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Ciedium UPS/C ★★★★

Odessa's Ciedium power pack, worn like a backpack, fuels her cybernetics and adapts energy types on the fly (with a 10% loss). Packed with adapters and salvaged tech, it also houses the Infoview 6000 and Distress Beacon, controlled through hidden panels in her forearms. A backpack of grit and ingenuity, fueling both Odessa and her hope for Solaris' revival.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Ode Mk III ★★★

Originally the “Quicksilver Armor” created and designed by Drake Raven in the Solaris Central Laboratories. Odessa has since tinkered with and modified it to better respond to her own bio-signature, as well as her cybernetic enhancements. It now interfaces with her cybernetics and takes bio readings, as well as detailed scans of her physical form to ensure a perfect tailored fit anytime it is deployed. An active camouflage has been installed.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Camouflage

Essa and Etta ★★★

Odessa hacked Drake's Quicksilver Blades, merging them with her cybernetics. Now, blades dance on her fingertips (razor-sharp Ciedium!), or morph into an armored fist with an 18-inch bite. Sync 'em up or go solo - these blades answer to her alone. No metal grip on freedom, just deadly grace in every form.

Notes: Weapon, Ascended, Unique

Hidden Knives ★★★

Odessa has taken her old throwing knives and given them an upgrade while also integrating them into her cyberware. Multiple hidden compartments on her cyberware now conceal her knives, using cie powered electromagnetics she is capable of shooting these out at will. Each of the knives also has a thin monowire attached to the back. Allowing her to reel them back in, or use them to lay traps. While the monowire is strong it is possible to be cut.

Notes: Ranged, Ascended, Unique

Soul Keeper ★★★

This belt originally made by Krauser, Drake, and Scrios to keep Odessa's soul from leaving her body. It nullifies the soul draining effects of the Afterplane which she is especially susceptible. She has further tweaked it to be sleek and fashionable.

Notes: Accessory, Ascended, Unique

Ode Mark VI ★★★

Odessa's cybernetic arms house the "Ode Mark VI," a pair of quicksilver bucklers built upon the Mark III tech. Independently activated, these custom-shaped shields prioritize maneuverability over size, maximizing protection through precise positioning despite their limited coverage. Despite the lengthy design process, they seamlessly integrate with her unique range of motion, offering reliable defense in the heat of battle.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique

Scrap Heap Companion

Odessa's bot shuffles on repurposed limbs, a loyal beast crafted from tech scraps and grit. Its basic AI follows simple commands, a tireless explorer yearning for the next upgrade under Odessa's tinkering touch. Work in progress? Always. Dog-like devotion? Unwavering. This pup's loyalty is forged in rust and oil, its bark a whirring symphony of salvaged dreams.

Enhanced Cybernetic Limbs Gadget

Odessa's cybernetic limbs defy limitations. They move like shadows, each joint a pirouette of precision. Arms twist, fingers sprout tools, wrists hide secrets: Infoview panel on the left, distress beacon on the right, both tucked behind discreet hatches. Legs stride and kneel with unnatural grace, thighs concealing hidden compartments. These aren't prosthetics; they're an evolution, a symphony of steel and ambition dancing to Odessa's tune.

Distress Beacon Gadget

The Distress Beacon, a compact cube with three colored buttons, links comrades across space. Green whispers a signal, red flares a distress call, and blue weaves a temporary shield, halving the force of a single attack. Teleport between beacon locations with a three-second green press, but only with a calm heart. Teleportation demands serenity, refusing to ignite in the fires of combat.

Infoview 6000 Gadget

Infoview 6000, a watch tracking five souls across Solaris. Holographic globe reveals maps, pinpoints locations, even spies cloaked in shadows. This guardian of knowledge whispers energy levels and breaches ninja's veils, powered by ancient stars and Ciedium's endless breath. Damage it, then worry. Until then, information flows, a map unfurled on your wrist.

Void Storage Cube Gadget

This impossibly tiny metallic cube is capable of storing ten additional pieces of gear for a character. It's exactly one-cubic-inch in size. The owner simply presses the surface of the cube in two key locations, tosses it on the ground, and it will expand into a large chest that opens into a pocket dimension. This is the same type of technology that allows the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City to shrink to such an impossibly small size.

Flagship “I.B.T.C.” Mount

Clawing its way from obscurity, Odessa's X-Class Mechanoid, IBTC, casts a colossal shadow. Twenty souls find sanctuary within its steel ribs, shielded from the galaxy's bite. This fortress on legs defies the void, defying even the Afterplane's soul-sucking embrace. Its cannons, slow and star-powered, shatter warships with righteous fury. But who wields this weapon? Odessa's silent uplink whispers control, yet a backup AI stirs, waiting for the day her grip falters. Is IBTC protector, pawn, or something far more chilling? Only the galaxy awaits to see its true allegiance.

Ciedium Cutter Ability

Five fiery fingers ignite from Odessa's hand, a welding tango melting even toughest metals. Non-metal flinches, resistance halved. Each sizzling bite deepens the wound, resistance crumbling 25% with every round. This isn't just cutting, it's carving a score of molten surrender.

Overclock Ability

Bypassing the normal limiters on her cybernetic limbs she is able to move faster, and hit harder for a limited amount of time. Provides +10% to Dodge and Physical Attack ratings.

Capacity Ability

Odessa has learned how to gather her energy and condense it. Allowing her to temporarily double her Magical Power for the next thing that she does. If it misses it is wasted.

Ciedium Wave Transmission Ability

Ciedium surges from Odessa, cooking nearby BTMs with overclocked fury. Within 200 yards, victims boil from the inside, while others face raw Ciedium burn, magic resistance slashed in half. No armor survives this heatstorm, only escape quenches the inferno.