Grove of Yazmir

After the destruction of the Mother Tree, Ylelthaeus, Princess Yasmine and her remaining people fled the tree-city only to lose their humanoid form and become a bunch of trees in a magical grove. Unlike her brothers and sisters however, the Princess was special. Instead of simply transforming into an inanimate tree like the rest of the Nu'Lathians, Princess Yasmine instead transformed into the bud of a new Mother Tree, Yazmir.

The Grove of Yazmir is now home to a select few beastkin, those who didn't flee with Dorn, and a new breed of Nu'Lathian plant-folk called the Yazmirians. These new plant-folk are still learning the ways of the world and unlike their predecessors seem very naive to the dangers of the world. Yazmir Village surrounds the new Mother Tree sapling and the beastkin who still remain have taken it upon themselves to protect the new tree from danger and outsiders.

The Nursery

As Yazmir grows into a new Mother Tree, she is already producing new Nu'Lathians. The Nursery is where the baby plant-folk go to grow and thrive in their new home. The Nursery is a large facility that was built by the beastkin protectors as a place to nurture the new children of Yazmir. It is well protected and guarded by the beastkin protectors, who actually refer to themselves as The Protectors.

Earthen Hallow

The Earthen Hallow is actually a cavernous burrow of many different dens for the beastkin who live in the Grove of Yazmir. It houses dozens of beastkin families as well as the new children of Yazmir who have graduated from The Nursery and need more permanent living conditions.

Yazmir Sapling

The Yazmir Sapling is actually Princess Yasmine who was magically transformed into the new Mother Tree after Ylelthaeus was destroyed. For perspective, even as a fledgling sapling Yazmir is as big as a Sequoia tree of Earth. The village was built directly around the base of Yazmir, and gradually grows outwards as the tree itself grows. Yazmir already produces a new breed of Nu'Lath who are now called the Yazmirians.

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