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Across the vast expanse of Solaris RPG, a diverse array of individuals has carved their names into history, leaving an indelible mark on the world. These notable inhabitants, each with their own unique stories and contributions, enrich the tapestry of Solaris RPG, breathing life into its vibrant regions and cultures. From the bustling metropolises to the remote corners of the wilderness, these individuals have shaped the world around them through their actions, wisdom, and unwavering spirit.

Osperian Forest

Arngrim Schwartz
Arngrim Schwartz, a former soldier of Queen Vishera, joined the Elyndrians during the Battle for Explorer's Landing. He now lives a quiet life in Elyndaar City as the bartender of the Sunfire Tavern, striving to build trust with the Elyndrians while fearing for his family's safety in Aufeis Village.

Norven Nelbright
Norven Nelbright is a shady character who always seems to need something. He is a skilled manipulator and has amassed a criminal empire in Valen City. Norven was exiled from Elyndaar City until the Awakened destroyed Valen City. He was mutated into a plague-ridden Knight but stopped by Drake and Krauser. Norven's mutated form is now locked away in the Arena.

Sirak Cloudstrider
Sirak, a curious avian from the now destroyed Skyhold City, escaped to Elyndaar City to learn more about the world. He is now exploring the city and seeking new knowledge. Sirak is a kind soul with a heart of gold.

Vincent, a Solaris City security drone, was stranded in orbit for 10,293 years after being attacked by warriors Oobu and Grey. He was rescued and rebuilt by Krauser Killener, who reprogrammed him to protect the remaining inhabitants of Solaris from Grey Fenrir and other dangers. Vincent built a device to traverse time and returned to his duties as a protector of the Elyndrian people.

Xenovius, a mysterious half-Vegonian warrior, defended Elyndaar City from Vegonian marauders, earning his place as an Elyndrian. He leads a quiet life, but his history and power make him a valuable ally.

Endless Plains

Ignius Flagonius
Ignius Flagonius is an energetic and naive cartographer who enjoys exploring the world and marking down every detail, even if it means going down dangerous paths. He has found himself in tight places and had to fight his way out against hostile creatures. He is excited to meet new people and learn about the world, but is often lacking in proper etiquette. He currently explores the Endless Plains.

Skyhold Mountains

General Lothuron
Lothuron is Lord Kelthuron's right hand, a red dragon accepted into the bronze Thunderwing brood for selflessly defending the Dragon's Den. He is a mighty warrior and powerful wielder of fire magic, and currently defends the new Thunderwing Lair. He plans to raise a new army and lead them into glorious battle.

Lord Kelthuron
Kelthuron, leader of the Thunderwing dragons, traveled back in time with his brother and consort to rebuild the brood. He resides in a secret location, valuing all life and using teleportation magic to protect his people.

Malaki, an adopted orphan with mysterious origins, became a bard after his parents were killed. He is a kind and gentle soul who seeks to live a peaceful life, but his ninja training has given him an edge in case of trouble.

Zola Draconus
Zola Draconus, once a normal boy, was transformed into a dragonkin by a wounded dragon. His appearance changed, he developed magical powers, and he inherited the dragon's memories and emotions. Zola's village initially feared him, but they eventually accepted him. Now 18, Zola is determined to become stronger and more powerful.

Xhan Tarn

Captain Rogers
Captain "Jolly" Rogers was obsessed with finding Davy Jones' Locker, believing it held more than people assumed. After ten years of searching, his crew mutinied and strapped him to a cannon, firing him into the sea. He thought he was dead, but instead fell through a glowing blue portal and landed on Xhan Tarn beach.

Captain Tillen
Captain Tillen is a legendary figure who returned to the past with the Elyndrians. He is a neutral ally to all factions, and his harbor city is a haven for people of all races and species. Visitors are warned to mind their business, as the Captain has a brigade of soldiers and sailors at his disposal. However, he is an honorable man who values honesty and hard work.

Edward Deschain
Edward Deschain wakes up on a strange beach, missing his right pinky and ring finger, and part of his palm. A creature bites off the heel of his boot, but Edward escapes. He looks around, trying to make sense of his surroundings, and wonders how his hand miraculously healed. He sees buildings in the distance and realizes he's near a harbor. He approaches two fishermen, asking them where they are.

Kali Dragool
Kali, a vampire, was on Solaris before and after the second Flux. She tried to cure her bloodlust and avenge her clan. Fearing a darker side, she now spends her time hunting, but her hunger is getting stronger.

Terra Black
Terra Black, a fiendish Halfling from the Chaotic Realm, is skilled in grappling and enjoys using any weapon she can find. Despite her demonic heritage, she still has compassion and love in her mind.

Wren Black
Wren Black, born on Solaris, was raised in a temple run by a potion maker, healer, and priest. She was drawn to healing, following in her father's and grandfather's footsteps. Despite her klutziness, she became skilled, earning the nickname "klutzy healer" from her friends.

Darkmire Swamp

Janza, a wizard, was often teased by the other children of Sertsa. She studied at the temple, which was full of healers, and wanted to improve her magic. During an attack on the temple, she discovered a book that would help her achieve her goals.

Marius, a witness to his mother's murder at the age of two, was raised by the assassin Mar'Hin and trained in the art of killing. He later struck out on his own, seeking new opportunities.

Sylvix was born in the swamps of Solaris and orphaned by Tulvarians and a Pantherian. He survived and was gifted with the power to control vines by Mother Solaris. He seeks balance of the scales.

Zenatory, a powerful being once free to roam Gorgonia, was locked away in the dying Gorgon child. After breaking free, he was defeated by Krauser Killener and imprisoned in a new body in the Central Laboratories. This body is perfect for casting destructive spells, and Zenatory is eager to test its power in battle.

Hinterfall Jungle

Velora Dawn
Once a sorceress seeking knowledge and power, Velora Dawn became a formidable fire mage but felt something was missing. She later traveled to the Frozen Region, where she learned ice magic. After the Black Empire fell, she now aids the armies of Korbgrad City.

Kazarial Desert

Grey Fenrir
Grey Fenrir, a corrupted Vegonian general, traveled back in time to give his people the means to control Solaris and destroy everyone else. He and Bahumura influenced many destructive events and including the destruction of Elyndrel Village. They then fled to the ancient timeline to corrupt Vegonaar and conquer Solaris.

Dormuzahn Isles

Alenia Killener
Alenia is an enchantress from Earth Realm who is now a powerful Shadow Magic wielder after stumbling into the Void Realm. She has come to terms with the fact that she will never be able to return home and now teaches the children of other Voidwalkers stuck on Lodoros. She is a kind and loving person, but can be vicious if necessary. She lives in a cabin on a hill near Eidos Village, which she built herself using her magic. She recently married Krauser Killener.

The World's Edge

Leanna Iceborne
Leanna Iceborne, a powerful enchantress, awoke in the World's Edge region and vowed to protect its inhabitants. She rescued orphaned Ardanian children and resurrected their families. She now resides in Aufeis, helping its residents and warriors from creatures like the assassins.

Queen Vishera
Queen Vishera was the consort of Lord Kelthuron of the Thunderwings. For a Dragonkin she is young although still over three thousand years old. As with Lord Kelthuron, Vishera was born thousands of years in a future timeline and came back in time during an event known as The Undoing.

Raised in a small fishing village, Ragnud became a ruthless and brutal warrior, raiding the northern coastlines and earning the recognition of the Ruathar. After honing his skills under their banner, he was sent out into the world to find better villages to raid and expand Vishera's reach.


Dune Glyder
Dune Glyder is a mysterious Beastkin who has been on Solaris for a very long time. He is mischievous and has many secrets. He cannot speak and has bat-like wings, a flexible exoskeleton, large ears, and large eyes.

A Mechanoid similar to Rusty, built by Krauser Killener. Wingnut is stationed as the bartender of the Moonfire Tavern of Explorer's Landing on Lunaris. Wingnut is a Mechanoid of few words, unlike Rusty. He steers clear of conflict and keeps a very low profile.

The Afterplane

Azmodeus is a mysterious entity who shows up in Elyndaar City once a year during the Month of the Dead. He has a pumpkin head and enjoys scaring the citizens, but he never seems to do any real harm. He is defeated by throwing pumpkin heads at him, and he drops a bag of gold coins when defeated.

Balthazar Silverberg
Balthazar Silverberg, once a mighty warrior, became an undead commander of Grey Fenrir and the Black Empire. He is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and was driven by Grey's corruption. After an honorable death in battle, Balthazar's soul ascended and became an Angel, he returned to Solaris to assist in the defeat of the Black Empire. He then disappeared and is now searching the Infernal Chasm for an ancient artifact. He seems unnaturally powerful, and many demons fear him.

Deimos, a powerful Demon in the Afterplane, was defeated by Scrios and sent to the Infernal Chasm, but escaped. Corrupted by the Dark Avatar, he became a Shadowborne Demon, but was defeated again and sent back to the Chasm. Rid of the corruption, Deimos is now less wild, can speak Common Tongue, and acts like a normal Demon. He is being guided and helped by Azmodeus.

Girak Luhia
After the Second Flux and The Undoing, Girak Luhia, a simple avian cleric, rebuilt the avian race. He brought satchels of avian eggs to a cavern in the mountains near the old Xhan Tarn beach area, and started their civilization over from scratch. Girak single-handedly restored the avian race, which eventually built Skyhold City. Unfortunately, Skyhold City was later decimated by the Dark Avatar. Girak died of old age long before that however, and luckily never had to see his beloved society fall.

Planet Gorgonia

Darkclaw, a Beastkin bounty hunter and an exceptional melee fighter who will capture or kill anyone, if the price is right. He is a mysterious and stern figure, but has a sense of humor. His goals are uncertain, but he seems content as long as he has a warm place to sleep and a full satchel of gold. Darkclaw is close allies with the Elyndrians and currently resides in Pathfinder Point. He aids in rebuilding after the Dark Avatar's attacks.

Fetor is a pot-bellied gorgon banished from Gorgonia for his unique and foul battle tactics. He uses bile and filth as weapons, and no one wants to be around him. Now on Solaris, Fetor seeks a home among the brimstone and places normal folks would not dare live. He hopes to find a place where he belongs.

Gremlock's long-lost brother Hemlock was ripped through a rift and hurled through time and space. He landed in the village of Elyndrel. A mysterious voice spoke to him from the darkness.

The Void Realm

Chief Milama
Tek Milama, the 107-year-old Chief of the Baskarians, is a wise and respected leader. He is known for his ability to answer any question and his commitment to peace and balance in the Void Realm. When the Dark Avatar arrived at Baskar Island with his army, Chief Milama used his Shadow Magic to decimate half of the army and damage the Dark Avatar himself. The Dark Avatar fled, and his ship was seen disappearing into the Void Realm.

Tuk Milama
Tuk, the spirited grandson of Chief Milama, is a prodigy in ranged combat, effortlessly wielding bow and arrow with unmatched precision. His prowess is matched only by his playful nature, as he delights in weaving harmless pranks that leave smiles in his wake. Tuk's heart overflows with selflessness, making him a beacon of unwavering loyalty. He would courageously face any peril without hesitation, shielding his loved ones from harm.

The Wildlands

Kora Nightblade
Kora Nightblade, an Elyndrian assassin, is one of Krauser Killener's best kept secrets. She's quiet, often works alone, and has a high kill count against Black Empire scum. She's often seen at the Hidden Encampment in the Wildlands.

Rusty the Mechanoid
Rusty is a friendly caretaker of the Pathfinder Encampment in the Wildlands, upgraded with a humanoid form by Krauser Killener. He is powered by Ciedium Ore and offers support to Elyndrians with gear, protection, food, and other supplies. Rusty is known for his last-second saves, swooping in with supplies or defending his friends in his mech suit. He will stop at nothing to help.

The World Below

Garr Fengalon
Garr, the elder half-brother of Krauser Killener, is a retired Grand Champion of the Elyndaar City Arena. He now aids the Elyndrians when needed. A steadfast ally and valuable asset during difficult times, Garr is also known for his generosity, giving all but his basic needs to the less fortunate. He is currently aiding the Elyndrians and traveled with them deep into the World Below.

Tyvel's steadfast companion and confidante, Kelvynia, possessed an unwavering loyalty that transcended the allure of Queen Yasmine's schemings. With unwavering resolve, Kelvynia guided Tyvel towards the Elyndrians, a noble alliance dedicated to thwarting Yasmine's tyrannical reign. Together, Kelvynia and Tyvel pledged their allegiance to Zidala, the druid who had inherited Vardtrad's mantle of power.

Queen Yasmine
Queen Yasmine, once a revered Grovekin monarch, succumbed to corruption after venturing into the enigmatic World Below. Her transformation sparked a devastating assault on Solaris, leaving a trail of destruction and unanswered questions. Her fate and the purpose of the World Below remain shrouded in mystery, haunting the planet's inhabitants.

Tyvel, once a loyal soldier of Queen Yasmine, served as her personal guard and advisor. Though harboring doubts about Yasmine's actions, Tyvel remained loyal, obeying her commands. But after the Elyndrians' victory over Vardtrad, Tyvel's loyalty shifted. Disillusioned by Yasmine's tyranny, Tyvel and his comrades joined Zidala's benevolent rule. Zidala's ascension to the throne offered hope, promising an end to Yasmine's reign.