The Inhabitants Guide

The characters listed here are characters of past players, storyline characters, and other random but notable characters of the in-game world of Solaris RPG. Many of these characters have played an integral part in the storyline of Solaris RPG at some point or another.

Story Characters of Solaris

Akistos - A mostly immortal, time traveling, dimension hopping changeling who reappears on planet Solaris from time to time to check up on his friends. Sometimes he makes a wrong turn and winds up 10,000 years ahead, or behind when he revisits... or in the wrong branch outright.

Arngrim - Once a member of the Black Empire, this Ardanian switched sides and became the bartender of the Sunfire Tavern in Elyndaar City. While he may be an Ardanian, he gives sound advice and listens well.

Darkclaw - A feline mercenary who often assists the Elyndrians with various worldly threats. While he's not really the heroic type, he's stepped in many times and assisted those in need without gaining anything from the encounter.

Ignius - One of the most well-known cartographers in the land, Ignius roams planet Solaris all on his own to map the land. He's a fearless explorer to say the least.

Norven - A political individual who somehow managed to gain a lot of notoriety with the citizens of Elyndaar City. When it comes down to it, he's one of the most cowardly and shadiest people in the city who will stop at nothing to get his way.

Rusty - Built by Krauser Killener, Rusty has become quite an asset to the Elyndrians. Rusty is often seen at the frontlines offering assistance and taking care of the lesser known details so the Elyndrians can maintain the upperhand in the war against the Empire.

Sirak - Grandchild of the legendary Girak Luhia, Sirak is the son of Giran, who is the leader of Skyhold City. He's often seen trying to build a relationship between the Elyndrians and the citizens of Skyhold City in the mountains, but it's not easy.

Xenovius - A mysterious half-Vegonian who saved a bunch of Elyndrians from his own people, Xenovius was accepted by the citizens of Elyndaar City. He's very quiet mostly keeps to himself. It is believed Xenovius is a an ancestor of the legendary hero, Xeno, who existed in a future timeline more than 30,000 years from the present.

Side Characters of Solaris

Dune - Very little is known of this mysterious "batkin" who roams the world of Solaris. He's friendly and often seen as an ally of the Elyndrians, but seems to mind his own business and keep to his own affairs.

Garr - One of the mightiest champions to ever set foot in the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City, Garr has trained many fighters over the years and while he once turned his back on the Arena, he's now returned as the latest champion.

Hawk - A mysterious half-demon explorer who has roamed the world of Solaris for decades. He sometimes returns to Elyndaar City for a visit, but mostly roams the world in search of truth and legends.

Hemlock - A powerful healer from planet Gorgonia who came to Solaris in search of his brother, Gremlock. He is a powerful fire magic user to boot.

Jolly - Good ole' Captain "Jolly" Rogers has assisted the Elyndrians many times against worldly threats and the Black Empire. He's often seen managing his ship and crew taking shipments and passengers across the oceans of planet Solaris.

Malaki - A blind traveling bard who roams planet Solaris. He's assisted the Elyndrians many times over the years with various threats and other issues.

Seric - An irradiated man from the planet Earth who mysteriously wound up on planet Solaris, Seric sided with the Elyndrians but has seldom stuck around for long.

Zenatory - Zen was a sinister soul pulled from the mind and body of Gremlock by Krauser Killener and given his own body. While he was once a vile troublemaker, Zen has gradually found a place in Elyndrian society and has become a useful enchanter for the people of Elyndaar City.

Zola - A mysterious and powerful dragonkin wizard, Zola has helped the Elyndrians on many occassions. He traveled to the neighboring planetoid Lunaris to assist with the freeing of the Elder God Sunder, and helped defeat a planet-sized parasite in the process.

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