Champion's Enclave

This is a secluded clearing deep inside the Osperian Forest. It is where Garr Fengalon has established a training ground for the warriors of planet Solaris. The area is an open valley surrounded by small cliffs, and the dense forest hides it well.

The valley is equipped with a training dojo near the far side that has been carefully built partially into the cliff wall. There are multiple training dummies located throughout the clearing in front of the shack. An entire obstacle course snakes around the inner wall of the cliffs.

Garr lives in a small shack on the west end of the valley. He will give any traveling Warriors the guidance they need. The area can easily be spotted from a distance as a trail of smoke from the chimney of the shack is always sneaking through the tree canopy. This location was documented by Garr Fengalon.

Garr's Grotto

This small shack is made of stacked stones and appears rather rugged-looking and tiny from the outside. Once inside it's a different story, however. The shack itself is actually just a small chamber that leads visitors to a long stairwell that travels down into the hillside.

At the bottom of the steps there is a large chamber about thirty feet in diameter that is filled with weapons of all shapes and sizes. An entryway in the back of the weapons chamber leads into a corridor that takes visitors deeper into the hillside and into Garr's actual home.

The inner chambers of the cavern-like home are equipped with various necessities such as a cookery, a bath house that is fed by the water of an underground spring, several bedrooms, and a couple of storage rooms.

At the very end of the main corridor there rest another thirty foot chamber that is equipped with a fireplace and meditation area. There are bookshelves that line this chamber from floor to ceiling. Garr is typically very friendly to his guests and likes to cook for his friends. This location was documented by Garr Fengalon.

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