Solaris Central Laboratories

This structure was once an ancient laboratory designed and built by a group of the First Civilization known only as the Circle of Arc tens of thousands of years ago. In Post Second Flux times of the future it was discovered and claimed by Krauser Killener as his own research facility and laboratory.

This was once a very mysterious place, but after Krauser reclaimed it and cleaned up a few thousand years of dust it is actually a very mesmerizing place to visit. Various pieces of technology from all eras of Solarian history are located here.

It is most likely the largest laboratory on the planet, considering it was once quite the secret. Over the years it has been the host of various major events in Krauser's history, from being the place where he was genetically crafted and implanted into the egg of a Guardian, to the place where he defeated one of his most powerful enemies... Bahumura.

It was also the place where his son, Hauer Killener, was accidentally launched thousands of years into the past. After an event known as The Undoing took place, it is now the epicenter for all of Krauser's needs as a scientist of Solaris.

It is a highly secured facility, and full of hidden wonders. Using the same technology as the Arena in Elyndrel Village, it has the ability to shrink its entire mass into a small cube-like structure.

Krauser used this feature to save it during an event known as "The Undoing" and recently restructured the lab in the new world. This location was documented by Krauser Killener.

Aquatic Labs (Surface Level)

The first level of the laboratory is mysterious and foreboding. Visitors find themselves traveling into a long dark corridor that opens up into a massive chamber with some glowing blue orbs lining the walls.

These orbs appear to be exactly like those in the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City. Whether or not they behave in the same manner is uncertain. There are some interesting sights to behold in this main chamber.

Before visitors enter through a massive metal doorway, they will no doubt discover various aquatic creatures in multiple aquariums lining the walls. The are multiple computer terminals and displays lining the walls in this main room.

Security turrets lead up to the door way in the back of the chamber as well. If visitors are allowed to enter, the door opens, and a blinding white light fills the entire room. The corridor beyond the main entryway is blindingly white and leads straight back into the heart of the laboratory.

At the end of this white hallway, visitors will find a large white chamber with a sliding metal doorway that leads into a massive elevator. Visitors may choose to either go to the upper levels or down into the depths of the ancient laboratory. This location was documented by Krauser Killener.

The Observatory (Top Level)

The top level, directly above the Surface Level, is a massive observatory. It is equipped with multiple telescopes, for viewing not only the areas surrounding the Broken Isles but the sky and space as well.

There are star maps on this level, a communications array, whose purpose is uncertain at this point, and many other gadgets and gizmos. One of the most interesting aspects of this level is a three-dimensional model of the Solaris solar system.

This model shows planet Solaris in extreme detail, planetoid Lunaris, the binary stars Alpha and Omega, and several other planets that have yet to be mapped out. One world appears to be an enormous gas giant with multiple super massive storms raging on its surface.

There are three additional planets, much smaller than planet Solaris, beyond the massive gas giant. The names of the outer planets are all written in Ancient Solarian. This location was documented by Krauser Killener.

The Eco-Dome (3rd Sub-Level)

The Eco-Dome level is enormous, and it resides approximately two miles below the surface of planet Solaris. This chamber was built entirely by Krauser's army of specialized Mechanoids over an uncertain period.

The massive room is equipped with its very own, unique, ecosystem. Creatures and other beings exist here that have never seen the surface of planet Solaris. Is it home to several species of unique hyper-evolved beastkin and a hyper-evolved species of Nu'Lathian nature-folk who have never ventured out into the real world.

The regional environments within the Eco-Dome range from a desert-like zone, very similar to the Kazarial Region on the surface, a dense jungle zone very similar to the Hinterlands, and even a frozen zone that is very akin to the Frozen Region.

The Eco-Dome spans several miles in every direction and is fully equipped with an environmental system that simulates the real world weather systems almost entirely. Visitors are warned not to venture too far into the Eco-Dome because there are many hidden dangers.

Some of the creatures who live in this level are very aggressive and don't take kindly to outsiders. This location was documented by Krauser Killener.

Biotechnology Labs (17th Sub-Level)

Far below the surface of planet Solaris, on the 17th sub-level of the Solaris Central Laboratories resides one of Krauser Killener's favorite laboratories, the Biotech Labs.

This particular lab is filled to the brim with equipment designed to handle genetic experimentation, gene splicing, implants, genetic remapping, and other mad-scientist level widgets and gizmos. Krauser has used the technology of this laboratory to change the species of one creature to something else entirely.

He's assisted various inhabitants of planet Solaris in altering their DNA. Krauser even uses mind bending technology to completely remap the neural pathways to change Wizards into Warriors, or whatever else they might choose to become.

Why train in a particular field for years when you could master a new class in a few moments? Risky, perhaps, though Krauser prides himself on creating a backup of anyone who steps into his machines, just in case. This location was documented by Krauser Killener.

Nanotechnology Labs (244th Sub-Level)

Far, far below the surface of planet Solaris on the 244th sub-level of the laboratories resides the Nanotechnology Laboratories. The reason it was built so far below the surface was due to the solar radiation from the twin suns having a negative effect Krauser's experiments.

This lab was built to study the nanobots left behind by the Builders. Krauser studies how the nanobots are able to hyperevolve any living or non-living matter to improve it. Regardless or how or why, the nanobots are programmed to improve anything they come into contact with over time.

This lab has been used to deconstruct some of the original nanobots produced by the Builders, reprogram them, and rebuild them. Krauser then used the new nanobots to create his own new race of beastkin in one of the upper levels known as the Bio-Dome.

The new breed of beastkin come in several unique varieties, unlike any surface-world beastkin. These beastkin are one of Krauser's quiet little secrets, although he surely has many more secrets lurking in the labs. It's not often he allows others to enter this sub-level.

The Vault (??? Sub-Level)

Somewhere far below the surface of the planet, at the very bottom of the Solaris Central Laboratories, there resides a vault like no other. This massive chamber is only accessible by elevator.

The Vault is one of the most secure locations on planet Solaris. It cannot be teleported or rifted into by technology or magic. The elevator will not proceed to this level without Krauser Killener inside and will not budge with any other entity who might be catching a ride with him in secret.

The Vault is home to many mysteries and priceless treasures. Everything from objects of incredible power to simple sentimental baubles important to only Krauser himself are stored in here.

The Vault utilizes special "pocket dimension" technology that locks each item stored within it into its own void-like dimension which is only accessible through the pedestal at the center of the chamber.

Krauser is more than happy to store things here for his allies, and retrieve them when asked, completely free of charge. There are many objects of incredible power here including treasures from the Thunderwing Brood, Garr Fengalon, and Zola the Earthen Mage.

It is very likely the ancient Book of Solaris itself is stored somewhere in this vault, in secret. Krauser swore it destroyed, but no one in their right mind would destroy such a priceless and powerful object, would they?

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