Skyhold City

The city that supposedly took over 1,000 years for the Avians to design and build with pilfered technology and blueprints provided by Girak Luhia from the future. While Girak passed away mostly due to old age, his son, Giran Cloudstrider, took up the mantle and became finished his work on the city.

Skyhold City sits atop the highest mountain peak in all of Solaris. It resides well above the clouds in the upper atmosphere. Skyhold's streets are paved in gold, and the cities skyline is wonderous and breathtaking. The city is protected by its extreme location, but also a protective dome just like those used 30,000 years in the future.

The citizens of Skyhold City consider themselves above all others, literally and figuratively. They are prideful and vain, seeking only to better their own civilization over all others. Not only do they look down upon the Black Empire, but the Elyndrians as well.

Cloudstrider's Retreat

A resort in the sky, designed by and built for the Cloudstrider family, though the nobles of the city are allowed to enjoy its pleasures and poisons however. The retreat has many luxuries unseen anywhere else on the planet. There are spas, mud baths, bars, and other more physical pleasures provided to its clients.

Skyhold Fortress

The enormous fortress that sits in the very center of the city. This is where Giran Cloudstrider spends much of his time designing and planning additions, improvements, and changes to the rest of the city. The fortress is guarded by an elite force of Avian Guards and many other spectacular gadgets, gizmos, and weaponry. At the center of the fortress resides a golden spire known as the Watchtower.

The Watchtower

Giran and his most trusted followers spend a lot of time looking down on the rest of the world from the top of the golden Watchtower located at the center of the Skyhold Fortress. This tower is well protected and serves as the perfect spot to keep an observing eye on everything below.

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