Class Guide

These are all the classes that characters may choose to be. Solaris RPG is equipped with quite the selection of classes. We have damage-centric classes, defensive classes, and even support class. Each class has a specific set of characteristics which make them unique to other classes.

Available Classes

Cleric - Powerful healers who are unmatched in their ability to mend the wounds of their allies. Clerics are also very capable damage dealers, often wielding an arsenal divine spells capable of banishing evil.

Mercenary - Quick witted and deadly accurate killers who work for the highest bidder. Mercenaries are experts with a blade, setting traps, and are often strategically minded in combat.

Necromancer - Masters of death and decay who are skilled summoners of the undead. Necromancers are capable of wielding dark magic like no other. They often enjoy causing pain and suffering for their victims.

Ranger - Experts of ranged combat and fearless explorers. Rangers are often one with nature, the beasts of the wild, and work well in a group but are very capable on their own.

Warrior - Experts of all weapon and armor types and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Warriors are an incredible asset to have in a party. They handle a beating better than any other class and feed off of their building rage.

Wizard - Masters of spell casting who are able to bend the magical forces to their will. Wizards are capable of toppling armies with their powerful spells. They are masters of wielding the elements of Solaris and very useful in a group.

Unlockable Classes (100+)

Druid - Masters of nature and also resourceful healers. Druids are very useful in battle situations as they can fill the role of a healer or a damage dealer with the ability to shapeshift into animals.

Paladin - Powerful and heavily armored allies of good and righteousness who protect the weak and innocent from evil, namely demons. Paladins are capable of banishing demons straight back into the Afterplane.

Heroic Classes (500+)

Swordmage - The swordmage is the first hybrid class to mix the melee fighting capabilities of a warrior with the spell casting capabilities of a wizard. The swordmage class is the first unlockable heroic class of Solaris RPG.

Class Halls

Every class has its own Class Hall located somewhere around planet Solaris. Class Halls are special locations where members of that class can go to train and meet likeminded individuals. These special locations are tagged, so they will be obvious in the World Guide a little easier.

Class Characteristics

Like racial characteristics, our class characteristics are to be considered as loose guidelines and not restrictive in any way. If a characteristic states the class typically uses cloth armor, it does not mean that cloth armor is required. Also, characteristics that grant some sort of capability/ability do not require that the player create a Custom Ability. These capabilities may be used on the fly during a battle or during a role-play session.

Concerning Magic Types

Regardless of a character's class, all characters of Solaris RPG are capable of wielding magic to varying degrees. This is why all characters have a Magic Type listed on their profile. In Solaris, every sentient being is capable of using various forms of magic. Magical Power is determined by a characters race and class combination, but modified greatly depending on the quality of his Magical Relic.

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