Grand Osper Tree

This massive tree sits nearly twice as tall than any other Osper Tree far to the west of Elyndrel. Nearly 1,400 feet in height, the name of this tree is very misleading.

The tree is actually comprised of five Osper trees that intertwined and grew together as "one" tree, though it is unknown whether magic or nature pushed this tree to this incredible size.

The mangrove-like root system and the height in which the trees actually start intertwining provide for a large shelter underneath the tree. No other tree grows under its canopy which provides a field very lush with vegetation underneath.

A large stream that cuts the land from north to south actually runs under the tree. This area was documented by Drake Raven.

Druidic Ritual Grounds

This is the massive shelter underneath of the Grand Osper Tree and its roots. It is lit by green bio-luminescent plants that grow naturally under this tree, feeding off the nutrients of the Grand Osper Tree.

Symbols in an unknown language are seemingly drawn all around the shelter in another, but yellow bio-luminescent plant. There are also what appear to be large stone seats arranged around a center focal point.

This is the home of the druids and a place where their magic is more powerful. Technology has issues working properly while underneath the tree. This area was documented by Drake Raven.

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