Class Description

The Paladin, like a Warrior, is a heavily armored fighter who often uses medium to heavy weapons and armor during battle. Paladin's are often fully devoted to kindness and ridding the the world of evil, particularly demons. They are often very religious, and have an extremely strict honor code. In combat, a Paladin with a cause is a truely formidable opponent.

Class Characteristics

  • Masters of banishing evil beings using powerful magic and prayer

  • Often seen wielding a sword and shield and using powerful magic

  • Often seem fearless in the face of evil, namely demons and devils

  • Good with healing magic (mending wounds or curing disease)

  • Very intelligent and spiritual, often seen praying to their god(s)

  • Capable of bringing their fallen allies back to life after a battle

  • Capable of blessing their allies through prayer with various boons

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