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How do you earn money? By completing quests from the Quest Hub of course! This section will cover all the things you need to know about questing and earning gold.

This guide is designed to work like a simple question and answer page for the sake of simplicity.

Why should I quest?

Characters should complete quests to earn gold, which is used to buy equipment and other items from The Market of Solaris RPG.

Is questing the only way to get gold? Not necessarily. Other characters might give you gold as a reward for doing something for them. So no, questing isn't the only way to earn gold... but it's typically the fastest way by far.

Quests are also a means of progressing the storyline of the game world as well.

How do I create a quest?

Creating a quest in the Quest Hub forum is as simple as posting a new topic with a descriptive setting and purpose. You could have a quest to go gather firewood or a quest to go kill rats in a sewer.

Perhaps you want to bring some friends along and do something a little more adventurous, that's fine too! You can create a quest to go save a village from a massive dragon. The possibilities are almost limitless.

What is a quest objective?

All quests must include a setting and an objective. The setting sets the mood, the atmosphere of the role-play session, and the environment in which it's all taking place. The objective gives you something to shoot for.

The better you setup a scenario, the more fun the quest will be for the players involved. You can even apply special rules to a quest. Perhaps your group is locked in a dungeon and none of them remember how they got there.

You could apply special rules that state all of your items, equipment, weapons, and armor have been taken and the use of custom abilities is prohibited. It's up to the creator of the quest. Just remember if you make a quest into a super restrictive scenario other players may not jump in.

How much EXP can I earn?

The more writing you do, the more experience your character earns. It's as simple as that. There is no limit to how many words a quest can be. If you do a quest to gather firewood and you type 10,000 words on how your character gathered the wood, your character will earn 10,000 EXP.

The EXP to word ratio is 1:1 like it is for everything else unless the quest states otherwise. Many quests will grant bonus multipliers as well. See the list below to understand the multiplier system a bit better.

  • 1.5X - This multiplier is reserved for simple quests. For example, a quest giver might ask you to go collect firewood or herbs. These quests are usually very short and simple to complete. In most situations a single response to the quest thread will suffice.

  • 2X - This multiplier is reserved for more extensive quests that solo players may choose to do alone, but usually more than one player is involved. These quests may span several days and may have certain word count requirements in order to complete them.

    For example, a quest giver might ask you to gather a small group and travel to a dangerous area and take down some enemies.

  • 2.5X - This multiplier is reserved for non-storyline group raids and intense adventures into the unexplored regions of Solaris and it's surrounding regions. Usually multiple players are involved in these quests.

    For example, a quest giver might ask you to gather a moderately sized group and travel to a new region.

  • 3X - This multiplier is reserved for story-centric group content such as end-game raids, exploration, and other adventures. Multiple players are almost always involved in quests of this magnitude.

    For eample, a highly notable quest giver might as you to group up with several other high level characters and travel to an extremely dangerous region to accomplish a great task.

How much GOLD can I earn?

Gold is earned at HALF the rate as EXP points are while questing. Each player involved earns gold equivalent to whatever they typed during the session. For example, you type 2,000 words, you get 1,000 gold pieces.

However, as I mentioned above, some quests will like provide 2X and 3X gold multipliers. Those are the ones to keep an eye out for!

What does the Quest Giver receive?

Players can create quests for other players to complete, thus becoming a Quest Giver. You may be wondering, what do I get for making a quest and enabling others to earn EXP and gold by completing it?

Quest Givers will receive a reward of 20% EXP and gold for whatever the players completing the quest received. So, if two people complete your quest and they together earn 3,000 EXP and 2,500 gold, you would earn 600 EXP and 500 gold. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me.

The more involved the quest means the greater your rewards! This was done to encourage players to create quests as well as complete quests. The more quests you create, the more EXP and gold you will earn. The more players who respond, the better!

Can quests be completed as a group?

Absolutely! Questing is much better with friends. We strongly encourage inviting friends, especially if you want to attempt a World Boss raid.

Help, someone stole my quest!!

So, an awesome quest was just posted up and you’ve been working to complete it. You have already typed 2,477 words and you are about to wrap things up when suddenly someone else posts a reply and snatches up the rewards before you! Fear not! While someone else might beat you to the finish line, questing sessions will not be closed like normal role-play sessions.

Go ahead and finish your response, post it up, and reap your rewards! What if the quest was a major storyline event and someone finished it before you? Same thing applies, you will still receive EXP and GOLD accordingly, and whoever's post has the highest reputation vote will be considered the outcome of the story.

What is a World Boss raid?

As you may have noticed, some quests have a “raid” tag and are specifically related to World Bosses. These quests are typically time-limited and more difficult than normal quests. Raids require that all characters involved be level 100.

World Bosses are often very tricky to defeat and because of this added difficulty, these quests often have elevated EXP and gold multipliers. For more information on World Boss raids, see the Raid Guide for more details.

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