Zen's Shop of Horrors

Welcome to the shop of Zenatory located in the Roshema Ruins of the Swamp Region. Zenatory has wide assortment of enchantments available. The store has a built-in self-service kiosk that accepts gold for the equipment sold here. Please note, all equipment and services are listed by category and then by price.

Enchantments for Sale

Aqua Strider

Usually placed on clothing items, this enchant allows the user to treat the surface of the water as a solid surface. He can choose to forgo this at any time and pass through the surface of the water like normal. With this enchant, a person could walk, lie down, or do flips across the water. He can even climb out of water that he is already submerged in, using the surface as a ledge to climb up on. This enchant gives the owner no bonus against water-based attacks or abilities.

● Type: Enchantment

Shadow Walk

Usually placed on clothing items, this enchantment allows the user to step into the darkness of a shadow and out of another one in a different location. Shadow Walk may only be used to move around in a single area and not to move from one area to another. This enchantment cannot be used in battle. This enchantment is primarily used to spice up role-playing sessions for those characters who like to sneak around in the darkness, it's purpose is mostly cosmetic.

● Type: Enchantment

Family Curse

This enchantment places a curse on an item, weapon, or armor that prevents those unrelated to the owner from using it properly. Any non-family member treats weapons as improvised, receives no defensive properties from armor or shields, and cannot activate any functions of items or potions (other than using one as a paperweight). Even telekinesis or other non-physical contact is impossible if the owner is in any way touching or wielding the item. Like runes, an item with this curse is unable to be taken off of a character if defeated in battle; however, unlike runes, these items may be recovered from a character that has been permanently killed. In this case, the curse will remain bound to the previous owner. The enchanter can remove this enchantment for the same cost as adding the enchantment, but only if the previous owner is deceased.

● Type: Enchantment


This enchantment allows the user to summon the item instantly from any location, no matter how far away it is, even if it resides in a different dimension. Weapons summoned in this fashion can appear either in-hand or sheathed and armors summoned in this fashion can appear equipped, if desired, based on the user's discretion at the time of the summoning. A huge benefit to this is having the ability to parry an attack without actually having the weapon in hand until the last second. This requires no concentration and is not a force effect, so it can be done while distracted or prevented from making force attacks. Summoning an item can be used as many times as desired, at will, and multiple items can be summoned simultaneously (assuming they are all Summon items).

● Type: Enchantment


This enchantment prevents any item from being destroyed by any means, regardless of the material used to make it. It is a very powerful enchantment that has been proven to make some legendary weapons and armors last for thousands of years, far longer than their owners. This enchant makes the item immune to the effects of Cie energy. 

● Type: Enchantment

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