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Scepter of Gluttony ★★★

Forged from the femur and skull of a fallen Solarian, the Scepter of Gluttony channels potent shadow magic. Runes twist across the bone handle, leading to the wide-fanged skull, which glows with purplish-black energy. Swung in combat, it bites deeply, stealing half the dealt damage as life force for the wielder. Whether wielded as a macabre club or conduit for dark magic, this relic embodies insatiable hunger.

Notes: Weapon/Relic, Ascended, Unique

Robes of the Damned ★★★

Stitched from the skin of devoured Solarians, the Robes of the Damned reek of death and dark magic. Runes carved into the stitched leather faintly glow with malevolent energy, echoing the restless souls bound within. This macabre armor amplifies the wearer's summoning abilities, allowing them to call upon the damned twice as quickly, at the cost of forever bearing the chilling touch of the devoured.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique

Bone Wall ★★★

The Bone Wall shield, crafted from Osperian wood and reinforced with Cie metal, boasts a chilling centerpiece: a Solarian's rib cage etched with potent runes. This macabre trophy not only grants protection, but also boasts the unique ability to "Negate" one attack of each type (physical, ranged, magical) per combat, turning defense into a strategic counteroffensive.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique

Crown of Fangs ★★★

Crafted from the razor-sharp canines of predators, the Crown of Fangs digs deep into the wearer's skull, its hidden runes promising power at a chilling price. Donning it cloaks the wearer in shadow, masking their true presence and power from even the most discerning eyes, but at the cost of forever bearing the bite of countless beasts.

Notes: Accessory, Ascended, Unique

Skull Bombs ★★★

Insatiable Hunger hurls skulls inscribed with magical runes and glyphs, each packed with shrapnel from past victims. These explode on impact, with the force capable of tearing through flesh even without direct contact. However, any mid-air bump sets them off prematurely, and they remain inert until released, preventing accidental detonation by targeting the pouch.

Notes: Ranged, Ascended, Unique

Devour Ability

With maw agape, Insatiable Hunger unleashes a swirling maelstrom of dark energy, draining the life force of any caught within. This magical assault not only cripples his foes but replenishes his insatiable hunger, feeding even on his Gluttony's Army, converting their remaining life force into his own twisted vitality.

Gluttony's Army Ability

From the depths of his being, Insatiable Hunger conjures forth a skeletal host, no more than six at a time. These shambling warriors serve as his unwavering guard, fiercely defending their master and dragging hapless victims to satisfy his insatiable hunger. No morbid offerings are needed for their summoning, yet each skeletal puppet takes a chilling moment to materialize, ready to obey their dark master's commands.

Glutton Commander Ability

Unlike his weaker skeletal minions, Insatiable Hunger can call upon a singular, elite bodyguard. This hulking undead warrior dwarfs its brethren in both size and strength, serving as an impenetrable shield rather than a mere attacker. However, its power comes at a cost – summoning such a formidable guardian takes a grueling two turns, leaving Insatiable Hunger momentarily vulnerable before his champion arrives.

Devour Essense Ability

In a chilling twist on his usual hunger, Insatiable Hunger unleashes Devour Essence, draining enemies not of life, but of their very being. This saps 25% of the target's primary attack strength for 3 turns, leaving them physically, mentally, and spiritually weakened, all while fulfilling his insatiable lust for power. Beware, for each essence devoured counts towards his ultimate hunger's awakening.

Shadow Born Undeath Ability

At the peak of his gluttony, having devoured six beings, Insatiable Hunger explodes in a surge of shadow energy. This pulse corrodes the living, draining their life force, while simultaneously bathing the undead in restorative energy, healing them to full strength. Even their abilities, depleted in the fight, are miraculously reset, turning the tide of battle in a dark display of power.

Glutton Undead Summon

Towering above their brethren with rib cages warped into makeshift cages, these skeletal giants serve not just as soldiers but as living prisons. These hulking undead retain the unnerving rattling and chattering of their kind, but their purpose is chillingly distinct: to capture the weakened (below 25% health). Caught in their grasp, victims find escape impossible until the cage is destroyed or dragged back to Insatiable Hunger, their fate hanging in the balance of the twisted monster's whim.

Glutton Commander Summon

Unlike its standard cage-wielding brethren, the Glutton Commander siphons life force directly from its captured prey. This hulking undead devours 5% of a trapped being's max health each turn, fueling its own twisted vitality. While offering the same capture mechanics - imprisonment for weakened foes until the cage breaks or reaches Insatiable Hunger - the Glutton Commander serves as a walking battery, draining captives not just of freedom, but of life itself.