The Twilight Region

This region is the area of the Afterplane travelers from the physical plane are dropped into after their arrival. It's a hazy alternate copy of the Swamp Region in the physical plane.

Many dangers are lurking in this place, though many are not immediately apparent. The Infernal Chasm, home of the demons, resides in the far southern reaches of the Twilight Region. The ghostly village of Evermore also resides here.

Many of the ghostly inhabitants of Evermore are not aggressive towards the living, but the demons will try to possess their physical bodies and then escape back to the physical realm.

Places of Interest

Evermore Village ✪ - A ghostly village welcoming the recently deceased to the Afterplane. Many of its inhabitants are fallen warriors and try to play pranks on those who pass through the village, especially those who are still living.

Shadowgate Clearing - This mysterious clearing is equipped with a gateway that leads to the realm of the living. Sometimes demons escape through the gateway. Normal ghosts cannot pass through it.

Twilight Grove - This is a large forest that the living encounter when traveling into the Afterplane through the Shadowgate. It is filled with a mysterious fog that never seems to go away.

Pool of Life - A mystical pool of life energy that glows silver against the normally colorless surroundings of the Twilight Region. A mysterious caretaker of the pool lives nearby, her name is Momma Dee.

Infernal Chasm - The birthplace of the demons, the Infernal Chasm is a place of evil and wickedness. No one knows how it came to be or where it came from, but it seems to be a tear in the fabric of the Afterplane.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Afterplane Region are of significant threat and somewhat hostile.

Deimos - A powerful demon menace who roams the Afterplane.

Soul Eaters - Lesser demons who haven't escaped the Afterplane.

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