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Race Description

The Nu'Lath are a plant race as old as the planet of Solaris. Recently discovered for the first time by any other being, not much is known about them. The core of their body appears to be a small root that would fit in the size of a humans hand. The core of a Nu'Lath is their most important part, but it's not a weak point at all. If completely destroyed the core will die, but otherwise if cut in half or more the smaller sections will die off and the largest portion left will rebuild the rest through regeneration.

The core can grow thousands of tiny vines from itself which can all grow out to form a larger mass, like a body, or shape. When in a humanoid shape or form their bodies are made up of thousands of intertwined and tightly woven vines. No matter what form they take they never actually look like the being they take the form of, this is because they cannot grow an outer shell such as skin, their bodies will appear similar in shape but thousands of the tiny interwoven vines and greenery are all visible throughout the body. They can take the form of massive plants and trees and they can also control non-Nu'Lath plant life around them.

After the first reading of a Nu'Lath was taken by a scanner, it appeared to the scanner as just more plant life like any other. This is probably the reason that the Nu'Lath were never discovered. Besides being very secretive about their origins, it seems to be against the Nu'Lath's law to be seen by any other beings at all. They are watchers and caretakers of the land. After the scanners had been calibrated to find the strange plant life over the entire globe of Solaris, the scanners in Elyndaar City immediately discovered that their weren't just thousands of these creatures living across the planet, there were billions.

It seems that not all Nu'Lath are as developed as others and they can literally live for millions of years, and they can live in just about any area on the face of the planet. They were quickly discovered living in the forest and even the desert areas of the planet, then the oceans were scanned... Strangely enough, the oceans of Solaris is actually where the most part of the creatures seem to strive.

The Nu'Lath are highly adaptable to nearly any condition, and even when they're bodies are consumed completely by flames they burn so slowly that they can still do their business and manage to put themselves out later on. They are a highly intelligent race, their bodies can vary in size and shape, but their core root is always similar in some way. The more powerful Nu'Lath can actually take a large form, their bodies can turn into massive figures of woven vines and their strength is nearly unmatched by any other race. This form is normally called a Titan.

Even though the Titan bodies are so huge they are tremendously quick on the feet, very agile, and amazingly strong and powerful. When speaking the Titan's voice sounds very deep, sometimes actually deep and powerful enough to shake the ground around them. Their words are usually long and drawn out and they usually tend to stick with one or two words at a time. They don't prefer to communicate with other races and they hardly ever speak. Overall the Nu'Lath are a very mysterious race and many things are still being discovered about them.

Racial Strengths

The Nu'Lath are literally one with nature, in fact they embody nature. Due to this fact, every Nu'Lath is automatically at an advantage while fighting any other race in the forest regions of planet Solaris. For one, a Nu'Lath can plant roots if something is about to strike him and knock him backwards. This is nearly an automatic reaction. Another advantage the Nu'Lath have over other races is that they can literally talk to and communicate with any creatures of Solaris, including other plants. Animals and other creatures of Solaris simply will not attack a Nu'Lath unless he attacks it first.

Racial Weaknesses

The unfortunate downside to being a Nu'Lath is that they are incredibly weak against the fire magic. Being that they are plant-based beings, fire burns and destroys them quite easily. They are also not very fond of the lightning element, because it can lead to fire. On the other hand, if struck by the water element a Nu'Lath will gain in strength. It's literally like watering a flower, although tremendously powerful water-based attacks will still damage them.

Racial Capabilities

Photosynthesis - When a Nu'Lath's body is in contact with direct sunlight he can easily regrow missing limbs during a battle. Some Nu'Lathians will impale their enemies with arm-spikes during combat, snap them off, and then grow a replacement. This may be done repeatedly during combat, as long as the sun is out. This ability also increases their physical attack power by 10% while they fight in the light of day.

Plant Roots - A Nu'Lath is capable of planting roots during combat, this increases their defenses by 25% for five rounds, but they are unable to move during that time. After planting roots they often encase themselves in vines and foilage. While roots are planted firmly in good soil, they regain 10% of their HP every round until uprooted. This effectively restores 50% of their HP, but they can only do it once per battle.

Racial Characteristics

  • Capable of communicating with other plant life as well influencing it

  • Weak against fire and lightning magic, often terrified of open flames

  • Highly adaptable and incredibly wise, often seen as scholarly

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