Class Description

Powerful nature-minded spell casters who can manipulate and influence the plants and animals around them with ease. Druids are defenders of the forests, rivers, and lakes. They are typically seen roaming the Osperian Region. Druids have existed on Solaris for many centuries but remained distant from others for many years.

Class Capabilities

Nature's Touch - Druids are capable of healing three times per ally, per battle, at 80% MP per spell cast.

Shapeshift - Druids are capable of transforming their bodies into various animals and creatures, depending on the chosen species this could provide mechanical benefits during combat, such as any available creature abilities.

Entangle - Druids are capable of summoning the vines and roots of plants to entangle enemies. This prevents his enemies from moving or flying for two turns. This may be used twice per battle, per enemy.

Class Characteristics

  • Masters of Nature Magic and capable of manipulating all plantlife

  • Typically wear very light forms of armor (usually cloth)

  • Often seen carrying a wand, staff, or relic to help channel magic

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