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Pandemonium ★★★★

Through the ages one thing has always been a constant, the trusty sword of Krauser Killener. It was given to Krauser by Fenzon and it was passed to Fenzon by Deus Killener, Krauser's father. The entire weapon is constructed out of a single piece of exotic material of unknown origin. Some say the weapon is sentient, but only Krauser truly knows.

Notes: Weapon, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon
Boon: Dragon Lord's Blessing

Crimson Armor ★★★★

Passed down through the ages from one Killener to the next. Krauser redesigned the armor to make it very lightweight and stronger than ever. It is imbued with a material known as Quicksilver, which is nanite-infused liquid ciedium. This modification gave the armor the ability to cover his entire body in a metallic plating. When he doesn't need the armor, it transforms into a belt.

Notes: Armor, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Havoc ★★★

A red and black crystal ring carved straight from primordial material sourced straight from the Pandemonium Fortress. This ring was crafted from a sliver of material left behind after the fortress exploded. Krauser wears it to assist him with channeling magic.

Notes: Relic, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon

Crimson Shroud ★★★

This crimson shroud allows Krauser to Shadow Walk. The cloak is very light and is made of a very durable cloth-like material, much like the Crimson Vest that Krauser wears. It cannot be cut or burned and it protects him abnormal status effects like paralyzation, poisoning, and silencing.

Notes: Accessory, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon

Discord Bow ★★★

A ranged weapon manifested of pure energy. It can take the form of a bow, a thrown weapon, or other various types of projectile weapons. It usually appears in-hand as a mixture of red and black energy and takes form within an instant, ready to be used by Krauser however he desires.

Notes: Ranged, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon

Omnimorphic Barrier ★★★

Less a physical piece of gear and more a manifestation of his own energy, Krauser can raise a barrier made up entirely of energy. This barrier can take several unique forms, ranging in size from a gauntlet or buckler to a round shield or even tower shield. The barrier will construct itself to fit the need during combat, take a blow, and dematerialize until needed again.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon

The G.R.O. Mount

Short for Gigantic Robotic Osperian, the G.R.O. is a giant mechanical replica of an Osperian. The vehicle stands about twenty-five feet tall and weighs multiple tons. When someone is not inside of it at the controls it is fully autonomous and sentient. It is capable of transforming into various vehicles for travel purposes, such as a submarine, spaceship, land vehicle, or even a giant robotic bird.

Crimson Vest Clothing

Krauser always wears this crimson vest over his regular clothing; which almost always consist of a black long sleeve button up shirt and somewhat dressier black pants. This garment is made of a cloth-like material that is unyielding and lightweight. It has no other unique properties.

Mask of Deception Gadget

Krauser received this mask from a famous Zethan scientist of the planet Zetha Prime named Ariptor Stormdraven. This cover lets its wearer look and sound exactly like whoever they choose. It changes his form, so he seems to become that person. It is very lightweight, and its natural form is solid black until it's worn at which point it changes dramatically.

Uncanny Foresight Ability

Krauser has a certain knack for being one step ahead. He’s demonstrated his incredible foresight countless times in battle over the years. This ability enables Krauser to pull off a perfect dodge or deflect manuever. Krauser always seems to have a Plan B whether it's during combat or not.

Master Swordsman Ability

One of Krauser's greatest strengths is his swordsmanship. After training for decades, Krauser is a master swordsman. Krauser's swordsmanship is nearly unmatched across the land. Krauser cannot be disarmed during combat and he can summon his sword seemingly out of thin air.

Magical Constructs Ability

After becoming fluent in the magical arts, Krauser learned how to use magic to manifest physical objects made entirely of energy. Defensively and offensively, Krauser can form material objects such as simple tools or even highly advanced weapons and armor. His shield and bow are both examples of this.

Energy Augmentation Ability

Krauser has the ability to imbue his attacks with magic, directing the energy into his attacks with relative ease. When active, his melee strikes will take on the properties of his chosen magic type. This ability effectively combines his magical and physical attack power each time he uses it.

Incarnate Form Ability

Krauser transforms into his Incarnate form. This imbues all of his attack styles with his chosen energy type, combining his ranged or melee attack power with his magical attack power for an added boost. Krauser can only maintain this form for short periods.