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Magic Guide

This section covers all types of known magic. These forces represent the different types of energies that the characters of Solaris have learned to control over the years. The magical forces we have listed below are the most common; though there are hundreds of forces that are obscure or negligible enough not to be found here.

Air Magic

Striking and dynamic, Air Magic is incredibly useful to those who can wield it properly. Users throughout history have been said to "move like the wind" and often blast their enemies into oblivion with powerful gusts of wind. Whether it is the wind pushed around by the atmospheric pressures or sound waves emanating from a source of noise, air is the medium by which this magic must survive, much like its namesake. Records indicate a vast range of uses for this magic include both offensive and defensive techniques, mainly as a way to manipulate movement and position on the battlefield.

Chaos Magic

Often manifested as a swirling mixture of red and black, Chaos Magic often appears very volatile and explosive. It is considered to be one of the infamous Prime Energies of the Nomaverse. Some believe that the original state of the Nomaverse was entirely made up of Chaos Magic. Throughout history, Chaos Magic was feared by many, especially those on the receiving end of a disruptive blast. Besides its utterly destructive properties, being struck by Chaos Magic has the effect to bend and contort other mystical and technological forces surrounding the affected, reducing such boons to ashes. It often leaves those struck by it dazed and confused as it can disrupt communication between electrical signals in the victim's brain.

Ciedium Magic

A powerful magic created by a somewhat rare deep-planet metal. It is used by various technologies of Solaris and mechanoids. Ciedium Magic is shockingly powerful and destructive. Under the right pressure, mixed with the proper reagents and with the aid of the BTMs, the metal can become the most reactive and volatile substances in all of time and space. Properly contained, a Ciedium-powered chain reaction has a power output that cannot be measured. Ciedium Magic visibly appears as a bland collection of earthy browns and tans with a touch of bronze. Only machines and cyborgs are capable of utilizing this type of energy; this makes it very rare. However, as a dominant force allowed to exist solely due to the help of the BTMs, it fits the prerequisite of being a feared and respected magic.

Divine Magic

Used by healers for many centuries, Divine Magic provides benefits to healing spells and is often seen as a beacon of hope for many. Divine Magic users are some of the best healers to have on your side during a battle. Often mistaken as a “Holy Magic,” Divine Magic usually takes on a silver and sometimes bluish color when it is created. Divine Magic has a numbing effect, both physically and mentally, which likely led it to be the first used in medicine due to its sedating effect and euphoric mental “high” making patient more receptive to treatment. In battle, this effect can cause an opponent to slow his movements and make it harder to swing a weapon or accurately aim at his opponents. This magic can also make allies feel pumped and numb to pain temporarily.

Earthen Magic

Strong and often crushingly powerful, Earthen Magic can be very devastating on the battlefield. Throughout history Earthen Magic users have crushed entire groups of enemies at once by forcing the earth to fold onto itself, smashing everything stuck in the middle. It may be used in many ways. Earthen Magic composes the dirt and soil all the way down to the core of the planet. Its power as a magical force is often underestimated if one forgets one with excellent control over it commands the ground on which we all tread.

Fire Magic

Easily one of the most destructive of the magical forces, Fire Magic may be used in many ways. Most Fire Magic users wield the flame with either passion or rage to fuel their attacks. Throughout history Fire Magic has been one of the most feared forces due to the sheer pain and destruction it is capable of causing. While it is far from the most prevalent in nature, fire is often considered to be the most popular element, as it has a certain aura of power associated with it that doesn’t exist with some of the more “ambient” forces.

Gravity Magic

Gravity Magic users throughout history have been very crafty in their use of the element, some of them able to cripple their opponents by focusing extreme downward g-force upon them. Gravity Magic is typically considered to be a somewhat unique magical force. It is a rather strange magic as it is most commonly described as the magic of “physics.” Its users are capable of manipulating gravity, inertia, and momentum to varying degrees, the most powerful of them capable of stopping entire armies.

Ice Magic

A very versatile magical force as ice may be used in many ways. Ice Magic users typically strike their enemies fast and hard. Ice Magic is very useful in both defense and offense. In general science terms, ice is just frozen water, the same element in different states. That is both true and an overgeneralization, but one that has done much to discredit the integrity of Ice Magic throughout the history of Solaris and elsewhere. Regarding magical combat, however, ice and water could hardly be more different. It is also one of the most common manifestations of elementally-based creatures.

Lightning Magic

Sharp and swift, Lightning Magic wielders are brutally quick and often use their power to stun their enemies, completely paralyze them, or just blast them into oblivion with sheer power. Skilled users have even been known to scramble their nerve endings to stop the pain. Lightning is the closest of all the worldly elements to cross the line from an elemental force into the dimension of an energy force.

Nature Magic

Mature Magic is typically favored by those in tune with nature and the animals of the wilderness. Nature Magic users throughout history have often used this element to influence animals and plants in nature to help them in various ways. Nature Magic is a favored among the wood-dwelling races as it is known as the element of life. Those who dedicate themselves to this magic of harmony and longevity have been known to be more receptive to accepting the healing power of the other forces.

Shadow Magic

Once thought of as dark and evil magic, the discovery of Lodoros Isle shed new light on the history of Shadow Magic. The god-like being known as Onu'rah the Wise enlightened the Elyndrians with a far more open-minded outlook on the powerful magic. Unlike previous teachings and beliefs, it turns out Shadow Magic does not originate from the dark lord, Bahumura. It is primordial magic that existed even before Bahumura fell from grace. With the help and teaching of the Voidwalkers and Onu'rah, anyone can use Shadow Magic without sacrificing their soul or making dark deals with Bahumura. Shadow Magic is powerful, capable, and useful, not pure evil as believed. It should not be associated with evil at all. Unfortunately, its image has been forever tainted by the Black Empire.

Water Magic

Water is the basis of life. Many mammals, including sentient humanoid populations, are composed almost entirely of water, and so a member of an element-based race that is attuned to water shows the most anatomical similarity to members of other races. Due to a humanoid’s composition, Water Magic might be the easiest magical force to master. Water Magic users have often been a feared foe, and a stable supply of them has been a strict policy for armies, especially when they are going to need to engage in naval combat.