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Race Description

These large humanoids, typically coming from the Frozen Region, possess very pale or bluish hued skin with bright white hair which helps their race blend into the ice and snow in which they typically reside. The Ardanian people are very strong and capable warriors as well as merchants. They are usually seen wielding simple weapons and armor, due to their harsh living conditions, but the Ardanian are also very adept at wielding ice related magics. Some have recently been found adventuring north of their usual raiding coastlines and into the Northern Hemispheres, to establish settlements. Whether these settlements are being established to further expand Vishera's hold or for the Ardanian to escape it is unknown, but to meet them on the battlefield is usually a bad experience.

Not much is known about the Ardanian civilizations, but deep within the ice of the Frozen Region lies a vast network of caves and tunnels housing their villages. The hearty, ice dwelling, people that reside here are rarely understood or studied, but what little is known leads many to believe that they are only interested in raiding the coastal villages of the southern hemisphere on Planet Solaris. If one were to gain their trust or respect, and venture into their society, they would find that many of the Aufeisians are craftsman, traders, and hunters first, and that their raiding lifestyle is only out of necessity. Their worship of the Dragon Queen Vishera and their scarce landscape has lead them to venturing out into the world, not only to steal treasures for their queen but to also gain knowledge of new technologies or access to supplies.

The strongest warriors in Aufesian society have banded together and formed the Ruathar. These warriors are the more violent raiding party that strike fear into the hearts of coastal villages, when their ships appear on the horizon. Their sails have patchwork designs of Vishera's visage colorfully displayed in their center, and they will stop at nothing to please her. Ruathar wholeheartedly devote their existence to Vishera, and treat her as the living goddess that she is. Their ranks are filled with various experts in battle, ranging from archers and foot soldiers, to wizards and clerics. Thought of throughout the Aufesian people as zealots, these people are not one to approach with ideas of attacking Vishera.

Racial Strengths

The Ardanian are born in the ice and spend their entire life surrounded by it, carving their homes from it, and wielding it with great efficiency. This lifestyle has left them greatly immune to the damages caused by the magic, causing any attacks from Ice magic to be reduced to 25% damage.

Racial Weaknesses

Having been surrounded by ice their entire life has left the Ardanian weak to fire. When struck by Fire magic, the Ardanian actually receive an extra 25% damage from the attack.

Racial Capabilities

Bloodrage - Ardanians are very aggressive on the battlefield, and all are able to go into a bloodrage when receiving a fatal wound. After the final blow has been dealt to an Ardanian, he will rise up and continue fighting for two additional rounds.

Ice Affinity - Ardanians naturally receive 50% less damage from ice-based magical attacks. However, they take 25% more damage from fire-based attacks.

Racial Characteristics

  • Ardanians are fierce warriors efficient with multiple forms of weaponry

  • Experts at sailing, the Ardanian spend most of their life on the sea, pillaging the coastlines of Solaris, but some are able to find success as traders

  • With their reputation preceding them, their brutal tactics and history have led most villagers to stay clear of them when they find themselves in the Ardanian presence

  • A large amount of Ardanians have found easy employment as mercenarys and bodyguards, which has led to a spread of their culture into further reaches of Solaris

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