Race Guide

This guide lists all of the different character races. The world of Solaris is home to many unique races. Some of these races come from other worlds, some from other dimensions, and others are simply native to planet Solaris. Races affect a character's physical appearance, world view, characteristics, and other strengths & weaknesses.

Available Races

Beastkin - Transmuted animals with sentience, these creatures are the hyper evolved descendants of the primitive beasts of Solaris. Beastkin have evolved from various species, and therefore come in different shapes, sizes, and body types.

Demon - Not everything that goes to the Afterplane stays in the Afterplane. Some tortured souls manage to escape to the physical plane, taking on twisted humanoid bodies that reflect the anguished spirit within.

Gorgon - Somewhat brutish and hulking in size, these gentle giants came to planet Solaris via spacial rifts from a distant world known as Gorgonia. The Gorgons always mean well and while some of them can be simple minded, they are actually very clever and intelligent beings.

Human - One of the most well known species that populates various worlds of most of the known multiverse, humans are all but average once they arrive on planet Solaris. Humans are some of the most resourceful beings on the planet.

Nu'Lath - A usually gentle and earthly race of beings who are literally walking, talking plant-like creatures. The Nu'Lath come in all shapes and sizes and the more humanoid Lathians are literally made up of tightly woven vines made into limbs.

Solarian - One of the native races of planet Solaris, these beings draw natural power from the binary star system of the galaxy. The Solarians are intelligent, powerful, and universally talented beings.

Unlockable Races (100+)

Ardana - Hailing from the distant south, the Ardana are enormous humanoids with white hair and pale or blue skin. The Ardana are a fierce force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They are mighty combatants with a diverse skillset.

Dragonkin - The soul of a majestic dragon, torn from its body in a ritual of the elements, and deposited into a recently deceased humanoid body. This mysterious race of beings travel the world attempting to blend in with various cultures in order to study and further their knowledge.

Guardian - Magically birthed from stone tablets in a secret location, the Guardians are a noble race of beings created by the first civilization of planet Solaris as protectors for their people. Guardians are exactly what their name implies.

Vegonian - Brutal and intelligent, Vegonians control most of the western hemisphere using their technological and militaristic strength. They rarely leave the Blasted Wastes, but when they do they are a force to be reckoned with.

Race Characteristics

Like class characteristics, racial characteristics are to be considered as loose guidelines and not restrictive in any way. Also, characteristics that grant some sort of capability/ability do not require that the player create a Custom Ability. These capabilities may be used on the fly during a battle or during a role-play session.

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