The Osperian Region

Welcome to the area most likely to be considered the "starter" zone, if there ever was one here in Solaris RPG. The Osperian Region is the home of Elyndaar City, a mostly neutral city whose citizens welcome almost any other race of Solaris, except for the Vegonians.

This region is also home to the largest forest on the face of planet Solaris, the Osperian Forest. The trees of the forest are a sight to behold. Many of the giant Osperwoods are so tall they almost disappear into the sky.

This region is probably one of the safest place on Solaris, although danger creeps up on the unsuspecting wherever you are in Solaris.

Places of Interest

Champion's Enclave - The Class Hall for all of the Warriors of planet Solaris, it is a place of heavy training, hard work, and determination. Garr Fengalon maintains this hall.

Elyndaar City ✪ - Home of the Elyndrians, Elyndaar City is a marvel of technology and home to an army of mechanoids. It is an enormous sanctuary city where everyone but Vegonians are welcome.

Forest Clearing - A simple but very popular forest clearing located to the south of Elyndaar City. This area is famous for nightly chats around the fire. Many stories have been told here.

Grand Osper Tree - The largest tree in all of the known regions of planet Solaris, though it is actually five trees interwoven together. It is also the home of the Druidic Ritual Grounds.

The Hanging Gardens - Not one location but actually four separate locations and home to the mighty forest guardian, Vardtrad. Travelers should excercise caution when roaming these areas.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Osperian Region are reasonably low threat with very few exceptions.

Decoceras - Enormous slug-like creatures who roam the Osperian Region.

Dortuk - Powerful bear-like creatures who roam the forested regions.

Elwen - Masters of the wilderness found deep within the forests.

Fairy - Tiny winged humanoid creatures who are adept with magic.

Osperian - Large mountable birds that are incredibly swift and powerful.

Pixie - Small and tempermental winged humanoids with an attitude.

Vardtrad - The mighty guardian of the largest forest region in all of Solaris.

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