Osperian Hanging Gardens

If one were to stand in the exact center of the Osperian Forest, and venture straight out in one of the four cardinal directions, they would be able to find one of these four areas that are hidden from view behind a vast network of intertwining vines, leaves, and flowers.

To most, the areas simply appear to be thick, impassible, brush that wards off many travelers due to the inconvenience of wrestling their way through, but to the curious and patient travelers, that take their time and push through the brush, they would find at the center, a haven of stone archways covering roughly four acres.

The archways reach up roughly twenty feet, and are covered in rare flowering plants from all over the Solaris, and there is a small aqueduct system running along the tops of the stone arches that is fed from an unknown source of water.

At the center of the gardens lays a simple ring of smaller stones that form a forty foot circle, and in the center is a single sprout that never seems to grow nor does it wither and die.

Travelers that do find themselves entering into the Hanging Gardens, find themselves strangely compelled to never approach the sprout, or question the source of the water.

Although the four gardens appear identical in structure, they possess different plant life from the regions of the planet in that direction. This area was documented by Scrios.

Northern Hanging Gardens

Not far from the edges of the vast Plains Region, this garden is covered with tall grasses and daisies, but it also possesses several large willow trees from the Swamps further north of the plains.

Although the garden is well lit and covered in various plant life. The gardens carry within its borders the mildew smell of the Swamp Region.

At the center of this garden is a forty foot circle of thick muddy ground that never seems to dry out, and the sprout, at the stone circles center, seems to shine bright green within its bed of black mud. This area was documented by Scrios.

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