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Twig of the Guardian ★★★★

This wand is quite literally a small twig from one of the branches of the mighty Nu'Titan, Vardtrad. It is only about ten inches in overall length and very narrow with a bit of a spiral twisted into it. The magical capacity of this simple twig makes it an incredible wand for focusing some powerful magical spells through. This wand has the ability encase all of the wielder's allies in a cocoon of vines for two rounds during combat, though it can only do this once per battle. This makes any encased ally invulnerable to any and all damage for a brief period of time.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon
Boon: The Guardian's Blessing

Druid Haori ★★★

Zidala wears the whispers of the Grand Osper Tree. Living fibers, woven into dark green haori and flowing pants, pulse with potent defense. This Druidic garb strengthens on instinct, a verdant shield ever-present, ever-regenerating. More potent in its native land, it hums with the Osperian magic that flows through Zidala's veins.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon, Shadow Walk, Comfort

Derwijus ★★

The Grand Osper's gift blooms in Zidala's grasp. This six-foot staff, alive with ancient magic, hums with amplified healing when wielded in its native land. Etched wood, white and dark, shrinks to a foot for ease, while any battle scar vanishes with a touch. Beyond Osper's borders, its power sleeps, awaiting homecoming.

Notes: Weapon, Exceptional, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon, Elemental

Verdant Rejuvenation Ability

Zidala weaves life's melody, mending wounds on allies around her. A verdant aura, vibrant as her spirit, blooms as she channels her essence. Distant, focused touch restores, each pulse fueled by relic power. The more seasoned, the stronger the song, harmonizing life where shadows dared to linger.

Mother's Embrace Ability

Verdant embrace! Zidala binds an ally in living armor, a thorny caress that deflects 10% of harm. Pulses of vine-borne healing bloom within, a 10% relic power boost while the embrace endures. A shield and balm, woven for one in dire need.

Spell Preservation Ability

Just as Zidala's magic can preserve and reinforce the life of an ally, she can also preserve and reinforce their spells. Utility spell that boosts the duration and area of effect by 50%. A spell does not have to both attributes to be targeted.

Genesis Ability

From Lord Kelthuron's heart, a gift blooms: Genesis. One touch, and mind, body, soul mend, reborn stronger than before. Scars of battle vanish, weariness fades, abilities reset. A champion renewed, ready to face destiny's embrace.This ability completely restores the target to full health, regardless of the condition of the individual prior to the spell. It also restores the target's fatigue that was caused by the fight and resets all abilities used during the battle.

The Grove Keeper Ability

Zidala channels Solaris' emerald energy to mend the fallen. This potent magic heals wounds, regrows limbs, and even resurrects the recently deceased, but at a cost. Each life restored weakens the effect, and a two-turn shield shatters with the first act of aggression.