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Dagger of Cyn ★★★★

This dagger, only measures about two feet from the tip of the blade to the tip of the hilt. The blade, being forged at the same time as Scrios' main sword, possesses the same qualities as its brother weapon. Its handle though was carved from the bone of Cyn' Raths forearm, which is all that was left of his Earthly body.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Summon
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Forsaken Armor ★★★

Scrios' armor - a macabre symphony. Demon skull chestplate, laced with tanned demon flesh, danced with bone hand guards, spiked and savage. But battles carved their song, Ciedium and Quicksilver whispers echoing through reinforced plates, padded comfort replacing bare bone bite. This wasn't just protection, it was a testament to a warrior honed in the fires of war, the Afterplane's echo etched in steel and shadows.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: 10% Shadow Energy Protection, Summon, Featherlight

The Dying Oak ★★★

Just a simple, large, staff made from the oak tree that contained Scrios' soul for centuries. Measuring 6½ feet in length, the Demon is hardly ever seen without it, nor is Reig hardly seen not perching upon it. The top of the large staff curls into a large knot, that has been said to be as hard as stone, and all along the length of it are large swirled markings.

Notes: Relic, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Elemental Channeling, Summon

Blade of the Damned ★★★

Measuring about a foot wide at the base and slowly coming to a point at about 4½ feet long, this double edged sword has an unnaturally razor sharp edge and a foot long handle carved from the femur of a long dead foe, Cyn' Rath. This swords blade was forged from unknown metals and the dark magics of the 9th Circle of the Afterworld, and possesses a bluish hue that rolls along it, giving an icy appearance. It has an unnaturally razor sharp edge that leaves a festering wound in its victims, that will begin to spread if no care to it is given.

Notes: Weapon, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Summon

Ebony Aegis ★★★

Forged from the very essence of Scrios, the Deathlord, the Ebony Aegis is more than a shield; it's a testament to his dominion over the realm of the dead. Crafted from the fused bones of countless fallen souls, its surface writhes with the whispers of the tormented.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique

Baliarth Mount

An ancient dragon that had been dead a long time, was returned to this plane of existence by Scrios the Reaper of Souls. With a head that measures roughly eight'across, measured to the base of his horns, and a pair of horns that stretch out five more feet, this dragon was a rather smaller one from its day. Forced under the command of the Demon Scrios, Baliarth glows with a bright green hue behind his eyes and within his ribcage, and when he goes to spit fire it erupts in a glorious jade blaze.

Reig Companion

Scrios' raven companion, a centuries-old relic of his oak-bound imprisonment. A fused soul link grants Scrios sight through the bird's opaque eye, forever bound by their shared darkness. Though battle-shy, the raven serves as a chilling omen of Scrios' approach, a shadow forever etched against the sky.

Cloak of Armory Clothing

Appearing to be a simple large black cloak, this piece of clothing grants Scrios access to a hidden portal where in which all his items are stored. The portal is only large enough to pull his items out and can only be accessed by him.

Aura of Decay Ability

As a being associated with decay, Scrios long ago developed an aura that would cause the living things around him to wither and die. All though it will not kill them, this aura can leave them in a very weakened state, and any armor or weapons they possess will quickly begin to corrode if they continue to remain in the Demons presence, forcing some warriors to engage him from a range that they may not be at all comfortable with. This ability is constantly active to a range of five feet. It deals 10% Magic Power damage.

Rapture Ability

Giving him his name, this ability allows Scrios to lash out at his victim’s very soul. He attacks their being, usually while either he is severely weakened or they are, by latching his self onto their body, bypassing all armor, and literally begins consuming their soul. This ability leeches 20% of victims health per round. Aura of Decay increases to 20% Magic Power damage and bypasses all resistances.

Army of Darkness Ability

Using his vast knowledge of Necromancy, Scrios opens a portal to the Infernal Chasm within the Afterplane and unleashes a wave of undead creatures that relentlessly attack his victim or victims until either called off or they are themselves sent back to the Afterplane. All summoned undead creatures are basic fighter types. Scrios can create one creature up to 50% MP in strength or 20 creatures at 5% MP in strength.

Last Rights Ability

When within the presence of weaker minds, or the dying, Scrios can invade his victims mind and unleash a torrent of images. These images can be either good in nature as if to soothe a dying comrade or they could be a horrible nightmare meant to torment the victim before death. The ability can also be used in battle to provide Scrios a momentary break from combat and allow him to dodge an attack. This is an instant cast ability that stuns victims for two rounds.

Circle of Death Ability

Scrios rips open the ground, summoning a churning vortex of shadow 60 feet wide. This Maw of Shadows rots flesh with horrifying speed and crumbles non-magical treasures to dust, leaving victims stunned and hallucinating for five rounds. A desperate last stand, draining Scrios dry and leaving him vulnerable during casting, but worth the price for the double-whammy of magic damage it unleashes. Used wisely, it can only devour once per battle. This ability cuts all enemy HP in half, unless it's a boss, in which case it reduces it by 25%.