The Crimson Wilds

This region is the first to be explored by a group of Elyndrians who used a portal generator to reach planet Lunaris. Is is often considered as a starting zone for characters who wish to explore planet Lunaris. There are many mysterious creatures in the Crimson Wilds, and many of them seek to eat wary explorers. The plantlife in this region, as with most plantlife on planet Lunaris, is blood red in color... not green like what you might expect. The plants here are just as deadly as the creatures, many of them will poison, maim, or eat unsuspecting travelers who step near the wrong plant. Be careful.

  • Explorer's Landing - This freshly built base camp is located right in the middle of a dense red forest known as the Crimson Wilds. This is the location where Krauser Killener's portal generator opened a rift onto planet Lunaris for a group of explorers. This base camp is equipped with some supply shops, equipment shops, and is continually developed by Krauser's army of self-replicating mechanoids. This base camp became a home for the explorers in the mean time. The surrounding forest, the Crimson Wilds as they have come to be known, is believed to be extremely dangerous and has yet to be fully explored. (Notes: Documented by Krauser Killener)

    • Moonfire Tavern - This tavern is built entirely out of the red wood from the Crimson Wilds. It is designed to be very similar in layout to the famous Sunfire Tavern of Elyndaar City back on planet Solaris. Krauser thought such a familiar design would help his fellow explorers acclimate to the new world. This tavern shares many of the same drinks as the Sunfire Tavern, but the Mechanoid barkeeper has spiced things up with a new take on some of the drinks. When addressing the barkeeper Mechanoid, patrons are encouraged to refer to him as Wingnut. He is usually very friendly, but the new atmosphere of planet Lunaris has caused some minor internal corrosion to his circuits, which sometimes causes him to glitch out and scream profanities as his patrons. On a side note, many of the regulars of the tavern have come to find Wingnut's sudden and very random outburst highly amusing, so much so they encouraged Krauser not to fix him. (Notes: Documented by Krauser Killener)

    • Rusty's Shop - This shop is owned and operated by a friendly and humorous mechanoid by the name of Rusty. He's one of Krauser's oldest Mechanoids and is equipped with an experimental personality chip. This shop has goods and supplies for adventurers traveling into the Crimson Wilds and also carries some handy equipment. The shop is a small shack built with the wood of the crimson trees by Rusty himself. It is sturdily built but appears a bit sketchy from the outside. Patrons of Rusty's shop are warned not to stare at his significant corrosion problem. Rusty gets embarrassed easily when people stare at his corrosive condition. (Notes: Documented by Krauser Killener)

  • Blood Bogs - Deep within the Crimson Wilds, just south of the Explorer's Landing, there is a place known as the Blood Bogs. It is a murky place filled with a strange beauty. The waters of the swamp are said to hold a strange mystical power. What that power is, is up to interpretation. Most just find the area difficult to travel through. The flowers that grow on the trees might be used for some herbal remedies. A race of lizard like creatures call the Blood Bogs home, be wary for they can be quite mischevious. (Notes: Documented by Captain Rogers)

  • Gavdrek Temple - This is a temple built on Lunaris deep within a mountain side. The temple gates are old and is a heavy stone and steel structure. Once within the temple things get, a little strange. The gravity gets much lighter and the deeper in you go, the more the gravity shifts until you are walking upside down compared to when you entered the ancient ruins. If this was not bad enough old traps have been found within the ruins and dead travelers caught by said traps, left as nothing but bones through the passage of time. Not a lot is known about the deeper workings of the Gavdrek Temple, other than the old carvings and ancient drawings from long ago depicting beings of all shapes and sizes coming from the heavens wearing cloaks and wielding great power. (Notes: Documented by Captain Rogers)

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