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[RP] Fixing Three Big Mistakes

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Drake nods as he listens to everything, taking some mental notes, as this is a lot of information to be taking in. Drake had been fairly oblivious to everything going on, but he knows that he can no longer afford not to know. He says, "I will try and recruit some of the more capable warriors to the cause as well. I will lead them personally to the hinterlands in the next couple of days." Drake continues, "With the expanded forces in the Hinterlands, maybe that will provide an opportunity for some covert operations into the Black City to see what is going on."

Drake reaches out to meet Krauser's hand. "You're welcome Krauser. I owe you a lot. I can handle this mantle until you or someone else of your choice is ready to take it back." 

He thinks to himself <Mia, please see if I have access control over the droids.> A moment later, Mia replies <Drake, you do have control over the drones. Is there anything you need?> Drake replies, <Yes, please have them clean the council room and prepare for another broadcast. We need to get control of the city before anyone else makes a move.> There is no reply, Drake just assumes that Mia is issuing the commands. 

"Well, we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. What will be the best way to contact you? I am sure I am going to have some questions and things that I am going to need to know." Drake finishes off his alcohol and takes another bite of the food, before he has had his fill. 


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"It's your choice! Hinterlands, our Hidden Camp, or wherever you choose my good sir. You could do absolutely nothing or drop a cie-bomb on the Black City tomorrow... It's all in your hands now, Drake." He grinned, he didn't recommend the cie-bomb... at least not just yet. He'd thought about it more than once himself though. Just turn the Blasted Region into a parking lot... but then again, you do something like that and you take all the innocent slaves and nomadic tribes who still roam the Blasted Region with the Vegonians. Sometimes hard choices must be made though.

Drake would quickly discover he now has access to things he'd probably never even imagined. He now has the ability to control every mechanoid and automated aspect of Elyndaar City, including it's defenses, offenses, and sub-systems. Where previously he'd only scratched the surface, perhaps 5-10%, a tidal wave of information and control rushed to his every whim. Krauser had previously trusted three people with some of this power and it went to their heads, but now, Drake had access to everything... all on his own. This said a lot about how much Krauser trusted the man. 

"You're going to be busy my friend." He grinned as he tugged his shroud around his face to further conceal his identity. He stood up, patted Drake on the shoulder, and stepped back. "The moment you appear on the monitors, the people will know who is in charge. Only he who has the ability to appear on those screens and control the systems can be the leader here... the people understand at least that much."

"I'll be seeing you." Krauser nodded and turned away from Drake. He slipped over to the door and vanished out into the streets.

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