Class Description

The Swordmage is somewhat of a hybrid between the warrior and wizard classes. They are capable of utilizing magic or melee weapons effectively. Many of the swordmage order were originally warriors who showed high levels of skill in spell casting. Over time they refined the art and are now some of the most formidable opponents on the battlefield. Many armies rely on an elite squad of swordmages to do their dirty work.

Class Capabilities

Combo Strike - The Swordmage has the ability to imbue his physical strikes with magic. This effect literally combines his magical attack power with his physical attack power for one strike. This may be done twice per battle. This cannot be combined with Critical Strike.

Critical Strike - Due to their knowledge of spell casting and melee combat, a Swordmage fully recognizes any weak points in his enemies armor. The Swordmage may utilize this ability to completely ignore his enemies magical resistance or physical armor for one attack, two times per battle.

Equilibrium - Unlike any other class, a Swordmage is just as capable with magic and he is with melee combat. While he may never fully match a Warrior at physical combat or a Wizard with spell casting, the Swordmage is extremely capable at either form of combat.

Class Characteristics

  • Masters of all forms of weapons, relics, and armors (all types)

  • Often seen wielding a sword alongside a magically charged hand or fist

  • Often seen supercharging melee attacks with potent magical energy

  • Highly intelligent and always seeking to increase their knowledge

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