The Swamp Region

This region is one of the darkest and most foreboding areas of planet Solaris and not only that, but it's enormous. The Swamp Region spans across most of the northern hemisphere of the planet. It eventually leads into the Hinterlands.

It is full of swamps, marshes, and bogs and strange odors typical of such places. It is home to many mysterious creatures of various shapes and sizes. There are even an enigmatic species of Grovekin who roam the region.

Despite the oddities and gloomy atmosphere, many travelers come to the Swamp Region seeking adventure and glory. Some believe there may be a lost city somewhere deep in the swamps, though it has never been located.

Places of Interest

Roshema Ruins - What remains of Roshema Village resides here. Much of the old village is still intact, but heavily damaged.

The Shadowood - A mysterious haunted forests where the gateway to the Afterplane resides. Many explorers come, but very few leave.

Wicked Willow - The Class Hall for the Necromancers of Solaris, it is dark and forboding, a picture perfect spot for dark rituals and practicing the dark arts.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Swamp Region are of moderate threat and often somewhat hostile.

Brown Dragon - Large brown flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Ghoul - Undead humanoids who seek to consume the living.

Horror Hounds - Hellish hounds who roam the ghostly wilderness.

Lamper - Somewhat small, fish-like humanoid creatures with scales.

Skeleton - Animated skeletons who seek to destroy the living.

Vampire - Blood sucking humanoids who seek to drain the living.

Vorkan - Creatures who are built like floating brains with tentacles.

Zombie - Shambling corpses who seek to consume the living.

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