Zola's Mystic Emporium

Welcome to the shop of Zola Draconus located in the Market District of Elyndaar City. Zola has wide assortment of enchantments available. The store has a built-in self-service kiosk that accepts gold for the equipment sold here. Please note, all equipment and services are listed by category and then by price.

Enchantments for Sale


When applied to a set of clothing it will keep the wearer completely comfortable no matter the external temperature. As well as making the clothes immune to natural weather conditions except for the most extreme weather (hurricane, tornado, etc..)

● Type: Enchantment

Elemental Charge

While some believe this to be just Elemental Embrace this is more the warrior's version. Charging their weapon with an elemental type of their choosing changing the full amount of damage from physical to the elemental. It can be turned on and off by the wielder by taking a turn to concentrate. Does not affect spellcasting at all.

● Type: Enchantment

Elemental Protection

This enchantment when placed upon a suit of armor reduces the effectiveness of one type element by 10%.

● Type: Enchantment

Elemental Embrace

This enchantment when placed upon a staff or weapon to channel magic increases the energy's potential of the proper element. This is seen in making effects last longer than normal usually by one turn. Also changing the weapons base damage into Half physical, and half elemental.

● Type: Enchantment

Elemental Channeling

This enchantment when placed upon a Staff to channel magic increases the magical effect of the spells that match the element it is imbued to channel. This increases the duration of spells by two turns or can reduce the time to cast by two turns.

● Type: Enchantment

Water Breathing

This enchantment allows the user to breathe underwater as if he was just breathing normal air.

● Type: Enchantment

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