck and held him firmly. Hendrix was entirely at his mercy now. Krauser clenched his arm tightly, tweaked his grip, and with his opposing hand struck Hendrix squarely in the back of the neck. His spine snapped loudly with a crack and his body fell limp.

Releasing Hendrix, the man's body dropped to the floor in a big, well-dressed heap... Krauser suddenly launched himself forward, firmly planting a boot on the stone cold floor, rocketing toward Yve and Roark who were now attempting to attack him from a distance... a distance which Krauser quickly closed. 

As Roark was pulling his sword from the sheath as his side, Krauser had quickly closed the gap and firmly planted a boot on the hilt of his weapon. This prevented the man from drawing it outright. Now standing on the stone table, Krauser switched focus to Yve, who launched a volley of plasma energy at him.

In a flurry of motion, Krauser's hands rapidly spun back and forth, deflecting each of the dozen or so orblets coming from Yve, who was now attempting to scurry away. Smoke and sparks filled the air around Krauser as the last of the orblets exploded to his side. His eyes widened and a brilliant crimson glow filled his pupils. Suddenly, two beams of piercing chaos energy shot out of his eyes like a canon and struck Yve in the left leg, sending her tumbling to the floor in a heap. 

Krauser turned his attention back to Roark and suddenly backhanded him. Roark spun around, flinging a mouthful of blood through the air, and tumbling over the table. Krauser lifted his hand into the air, straightening his fingers and forming a crimson blade of crackling chaos energy.

He hopped down from the table and landed beside the disoriented man, still holding his hand high into the air, manifested chaos blade and all.

"Don't do this... Hendrix was corrupt... but... we're not like him." Roark pleaded hopelessly.

"Nah, I think you were all three in this together."

"But... but I have three wives!" Roark continued.

Krauser suddenly brought his bladed hand down upon the man, thrusting the crimson blade straight through his skull and into his brain. In a surge of energy, Roark's head swelled and exploded, plastering Krauser's face and chest with a bloody, clumpy slush of brain matter and bits of skull.

"Looks like they'll have to find another dickhead... dickhead!" Krauser quipped.

Yve suddenly stumbled to her feet from the far end of the table and screamed loudly, "YOU WRETCHED MONSTER!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" She stumbled, nearly toppling over as her scorched leg nearly gave way. She slammed a fist on the table and her own eyes began to fill with light, her voice began to change and her entire form began to float into the air above the table, taking the pressure from her crippled leg. A set of angelic wings suddenly spread from her back and flared outwards as her body became completely consumed in divine light.

Krauser quickly stood up and launched his entire body up and over the table in an explosive flare of chaos energy. He closed the gap between them almost instantly, and plunged his right hand straight through the woman's vibrantly glowing chest and straight out her back.

He paused briefly. The sequence of events that had just occurred had taken only a few brief moments... and in less than a minute, Krauser Killener had taken down the entire High Council.

Yve's mouth suddenly filled with blood, her silvery wings faded, and her body fell limp. Krauser basically shook her limp corpse from his arm and tossed her aside like a rag-doll to the cold stone floor.

"I can't have you resurrecting those two shitheads, cleric." He shook his head and hopped down from the table. He glanced around the room, his eyes slowly fading back to normal. He walked back across the room, briefly taking a glance out the window at the city below.

Stepping around the corpse of Hendrix, Krauser flicked his hand through the air and his crimson shroud floated over to him. As he headed back to the elevator he tossed the shroud back over his shoulders. Walking passed the two mechanoids who had released him only a few moments ago, he waved a hand in the air.

"Clean up this filth, boys. We've got a lot of work to do around here." He stepped into the elevator and the doors promptly shut behind him.

Throughout the entire ordeal, every monitor and display throughout the city and Osperian Region had been hacked, displaying the entire massacre from the perspective of the two mechanoids. The council's behavior, Hendrix's comments about the people being sheep, and everything else had all been broadcast to the people of the land. Whether they felt Krauser was a monster or not was completely their decision. Either way, the cycle of corruption and lies was now over.

+2,595 EXP (to Kora)

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Drake sits silently at his desk with some alcoholic beverage in his hand. He is watching the wall of monitors as everything plays out, unmoved by the speech of the council. He has not seen Krauser in battle in a long time, and can tell that he is keeping in shape, which is more than Drake can say for himself. 

As everything finally draws to a close, he says, "Mai, please run a quick diagnostic on everything. Looks like an old friend could use some help."

Drake takes another drink before a voice in his head chimes in <Everything is running at optimal capacity, well your gears that is. You are slightly intoxicated and will need 40 minutes until the alcohol is processed from your blood without any further sunlight.> 

Drake tosses the rest of his drink back before he stands up. He walks silently towards the front door of his shop, a cloak materializing from the nano bots that make up his armor and covering his identity. He is going to walk the city a make sure there are no major issues from it's residents. 

186 exp



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Krauser stepped out of the doors to the tower, and scanned the area. It was empty. No citizens, no mechanoids, nothing. He could still see the image of the High Council's now empty chamber on a couple screens mounted to the side of a nearby structure. The mechanoids had already taken care of the mess. 

Krauser casually started off walking and immediately began to seek out Drake Raven. He grabbed a gadget from his belt and held it up to speak...

Somewhere in town, not far from Drake's shop. Krauser's voice crackled over the com on Drake's person. It's pretty common for all members of the Science Guild to carry communication devices. 

"Drake, I know you can hear me. We need to talk my friend."

Suddenly, a woman screamed at the sight of Krauser. Her manipulated mind knew no better. To her, he was the monster. She quickly darted off around the corner and vanished into the shadows of the night. 

"Yeah, we need to meet real soon..." He added.

"How about a drink? You know where."

Krauser quickly made his way toward the Sunfire Tavern. While there was no one left to threaten him with prison any longer, he didn't want to roam the streets filling people with terror. That was quite literally the opposite of his intentions. He knew there would be some adjustment time after a major incident such as this. Things had to be fixed though, and he was about to wrap the final loose end for Elyndaar City.

+240 EXP

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Drake is walking the streets close to the shops/ market area, just making sure the peace is kept. The droids do a great job, but if enough occurred, their resources would be stretched thin. He is glad it is quiet for now, he is sure that there will be some backlash at some point, especially until formal leadership is restored. 

MAI suddenly patches the Science Guild communications channel, allowing Drake to hear it privately within his head. After listening, he let's Krauser know that he hears him, "I'm out and about, making sure everything stays quiet." He looks around and thinks about how he is going to make it to the tavern. "Give me a minute to walk there and you have my attention, as long as you buy the drink." A joke seeing as drinks have been free for as long as Drake can remember, or Drake has been an alcohol thief for a long time. 

+157 exp

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Odessa had returned to her home after the brief chat with Krauser and Akistos.  It was late and she at first didn't notice quite how empty the streets were or how quiet the city was in general.  Her guard was pretty low while inside of town except during fall when that crazy pumpkin headed fool shows up.  Then she is on high alert until he is gone once more.  What did catch her eye however was that the normally inactive security droids were active, no longer just in standby mode.

Staggering a little as she walked up to one of the droids and a monitor nearby.  The live news feed that was being displayed showing Krauser getting used as a punching bag really had her blood boiling.  Her right hand had formed her cutting torch and the cie energy had sparked to life.   She was growling and ready for a fight when he got gut checked the second time her own fist slammed into the droid the cie cutter melting and ripping apart the droids defenses and internal workings.

"I'm going up there!"

The droid now deactivated from the damage hung limply over her arm.  He pushed the droid off and looked at her arm.   It was unhurt but that isn't what shocked her.  She was hotheaded and temperamental at times but she wasn't sure why she was getting all bent out of shape right now.   Honestly, she hardly knew the man but he HAD been a well-respected person before all this started, not to mention a champion of the people.   She had run into him a few times and had good interactions with him.  She could see when they were on the beach he had questions about her limbs but he was polite enough not to ask right away.  He had treated her kindly and even given her some new tech.  Then she realized why she had at least a minor crush on him.


Just then the scene continued to play on the monitor and Krauser was struck again this time in the face the already destroyed droid got kicked in the face as she lashed out before cheering when Krauser took over control of the droids.   She knew all to well that since they had been created by him originally he had back doors built in that meant he could always take over control of them.   Then it seemed to be Krausers turn he was done letting this pathetic excuse of a man or a leader continue to abuse his limited authority.  A sadistic smile crossed her face as Krauser slaughtered the three members of the High Council.   She wasn't prone to senseless killing or slaughter she was just happy that Krauser had finally had enough.   She realized she was blushing a bit and thus glad that the streets are empty.   

"Karma is a bitch."

Seeing that he really didn't need any help dealing with them and that probably any injuries he sustained would have been minor and probably even overplayed to lure the councilors into a false sense of security before he struck his blow.  She bent down and picked up the droid throwing it over her shoulders before finishing her walk back to her home and now into the repair shop.  After all, wouldn't do to leave the droid out and about and she did have a contract to keep them in good repair.  Correction she HAD a contract.  She is just doing it now well cause she broke it and it might be needed.  All the while she was thinking to herself and wondering when this crush she just realized she had started and comes to the conclusion it must have started on the beach.

"I'll absolutely DIE if anyone ever finds out.."

+629 EXP (Given to Raynar)

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Drake sees the warm glow of the Tavern windows, just down the street. He really didn't run into much, as most were probably afraid. The few who he did chase away would have been out either way. 

He reaches to door, and pushes it open. Regardless of what time line or where this place it, the Tavern makes Drake feel at ease. Warm memories of laughter and plenty of drinks. He steps inside and his cloak just melts into his clothing as his nanobots rearrange. The bartender, a small Solarian woman, sits in the large window on the opposite side. 

Drake smiles and says, "Sorry to interrupt your peace. May I trouble you for some food and drink?"

He suffles to the back table as she walks over and says, "Sure hun, what are you thinking of?"

Drake rubs his fingers through his beard, and says, "Got any soup and bread? And I will let you decide on a drink to go with it."

She charmingly smiles at Drake, "I think I've got something that will hit the spot for both."

Drake leans back as she walks away from him and just looks around, enjoying his night of solace and trying to figure out what Krauser could want.

+208 exp

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She comes back a few minutes later with a steaming bowl of soup, a portion of bread, and a lighter colored amber liquid in a very large heavily frosted glass. She sets each item down on the table in front of Drake. He is overwhelmed with the aroma of the soup, his stomach letting him know it has been way too long since he ate food. He smiles, looking up into the eyes of the small Solarian woman, "Thank you very much, this smells amazing." 

She give Drake a small smile and says, "Enjoy, If you need anything I will be just in the back finishing some cleaning." She walks away from Drake, disappearing into the back of the tavern.

Drake thinks to himself, cracks a smile, and reaches for his spoon and begins eating. He is impressed, this is more of a seafood cream-based soup, with some starchy veggies to balance the sweetness of the seafood. He just sits back and enjoys his meal and drink while waiting on Krauser.

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The tavern's door suddenly swung open and a darkly cloaked figure stepped inside. There was a commotion out in the streets as entire groups of citizens stood around monitors staring at the High Council chambers, watching replays of the video of Krauser absolutely destroying their leadership. The door shut and the figure quickly headed to Drake. Most of the people in the room paid him absolutely zero attention.

"Hello there, Drake." He said, quietly as he pulled up a seat and sat down beside his fellow member of the Science Guild. Drake would easily know it was Krauser, but he wasn't about to remove his shroud so everyone in the room could see him. "I don't want to cause a stir," he said, "but I need you to take care of this place while I shift my focus elsewhere. We have a big problem in the Blasted Region and we've established a hidden camp in the area near Vegonaar City. I must go there... but things need sorted out here, Drake." 

Krauser gave Drake a serious look, "I've, dispatched, the High Council as you've no doubt seen on the displays. You are in charge now my friend, I hope you don't mind. I just can't do it anymore. The people will fear me now. You are perfect for the job and you are one of the few people I trust with this responsibility my friend. I hope you don't mind, and I hope you'll accept this monumental opportunity." 

Needing to go very soon, he eyed Drake's reaction and waited for his response.

+260 EXP

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Drake takes a long moment to process what Krauser just put him up to do. Not really a choice as much as an order/request from a friend. This would mean, Drake would become Elite Master. This is an honor and a lot of responsibility, something that Drake can slightly understand having watched Krauser do this job for years. He takes a long drink of the alcohol in front of him, sets it down and looks Krauser in the eyes. "You know I would do anything for this place  and most importantly you. If you think I can do it, then I will figure it out. "

He runs his hands through his hair as he begins processing the next steps and what should probably be done very quickly to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. His eyes refocus and he has only one important question."What does Elyndaar need to do to support you in the Blasted Land?"

+156 exp

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"Well, as things begin to ramp up, we'll need forces at some point. We've been spying on the black city and discovered some enormous reactors that seem to be sucking the life out of the region. The Vegonians built them and use them to soak up anything of value from the land. We're not exactly sure what they're doing with these resources yet, but surely it's nothing good." 

Krauser paused briefly and glanced around. He leaned closer to Drake and kept his voice low.

"My sources have led me to believe the Empire plans to attack the Hinterlands next, specifically Queen Yasmine's new village and the new Mother Tree. I think Elyndaar City's forces would be more useful to the Yazmirians at the moment. I have a strong feeling some serious shit is about to go down up north, General Raynar's forces are stirring a lot lately. If they take control of the Hinterlands you all are going to be almost completely surrounded by Imperials."

Krauser's talking about how the Black Empire pretty much controls the entire western portion of the continent (Blasted Region), as well as the far south (Frozen Region), and quite possibly the north (Hinterlands Region), if things don't work out for the Yazmirians and the Mother Tree.

"I suspect once the Empire controls the Hinterlands, they'll go for the Plains Region next. Hell, that's what I'd do. This city crushes everyone technologically, but if you get yourselves completely surrounded by Imperials we may have to take some desperate measures."

Desperate measures... just what did he mean? What was this city capable of exactly? Drake would learn soon enough, hopefully not forced into learning of course. Elyndaar City held many secrets. "Anyway, thank you Mr. Raven." He extended his hand to shake with the man, sealing the deal. Krauser is genuinely ready to move on and pass the mantle entirely, instead of temporarily like with the self-proclaimed High Council.

+320 EXP

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