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This section covers all types of known magic. These forces represent the different types of energies that the characters of Solaris have learned to control over the years. The magical forces we have listed below are the most common; though there are hundreds of forces that are obscure or negligible enough not to be found here.


Air magic is a potent form of magic, capable of both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Its users can control the air, creating powerful gusts, disorienting sound waves, and impenetrable barriers. This versatility makes air magic an invaluable asset for any caster, proving its effectiveness in both combat and non-combat scenarios.


Chaos magic, a raw and potent form of energy, manifests as a swirling vortex of red and black. Its destructive power warps and corrupts other energies, leaving victims dazed and confused. While its allure lies in its transformative potential, its unpredictable nature and devastating effects demand caution and preparation from practitioners. Those drawn to chaos magic must weigh the risks carefully, for it is a tool that demands respect and caution.


Ciedium magic is a potent and destructive magic harnessed from a rare deep-planet metal. Exclusively utilized by machines and cyborgs, it appears as a radiant combination of silver, metallic, and bronze hues. Its immense power and inherent dangers demand respect and caution from its wielders.


Divine magic, a potent healing force often mistaken for holy magic, emanates as a soothing silver or bluish light. Its numbing effect, valuable in medicine, can also slow foes and invigorate allies. Its versatility makes it a prized asset for healers and warriors alike.


Earthen magic, a potent and versatile force, harnesses the power of the planet's depths. It can crush foes, erect fortifications, and manipulate the landscape, serving as a formidable weapon and a valuable tool for construction and agriculture. Its duality demands wise stewardship from those who wield it.


Fire magic, a potent and feared force, unleashes the fiery depths of destruction. Often employed in battle to incinerate foes and ignite devastating infernos, it draws its power from intense passion or rage, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled user. While fire may not be the most prevalent element, its association with power and destruction has earned it a place among the most popular forms of magic.


Gravity magic, a unique and potent force, grants its wielders control over gravity's formidable grip. From crippling foes with immense g-forces to manipulating the very fabric of spacetime, gravity magic knows no bounds. Its versatility and power demand cautious stewardship from those who command it.


Ice magic, a versatile and potent force, commands the power of ice, snow, and hail. Its defensive prowess manifests as protective walls and slippery terrains, while its offensive capabilities unleash sharp shards of ice and chilling freezes. A common manifestation of elemental creatures, ice magic demands respect and wisdom from its wielders.


Lightning magic, a potent and versatile force, unleashes the raw power of electricity, stunning, paralyzing, or even obliterating foes with its electrifying strikes. Its ability to harness and channel energy makes it a formidable weapon in the hands of skilled and experienced wielders.


Nature magic, a potent and versatile force, harmonizes with the natural world, allowing its wielders to influence plants, animals, and the very essence of life. Favored by wood-dwelling races, this magic of harmony and longevity fosters a deep connection to the healing power of the natural world.


Shadow magic is a versatile and powerful tool. Its reputation has been tarnished by the Black Empire, a malevolent entity that exploited shadow magic for conquest. However, this dark legacy does not define shadow magic's true nature. Shadow magic can be used to manipulate shadows and darkness to create a variety of offensive effects. Shadow magic can also be used to create defensive barriers or shields to protect oneself or others.


Water magic, a potent and versatile force, harnesses the very essence of life, allowing its wielders to control water in its myriad forms. From healing the sick to creating illusions and traversing time, water magic's versatility knows no bounds. However, its power demands responsible stewardship, for it can be used for great good or grave destruction.