The Kazarial Region

This is the largest desert in all of planet Solaris. The desert spans approximately 1/4th of the entire surface of planet Solaris. Many travelers and explorers have fallen to the dangers here. It is home to some of the most mysterious things in the world. Help us unlock the secrets of the Kazarial Desert through exploration and adventure.

Places of Interest

Mysterious Crater - A mysterious crater that transcends time itself. Regardless of what timeline you're in, this crater exists in every timeline and remains exactly the same in all of them.

The Boneyard - An area of blindingly white sand, it is believed to be the place where many sandwyrms go to die. It is filled with skeletons and horrible danger.

The Great Scar - For an unknown reason there is a massive tear in the planets crust here. It is enormous, so enormous it can be clearly seen from orbit.

The Shifting Sands - A dangerous place where the sands flow like a river. Many travelers have misjudged this place, and paid with their lives.

The Sinkhole - A recently discovered sinkhole out in the middle of the desert. The hole itself isn't all that big, but it opens up into an enormous cavern.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Kazarial Region are high threat and very hostile.

Ifrit - Purely elemental entities with a quirky personality.

Krossa - Large monsters from another world with insect-like exoskeletons.

Red Dragon - Large red flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Sandlurker - Strange reptilian beasts who blend into the desert sands.

Sandwyrm - Enormous and powerful beasts of the Kazarial Region.

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