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Dragon’s Bane ★★

Dragon's Bane, Raynar's spear whispers tales of dragonfire and mountain echoes. Once a ballista bolt, now a mighty hunter's grip, it boasts a battle-worn head and a young Osperian sapling for a haft - flexible for dance, not for block. At 15 feet, it's a titan's tool, demanding strength to unleash its true bite. Smaller souls beware: this beast feasts on dragons, not whispers.

Notes: Weapon, Exceptional, Unique

Dragon Scale Mail ★★

This suit of scale mail armor was made from the first dragon that Raynar slew up in the mountains. The Large hard scales were taken and shaped into the armor by his father when he returned home from his hunt. They bear his father’s maker’s mark upon the left collar.

Notes: Armor, Exceptional, Unique

Dragon Tooth Crown ★★

The teeth of Raynar’s first kill where also taken by his mother and fashioned into a circlet that he wears around today. The teeth are positioned to lay across his skull perfectly and hold themselves in place. This somewhat morbid hunting trophy has been used to harness and channel Rayanr’s magical energies.

Notes: Relic, Exceptional, Unique

Dragon Hide Shield ★★

The softer underbelly of a dragon is weaker but its hide is still quiet protective and when made into leather and stretched for form can create quiet a nice shield with a few extra large Scales reinforcing its exterior as well.

Notes: Shield, Exceptional, Unique

Slip Stream Ability

Wind whispers to Raynar, a constant caress at his back. It shields him from heat and cold, paints him dry in downpours, a silent guardian woven from air. And when he moves, it becomes a hurricane at his heels, propelling him with impossible speed, a dancer on blades of wind. +20% to hit and dodge, a storm's blessing for the one who dances with the gale.

Dragon Slayer Ability

Raynar leaps into the sky and comes down upon his enemy after a brief moment of hang time. The force of his jump and the weight behind his spear as he dives down into his enemy often leaves devastating results. While the move is called Dragon Slayer it is no more effective on a Dragon than anything else. Provides a 300% Physical Damage upon a direct hit, or Normal Damage against anything withing 10 feet of the impact.

Yasmine's Gift Ability

Raynar learned this ability when Queen Yasmine merged with him during the battle for Yazmir. When the queen entered Raynar's body he immediately learned about many of the things only the Queen knew. This ability allows Raynar to heal others, but not himself, during or after a battle for 100% of Raynar's Magic Attack power. This ability does not count toward Raynar's ability limit. Heals for 100% of Raynar's Magic Attack power.

Compression Ability

Raynar is capable of compressing and condensing the air into a near solid. It will have physical resistance against things trying to move through it such as projectiles, bodies, or any object. This can be used in numerous ways to either hinder an opponent or assist himself. Half of Raynar's MA is subtracted from an incoming attack's damage before resistance or armor. Reduces a targets Dodge by half while inside of a compressed air zone.

Storm Bringer Ability

Raynar alters the air in the surrounding area and creates a massive storm of his desire. It could be as simple as a lightning storm, a blizzard, or as bad as a full blown hurricane depending upon the environment that he is in. Can't create a sand storm unless he is in a place with enough sand, cant create a blizzard if the environment can't produce snow. He is most frequently seen creating Tornado's with its effect. Usable only once per battle triple MA, Can't be parried or blocked.