World Leader Guide

Throughout the world of Solaris RPG there are many factions and civilizations spread across the land. These factions and civilizations need leaders, and that is what this guide is for. Below you will find a list of all the known World Leaders of Solaris RPG.

World Leaders of Solaris

Balthazar - Second-in-command of the Black Empire's armies, Balthazar is incredibly powerful and a man of few words. He takes care of his men, much to the dismay of Grey Fenrir. Balthazar was once an Avenger of the Celestial Order.

Dorn - The leader of a band of exiles who fled Ylelthaeus City during Black Empire's assault, Dorn is a mighty Swordmage who puts his people first and has no trouble burning bridges with past allies. He's got a strong heart, but he's stubborn.

Giran - The leader of Skyhold City, Giran Cloudstrider is a power Avian warrior who struggles to maintain control of his city against a council of his own Elders. When he tries to help his allies, he's often met with a coup when he returns home.

Grey - The leader of the entire Black Empire, it is believed that Grey takes his orders directly from Lord Bahumura. Grey is the backbone and glue of the entire empire. His people would probably bail out immediately if he lost control of them.

Kelthuron - The leader of the Thunderwing Brood of the Thunderwing Den in the Mountainous Region. Lord Kelthuron is thought to be just as powerful as Grey Fenrir, though he's so focused on rebuilding his own empire he stays out of the war.

Lothuron - Second-in-command to Lord Kelthuron, General Lothuron is like a brother to Kelthuron as well as a bodyguard. Many believe Lothuron is nearly an equal in power to Kelthuron. Lothuron is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Tillen - The leader of the seafaring folk of Captain Tillen's Harbor. Tillen is a boisterous but honorable man. He maintains a strictly neutral stance between the Black Empire and the Elyndrians as it's better for business that way.

Vishera - Third-in-command of the Black Empire's armies, Vishera is a cold-hearted ice queen who once tried to take control of the Black Empire but failed. Grey Fenrir promptly took control his queen and now she's forced to do whatever he desires.

Yasmine - The leader of the Yazmirians, Queen Yasmine was once an open leader who welcomed outsiders, after the fall of Ylelthaeus she became guarded and reclusive. Although she still provides assistance to the Elyndrians, she keeps her distance.

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