Cracking Skulls

"Pathetic fools... get to work!! I don't have time for this nonsense." The angry voice of the Vegonian Korbash echoed over the cries and whines of about thirty human slaves. He was a towering, hulk of a Vegonian and his appearance was almost as monsterous as his personality.

As you wandered by the slave pens at the southern end of Vegonaar City you catch the attention of Master Korbash. He immediately calls you over and grabs you by the arm, slapping his whip into the palm of your hand. "Take care of this! I have other things to attend too." He growled.

You look down at your hand, staring at the whip. As an Imperial, you figure there's a first time for everything, right? Rearing back with the whip, you lash a half naked human man across the back, instantly rending his thin flesh open, all the way to the muscle tissue below the surface. He screams in agony, and you feel inclined to do it again.

"Good, good... maybe there is hope for you yet." Korbash growled in your ear as you strike the man pathetic man again. "Get them all back to work by the time I get back and I'll give you the best slaver whip I have!" Korbash chuckled as he headed off to probably beat someone to death.

Will you continue torturing the slaves, or not?

Quest Rewards

For completing this quest you will receive the Slaver's Lashing Whip. In order to receive the axe your session must be at least 750 words long.

Vegonian Slaver's Whip - ★★★

A high quality leather whip fitted with a series of razor sharp blades down the entire length of it. This whip was received as a reward for completing the work of Korbash the Slaver. It's seen a lot of action over the years and is stained almost entirely blood-red.

‚óŹ Type: Weapon, Class: Heavy, Quality: Exceptional

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