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Race Description

The first of the non-natives to make their way to Solaris, humans have quickly spread and thrived in the rough environment. Their survivability is thanks in large part to the Bio-Tech Microbes (BTMs) that instantly flood the body as soon as it enters Solaris's atmosphere.

Even on Solaris, humans have retained their standard appearance. Their hair color ranges from blond to black to red, and their skin can be light, dark, or anywhere in between. Peculiarly, some humans have noticed a change in eye color upon arriving on Solaris; whether it's due to the BTMs or the environment is still uncertain.

In one word, humans are adaptable. They are fast learners, quickly picking up new languages and fighting styles. They learn from their experiences and put that knowledge to use in future situations. They are also determined, and tend to brace themselves against a difficult situation even if the wise decision would be to retreat. Do not mistake this courage for simplicity. Humans have a history of beings underdogs, making others think they're down and out even as they're drawing on their hidden reserves of strength. A single human can turn the tide of a battle, if the enemy is foolish enough to overlook his or her potential.

Due to their variety, humans are capable of learning nearly any job class with an astounding aptitude. Their temperament changes from person to person, making it tough to predict what to expect upon meeting an unknown Human.

Racial Strengths

Out of all the non-native races, Humans are the quickest to adapt by far. It seems the nanobots (BTMs) who hyper-evolve every creature on Solaris really like humans the most. Unlike all other races, humans gain Custom Ability slots much quicker than others. It takes them half the time to learn new custom abilities as it does other races.

Racial Weaknesses

Humans may not be the strongest, toughest, or fastest race on planet Solaris but they have other perks. Humans are not native to planet Solaris, usually arriving through rifts from Earth Realm at random. Their most defining traits however are their adaptability, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Humans often arrive on planet Solaris completely overwhelmed by their experience and sudden arrival on a new world. They are often looked upon as frail and weak by the other humanoid races of Solaris.

Racial Capabilities

Adaptability - Humans are a very versatile and adaptable species. This enables them to unlock ability slots much quicker than all other races. Humans gain a new custom ability at levels 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, and an extra ability at 100. This allows them to have one more ability over all othe races.

Escapist - This allows a human to easily escape any abilities or other mechanisms that would prevent them from moving for a period of time. A human cannot be trapped easily due to this ability.

Racial Characteristics

  • Often underestimated, yet extremely adaptable and resourceful

  • Very capable in any role or class on the battlefield

  • Often able to find ways around their shortcomings to get an advantage

  • Frequently seen as outsiders in the various societies and cultures

  • Very capable magic users, especially with the elemental forces

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