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Race Description

Gorgons are very tall and muscular creatures that are known most for the brute strength, and brute thinking. Their home planet of Gorgonia is rather warm and almost 72% of the planet’s surface is made up of forests and almost everything else is oceans. In the adolescent stage of the planet, almost all races, including the gorgons, were peaceful herbivores. Most could describe them as being big, harmless teddy bears; massive but having a soft heart. There were some conflicts between races or even amongst each other over things like territory and their religions based around their elemental spirits, but in general, it was a utopia.

After many millennia, the planet became more and more hostile with the introduction of travelers and conquerors from other worlds, attempting to raze the land to make it more hospitable to them or capture and enslave many of the races of the land, including the dumb, brutish gorgons, who were for the longest time thought to be an animal, and not a sentient race. Probably more destructive than any of the above were the introduction of the Krosaa, a hostile and deadly creature – whether it came to Gorgonia or evolved from other species on the planet is unknown to this day.

The Gorgons were the greatest in the resistance to protect their homeland. They started training fighters and learning to use weapons and armor, like the invaders. Their massive power was more than enough to beat back their opponents and scare others from trying to settle there. The countless wars for their freedom and against the Krosaa devastated their planet and caused the destruction of Kalamar, their greatest and most beloved city. If it weren’t for their allies, the Kraton and the Ponton, then they might have lost even more.

But in fighting these invaders and monsters, the gorgons have become the very thing they have sworn to defend their planet against. They are forever changed from their days as peace-loving and leisurely worshiping their elemental spirits. Thousands of years of war have changed them forever.

Despite everything, there are many gorgons that would like to go back to the way things were, before peace was overshadowed by aggression. There are still those that cling to the ancient elemental spirits and choose to devote themselves to their teachings even though most prefer martial combat. Most of those gorgons are not very good with light weapons, preferring to wield great clubs or axes rather than a flimsy sword. Gorgon weaponry would seem outlandish to most, from their sophisticated triple-bladed axes to more mundane maces that consist of little more than sharpened steel spikes lodged into a truck of a tree.

Racial Strengths

Gorgons are a hearty race. Their physical strength and endurance allows them to be able to do amazing feats. For example a Gorgon can run for incredibly long distances (hundreds of miles at a time) without becoming winded. A Gorgon can also take a serious beating for a lot longer than most other races before showing any signs of fatigue.

Racial Weaknesses

Unfortunately, Gorgons aren't the sharpest creatures. Oftentimes Gorgons are seen as big lumbering oafs that mean well, but frequently frustrate those around them with their sluggish thinking. It's not that they are stupid, it's more so a physical limitation in their brains. Gorgons literally think slower than other races, sort of like a sloth that moves slower than other creatures. Over an extended period of time a Gorgon can become a very intelligent member of society, but he'll always be hindered by his slow thinking process.

Racial Capabilities

Fearless - Gorgons are completely immune to fear tactics, this may be due to their slower thought process, or simply due to the fact that they are used to being at the top of the food chain.

Meat Shield - Gorgons naturally have a heightened vitality, which gives them extra HP above many other races. They make great tanks in battle, due to this trait.

Racial Characteristics

  • Physically strong and resilient, this trait often aids them in battle

  • Often seen as lumbering oafs, many other races underestimate their true intelligence

  • Often seen wielding enormous weapons (battle axes, huge swords... entire trees)

  • Very dedicated to a chosen profession, their creations are often sought after due to quality

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