The Guidebook

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Classes & Races

Class Guide - This guide lists all available class types. It includes the Adventurer, Cleric, Mercenary, Necromancer, Warrior, and Wizard.

Personality Guide - This guide lists all available personality types. It covers aggressive, apathetic, defensive, distant, friendly, mischievous, pacifist, and sadistic personalities.

Race Guide - This guide lists all available character race types. It includes the Beastkin, Demon, Dragonkin, Gorgon, Guardian, Human, Nu'Lath, Solarian, and the non-playable Vegonians.

Development & Customization

Custom Ability Guide - This guide explains custom abilities. It covers unlocking custom ability slots and creating your own custom abilities.

Progression Guide - This guide explains character progression. It covers earning experience, unlocking custom ability slots, unlocking dual-spec, veteran character creation, perks of gaining power, and also goes over other aspects of role-play such as post length, quality, and detail.

Creatures & Companions

Companion Guide - This guide explains the companion system. It covers how a character obtains a companion, what a companion can do, and what happens if your companion is killed.

Creature Guide - This guide lists all currently known creatures. It includes aerial, aquatic, humanoid, legendary, mechanical, otherwordly, subterranean, and terrestrial creatures.

Combat & Magic

Combat Guide - This guide explains combat and death. While giving an introduction to combat, it covers how combat works, the difference between turns and rounds, what dodging, blocking, and parrying is, and how a character's experience level plays into combat.

Magic Guide - This guide explains how the magic system works. It covers common, uncommon, rare, and mythical magic types. It also covers the characteristics of each of those types.

Economy & Equipment

Equipment Guide - This guide lists all available equipment types. It covers every aspect of equipment, such as all types of armors, weapons, and other types of items.

Market Guide - This guide explains the marketing system. It covers currency, physical and non-physical item types, shops, professions, commissions, and resale value.

Quest Guide - This guide explains the quest system. It covers what questing is, why a character should quest, experience earned from questing, gold earned from questing, and completing quests as a group.

Story & World

Storyline Guide - This guide lists all past and present storylines of Solaris RPG. It includes everything for the last 20+ years. More storylines will be added over time.

World Guide - This guide lists all the different areas of planet Solaris. It includes every discovered region of the world and even regions of alternate dimenions and nearby planets.

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