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Raven Guard ★★★★

Drake's trusty black metal armor, crafted by Krauser, is losing its edge. This new biotech upgrade ditches the outdated liquid tech for nimble nanites. They cloak Drake faster, offer dynamic protection, and shape-shift on command. The catch? You can't control them without NIC's help. Think ironclad chameleon, dependent on babysitting.

Notes: Armor, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Shadow Walk
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Rerek's Wand ★★★★

The hilt of his sword was all that was left except for shards of metal and ruby. Drake took the hilt and made the best of a bad situation. It is still tightly wrapped in dragon leather. Drake had the excess metal of the blade removed from the Dragonhead handguard and had his Chaos Jewel set into the mouth. This acts as a conduit for Drake's chaos powers, but he is relying less and less on it. The wand, like the sword, constantly makes a barrier around the user like a second skin, protecting the caster from extreme heat and cold environments.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Barrier, Soulbound, Summon, Indestructible
Boon: Dragon Lord's Blessing

XV34 Shield ★★★

Drake, the tech mastermind, packs a punch in a tiny 2.5-inch drone. This marvel splits apart, forming a powerful energy shield that guards against both physical and energy attacks. Twice per battle, it can activate an overload shield, taking a massive hit but losing protection for two rounds to recharge. While immobile, this drone, guided by Drake's advanced AID, becomes a formidable defensive partner.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible

M.A.I. Companion

Tiny titan, MAI, nestled in Drake's armor, rules his tech domain. Brains over brawn, this palm-sized marvel controls nanites, AID, and senses, keeping Drake a step ahead (and charmingly informed). Forget clunky bots, MAI's the ultimate control hub, fitting snug as a glove.

A.I.D. Gadget

Nestled within Drake's armor, the palm-sized MAI reigns as his brain trust. A mini tech titan, MAI wields advanced intelligence and a charming personality chip to control his upgraded nanites and AID, seamlessly melding with Drake's nervous system to absorb his senses and feed him intel. Think of him as Drake's tech-savvy sidekick, whispering nanite commands and keeping him a step ahead on any adventure. No clunky limbs, just pure processing power in a package small enough to fit in your pocket - meet MAI, the ultimate control hub that fits Drake like a glove.

V.S.C. Gadget

This impossibly tiny metallic Void Storage Cube is capable of storing ten additional pieces of gear for a character. It's exactly one-cubic-inch in size. The owner simply presses the surface of the cube in two key locations, tosses it on the ground, and it will expand into a large chest that opens into a pocket dimension. This is the same type of technology that allows the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City to shrink to such an impossibly small size.

Mage's Gambit Ability

This defensive move was developed mainly for and is strongest against those who are proficient with only physical or energy attacks. Once per battle, Drake can seemingly "block" a single attack, whether physical or energy in nature. This "block" will seem, even on Solaris, impossible, but this "block" is Drake using the balance within to redirect the attack. If Drake blocks a physical attack, the strength of the attack is added to Drake's next energy attack. If Drake blocks an energy attack, the strength of the attack is added to Drake's next physical attack. Most importantly, this ability allows Drake to pull off a seemingly impossible block against any attack. It also allows him to enhance his physical attack power with his enemies own power.

Chaos Supremacy Ability

A vortex of unseen Chaos swirls around Drake, his mastery so potent it saps the will of nearby foes, reducing their dodges and leaving them lightheaded and weak. Yet, for allies who share his chaotic dance, the air crackles with borrowed power, boosting their magic by half. This aura, Drake's to control, is a battlefield symphony - a pressure cooker for enemies, a power surge for friends. He stands, the eye of the storm, wielding the tempest with a master's touch.

Chaos Permeance Ability

When Drake releases control (Chaos Supremacy), Chaos energy seeps into every common and uncommon magic attack he makes regardless of type. This reduces the effectiveness of immunities and resistances to these certain magic types made by Drake by 50%. These attacks do not gain a damage increase from Chaos Supremacy.