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Race Guide

This section covers all the different character races. Planet Solaris is home to many unique races. Some of these races come from other worlds, some from other dimensions, and others are simply native to the planet Solaris. Races affect a character's physical appearance, worldview, characteristics, and other strengths and weaknesses.

The Angel

Many believe the Angels are beings created by the High Creator himself, Noma. It is said the most exceptional souls are taken from the Afterplane and selected to be Angels. These carefully chosen souls are thoroughly tested throughout a series of intense trials. If deemed worthy, the best souls will ascend to a new level of existence, as Angel. Angels who arrive on planet Solaris usually do so to fight against a specific evil afflicting the land. Most Angels don't stick around for long. They serve a purpose and leave soon after. Angels all take the form of winged humanoids, looking like any other Solarian or Human for the most part, albeit with wings. The vast majority of Angels look and dress like everyone else, and some of them are capable of hiding their wings entirely. Angels who are reborn from a previous being will look just like they did in their previous life, minus any corruption or mechanical parts.

The Ardanian

The Ardanians are an otherworldly race of pale or sometimes blue-skinned humanoids. They are not native to planet Solaris. Some Ardanians ended up on Solaris after their leader made a pact with a powerful sorcerer on their icy homeworld of planet Ardanor. The details of this pact are lost to time, but a large group of Ardanian warriors was transported to Solaris by this sorcerer, who did not go with them. Lost in a new world with no leader, the Ardanians wound up in an icy region of planet Solaris known as the World’s Edge. They are quite large and often barbaric in their ways. Many Ardanians wear heavy armor and carry heavy weapons such as an ax, hammer, or club. While most Ardanians are large in stature, the runts of the litter usually become spell casters or ranged warriors.

The Beastkin

Many ages ago the Builders released several devices into the upper atmosphere of planet Solaris. These devices detonated in the skies all around planet Solaris releasing untold numbers of nanites. The nanites were designed by the Builders to seek out all life and improve upon it. Some call this process hyper-evolution. The Beastkin of planet Solaris are one of the first byproducts of this experiment. Many of the natural creatures of the land became enhanced to the point they became humanoid, learned Common Tongue, and developed unique societies around the world. The Beastkin are one of the earliest races to rise, but due to being so diverse no particular sub-species of Beastkin claimed any real power. Due to having hyper-evolved from many various species of animal, the Beastkin of Solaris come in all shapes and sizes. While the great majority walk upright like other humanoids, some of them maintained more animalistic features.

The Demon

Demons have existed since the beginning of creation. In actuality, these nightmarish creatures first existed as a byproduct of creation. The original Demons initially surfaced in the Afterplane and were born in the Infernal Chasm. How they became self-aware is a mystery. They escape the Infernal Chasm, wreak havoc in the Afterplane, and eventually wind up in the physical realm of Solaris to destroy the lives of the living. Demons come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances. They may look human or they may look like a demonic aberration. While almost all Demons are evil souls, some are surprisingly laid back and the opposite of what one might expect of a being born of pure hatred and malice. There have been a few instances of Demon beings who choose to regain some of their humanity and help Elyndrians... but most of them are just assholes looking for instant gratification and power.

The Dragonkin

The Dragonkin comes in several varieties. The most powerful Dragonkin are capable of transforming into a near-human appearance. Some Dragonkin look more draconic, having scales, wings, and a tail. Basically the form of a humanoid dragon. Others might even have two arms and four legs with a tail. Dragonkin hyper-evolution took many turns over the ages, but all of these forms are considered Dragonkin. The most powerful Dragonkin are capable of shapeshifting from a near-human appearance to that of a dragon. Some can only do this briefly while others can maintain their dragon form indefinitely. The Dragonkin of Solaris are from a future timeline and only exist in the present because they were assisted by the Elyndrians in the future. The largest Dragonkin brood are the Thunderwings of Skyhold Mountain. The Thunderwings are led by Lord Kelthuron.

The Gorgon

Gorgons are a non-native species to planet Solaris. While they are not from Solaris, their origin isn't quite as dramatic as that of the Humans. Gorgons come from planet Gorgonia, which is located in the same solar system as planet Solaris. It's not all that far from planet Solaris. While standing on the surface of planet Solaris, you can see planet Gorgonia in the distance with the naked eye. The Gorgons who traveled to planet Solaris utilized various methods, usually magic to get there. They are very tall and muscular creatures that are known most for their brute strength, and brute thinking. When they put their mind to something, they follow through with it absolutely until the task is complete. If their task is to destroy an enemy, they will stop at nothing until they complete the job... unless they die of course, but Gorgons are notoriously hard to kill on the battlefield.

The Grovekin

The Grovekin are believed to be one of the eldest races on planet Solaris. Many believe the first Grovekin evolved from natural plant life before the Builders released nanites into the atmosphere and forced hyper-evolution across the entire planet. The Grovekin are one of the largest species and thrive in nearly every region of planet Solaris. They now call the Wildlands their new home. Grovekin often have a humanoid shape but are made up of plant parts such as interwoven vines and roots. Some are more evolved and some are less evolved, however. Some Grovekin has been discovered who look humanoid with green skin, these Grovekin are the most evolved. Other Grovekin may appear more plantlike. Some of them may look like walking, talking toadstools, and others may resemble trees that have developed arms and legs and walk and talk.

The Guardian

The original Guardians came from an alternate timeline. Those we know today were brought back 30,000 years from the future by Krauser Killener and Garr Fengalon. All Guardians are birthed from large stone tablets which are hung on the walls of the Guardian Caverns located in Skyhold Mountain. While these beings have an interesting and complex history in Solaris, the new Guardians are a rare and scattered bunch. New Guardians are rarely summoned from the stone as the need for them has declined. A Guardian without a specific duty usually leads a lonely and unfulfilling life, so they are only summoned from the tablets when there is a specific need for them to exist. Guardians have sexually reproduced and hatched from enormous eggs. Guardians have many different forms as they are carved from stone tablets they can technically be molded into anything.

The Human

Humans who appear on planet Solaris often come from alternate dimensions, usually a variant of Earth Realm. They arrive from all different timelines and various tiers of reality. Humans are often referred to as Rift Jumpers because they often arrive by falling through a dimensional rift. At least eight of ten humans who wind up on planet Solaris have arrived via a rift, and usually have no idea how they arrived. Many think they've died and arrived in some form of the Afterlife, but this is not the case at all. Humans vary wildly in size, weight, height, hair color general features but for the most part, they are one of the most widely recognized races of planet Solaris. All the native races can spot a human from a mile away. Once a human becomes a seasoned warrior, however, look out, because many of them become experts at their chosen class and or trades.

The Solarian

The Solarians are the most well-known race on planet Solaris. They are the native race of the world, believed to have been created by the maker himself, Dakon the Builder. The Solarians are one of the most highly evolved species on the planet, born to live and thrive on Solaris. They soak in the radiation from the binary stars, Alpha and Omega, and flourish because of it. The Solarians have existed on planet Solaris for untold ages and life began for them during the time of the First Civilization. Solarians are the only race who walked side-by-side with the original Builders of planet Solaris. The Solarians look very similar to Humans in physical appearance. They have all the same physical characteristics as Humans and they come in all shapes and sizes. One striking difference, however, is when a Solarian manipulates the magical forces of Solaris their skin can become slightly transparent to the point the energy is visibly seen coursing through their body.

The Vegonian

The origins of the Vegonians are shrouded in mystery. The commonly accepted theory of their origin is that a large tribe of Solarians was manipulated by Grey Fenrir many eons ago. They were encouraged to follow the dark lord, Bahumura, and accept his "gift" which was a corruptive type of Shadow Magic. This mutated the tribe of Solarians into a new race of beings known as the Vegonians. Their skin color changed, often to a dark shade of red, gray, or even blue and they began to grow fangs and a set of horns atop their head. Some Vegonians became so afflicted by the taint of Bahumura that their physical form twisted even more so, making them unrecognizable as a Solarian at all. Because of this, some Vegonians are often mistaken as Demons. After the fall of Vegonaar City, the Vegonians built a new society in the Kazarial Region. They no longer enslave other races and they seem to be genuinely concerned with changing their image to the other races of planet Solaris. In recent years it seems as though the tainted Vegonians are starting to revert into Solarians.