The Progression Guide

New characters begin the game with zero experience (EXP). New characters receive EXP equivalent to the word count of their starting character background/bio.

Characters grow in EXP over time and level up. With higher EXP, a character will become more powerful over time. With more power comes more potential for exploration and adventure.

When it comes to player-versus-player combat or player-versus-boss combat, a character's EXP matters greatly. For more details on that aspect of the game, check the Combat Guide.

Beyond EXP, the things that build up a character are a combination of his custom abilities, equipment/gear, and his backstory.

Earning EXP

To make a character more powerful you must earn EXP by contributing to role-play sessions. The more you write in your sessions the more EXP you earn. At the end of every completed role-play session EXP is awarded.

The longer each post is, the more points the session will be worth. More words means more EXP. The more writing you do as a character, the more powerful that character will become.

For example, a specific post during a role-play session is 320 words long, that post is worth 320 EXP. If it's 500 words long, it's worth 500 EXP. It doesn't get any easier than that, right? Special considerations apply to different session types, but at the base level, word count directly equals EXP.

Leveling up

Leveling up in Solaris RPG is very simple. The formula for determining a characters level goes like this:

LEVEL = (EXP/50,000) * 100

We feel that having levels gives players some perspective. Please see the next section for details on in-game level caps.

The Level Cap

As of July 2018 the current level cap of Solaris RPG is level 250, or 125,000 EXP points. Characters will continue to gain EXP but it will not be applied directly to their profile. Any additional EXP will instead be applied to an "Overflow EXP" pool that is tied to the player of the character instead of the character. This overflow pool can grow indefinitely. This Overflow EXP is not listed on a character's profile, but if you wish to check it please request a special link to access it from the administration or a moderator.

Be aware that there is a huge benefit to gaining Overflow EXP while a level cap is in place. Upon the release of new content (new regions and story) the level cap will be increased accordingly. A player may choose to use his Overflow EXP and apply it to his character's current EXP to assist him in reaching the new level cap. This could potentially bump the character straight to the next level cap immediately, if he's earned enough Overflow EXP. It is up to the player whether or not they choose to do this.

As Solaris RPG expands, new regions are added to the World Guide. The level cap will be raised and this section will be updated accordingly.

Ranking up

Beyond leveling up characters in Solaris RPG also earn ranks. Characters begin the game as a Civilian and work their way through the ranks as a Trainee, to Cadet, to Soldier, Champion, and beyond.

A character's level of experience determines his rank. Once a character reaches level 100 he will begin to earn Master ranks. After ten tiers of Master ranks there are five tiers of Elite ranks.

After the Elite tiers comes the Elite Master, Grand Master, and Lord Marshal ranks. New ranks will be added as characters reach higher tiers of power.

Character Retirement

If at any point a player feels that the story of one of his characters is complete, he may choose to retire that character. These special characters are stripped down versions of regular characters that are used purely for role-play purposes, and maybe some light combat.

Even though you may choose to retire a character, you may still play as the character whenever and however you choose. Any EXP earned on that character will go to another of your own non-retired characters or your Overflow EXP pool. This is useful as a method of making your other characters more powerful without having to play as them all the time.

Retired characters do not have equipment such as items, weapons, armor or custom abilities listed on their profiles. Even though they do not have any equipment or abilities it is still possible to use them for light combat for role-play purposes. They may be played as if they are equipped with some basic equipment.

Some players may think of retired characters as a means of finalizing one or more of their regular characters. All characters who are converted to retired will remain in the game world indefinitely, unless killed off for storyline purposes by the controlling player.

Any character who is retired will have his or her EXP removed entirely. The EXP points will be given to another of your own characters or it could be used to create an entirely new character called an "Upgrade Character". See the next section for more information on creating an upgraded character.

Upgrade Character Creation

Any player with Overflow EXP may choose to use those EXP points to create a new character. Upgrading a brand new character lets you bring him up to speed immediately while you "close the book" on your previous character, now considered to be retired. As I mentioned before, you can still play as your old character, but any EXP will go to one of your non-retired characters.

Any player who already has multiple pre-existing characters may choose to retire them at any time. The converted character's current EXP points may be combined with another of the player's regular, non-retired, characters. The downside is that any custom abilities or equipment will be removed from the newly converted retired character.

Returning from Retirement

It is possible to restore a retired character back to a regular character. He will be like a new character again, unless you use Overflow EXP to boost him to a certain level. Converting a retired character back to a regular character removes his inactivity protection. So if you convert a character back to normal and don't play him, he may be removed for inactivity after a period of time.

Additional ways to earn EXP

There are many ways beyond completing normal role-play sessions to earn lots of experience in Solaris RPG. Players can submit ideas for new creatures and world areas for direct EXP gains based on word counts plus extra bonus EXP wherever noted.

If you ever submit anything to the site you will earn EXP directly equivalent to your word count. If you ever want to earn some quick EXP, just submit a new idea via the submission forms section and reap the rewards!

Characters also earn extra EXP for killing other player characters! Please see the Combat Guide for more details and benefits of taking out other characters and creatures.

Administrator Bonus (20%)

Sometimes when we read role-play sessions we find exceptional sessions that we want to reward the player(s) extra for. This bonus is for those sessions. If an administrator is particularly impressed with a role-play session he may apply an additional 20% word count bonus at the end of the session.

This bonus is applied to all participants of the session. It is applied before other bonuses (meaning other bonuses stack on top of it). This bonus should not be taken lightly.

I personally reserve it for role-play sessions that make me feel some emotion, whether it be anger, sadness, or happiness. I feel that when a role-play session can pull out genuine emotions from me, it deserves something extra.

Prestige Points

What are Prestige points? Prestige points directly boost ALL of your character's combat stats, permanently. These points boost combat stats by the percentage of Prestige Points you have tied to your player account. That's right, these points are not tied to a specific character, but your entire account! This means that ALL of your characters will enjoy the same benefits.

Prestige points may be purchased at a rate of 1% per 10,000 Overflow EXP. The current Prestige Point cap is 25%. This means you could cap your Prestige Points at 25% for the whopping price of 250,000 Overflow EXP points and all of your characters would receive a permanent 25% boost to ALL of their combat stats.

The Star Ranks

You may notice that some characters on the Character Page have one or two stars on their portrait. These stars represent whether or not the character has capped Prestige Points and capped quality of their Essential Equipment, totaling two stars if both are capped. One star means they have one or the other. To read more about equipment quality, please visit the Equipment Guide.

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