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These are the regions of planet Solaris and other realms that the Elyndrians have discovered throughout their adventures. Regions are listed in order of discovery.

Osperian Forest
Deep within the central region of Solaris, veiled in an aura of mystery and enchantment, lies the Osperian Forest, a realm of towering trees, verdant undergrowth, and secrets long buried beneath the ancient canopy. Its vast expanse, stretching for miles in every direction, has earned it the title of Solaris’s largest and most enigmatic woodland realm. The Osperian Forest is home to many creatures and races, some friendly and some hostile, who live in harmony or conflict with the forest’s magic and nature. The forest is also the site of many legends and mysteries, such as the city of Elyndaar and a sacred grove of the Grovekin.

Endless Plains
The vast expanse of grassland that stretches beyond the horizon. Located north of the Osperian Forest, the Endless Plains are home to many nomadic tribes and wild animals. The plains are known for their harsh weather, ranging from scorching heat to freezing cold. The only landmarks are the occasional hills, rivers, and ancient ruins. The Endless Plains are a place of adventure and danger, where only the strong and the brave can survive.

Skyhold Mountains
The majestic range of snow-capped mountains that loom over the southern border of the Osperian Forest. The Skyhold Mountains are the highest and most treacherous peaks in the world, where only the most skilled climbers and explorers dare to venture. The mountains are rich in minerals and magic, but also fraught with dangers such as avalanches, blizzards, and fierce creatures. The Skyhold Mountains are a place of mystery and wonder, where legends and secrets are hidden among the clouds.

Xhan Tarn Beach
Nestled between the Skyhold Mountains and the azure sea, Xhan Tarn Beach is a paradise on earth. It is the world’s longest and most visited beach, attracting millions of sun-seekers and adventurers every year. The water is so clear that you can see the colorful fish and coral reefs below the surface. The beach is also renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, painting the sky in shades of orange, pink, and purple. At the heart of the beach lies Harbor City, a bustling trade center founded by the legendary Captain Tillen.

Darkmire Swamp
The murky bog that covers the northern edge of the Endless Plains. The Darkmire Swamp is the darkest and most inhospitable swamp in the world, where the sun is blocked by the thick canopy of twisted trees and vines. The swamp is infested with poisonous plants, venomous snakes, and bloodthirsty creatures. The swamp is also haunted by the spirits of the dead, who whisper and wail in the night. The Darkmire Swamp is a place of horror and despair, where few dare to enter and even fewer return.

Hinterfall Jungle
The dense and lush rainforest that lies north of the Darkmire Swamp. The Hinterfall Jungle is the thickest and most diverse jungle in the world, where countless species of flora and fauna thrive in the humid and tropical climate. The jungle is full of wonders and dangers, such as exotic fruits, colorful birds, ancient temples, and deadly predators. The jungle is also home to Korbgrad City, a secretive and militaristic band of Gorgons who live in harmony with nature. The Hinterfall Jungle is a place of exploration and discovery, where you never know what you might find.

Kazarial Desert
The immense and arid wasteland that lies west of the Osperian Forest. The Kazarial Desert is the vastest and most inhospitable desert in the world, where the sun scorches the land and the wind whips the sand. The desert is barren and lifeless, except for the occasional oasis, cactus, or scorpion. The desert is also dangerous and unpredictable, with sandstorms, mirages, and bandits. The Kazarial Desert is a place of isolation and survival, where only the most resilient and resourceful can endure.

Dormuzahn Isles
The remote and exotic archipelago that lies south of the Xhan Tarn Beach. The Dormuzahn Isles are the farthest and most isolated islands in the world, where few travelers have ever set foot. The islands are diverse and beautiful, with tropical forests, coral reefs, volcanoes, and waterfalls. The islands are also home to the ancient laboratory called Andorum, a mysterious place built by the Builders eons ago.

World's Edge
The frozen and inhospitable tundra that covers the south pole of planet Solaris. The World’s Edge is the coldest and most isolated region in the world, where the temperature rarely rises above freezing and the sun is seldom seen. The tundra is plagued by fierce storms, avalanches, and icebergs. The World’s Edge is home to the Ardanians, a proud and resilient people who have adapted to the harsh environment and have built their civilization. The World’s Edge also contains Vishera’s Vale, a hidden valley of geothermal activity and magical creatures made of living ice, where a mysterious and ancient power lies dormant.

A small moon that orbits around planet Solaris. Lunaris is a dark and mysterious world, where the forest are blood red and full of dangerous ape-like creatures called Howlers and Minoks. Lunaris is rarely visited by outsiders, except for the Elyndrians who built Explorer’s Landing here, a small outpost with a portal leading back to Elyndaar City. Lunaris is a place of magic and mystery, where the moonlight reveals hidden secrets and dangers.

The desolate and eerie realm that lies beyond the Shadowgate. The Afterplane is the lifeless land of the dead, where the souls of the departed wander in the darkness. It is the home of the spirit world, where the forces of light and dark are in constant conflict. The Afterplane is also where the village of Evermore resides, a haven for the lost souls and the weary. The Afterplane is also where the Infernal Chasm awaits, a sinister pit of fire and brimstone, where demons and other evil creatures lurk. The Afterplane is a place of dread and despair, where only the brave and the faithful can hope to escape.

The verdant and vibrant planet that lies far from planet Solaris. Gorgonia is a lush and diverse world full of wonder, where the flora and fauna are colorful and exotic. Gorgonia is the home of the Gorgon race, a noble and ancient people who have mastered the art of elemental control and union. Gorgonia is also where the Elyndrians built an outpost called Pathfinder Point here. Gorgonia is said to house a gateway to other worlds and dimensions, a portal that can transport anyone to any place and time. Gorgonia is a place of beauty and adventure, where the possibilities are endless.

Void Realm
The vast and empty space that lies at the center of the Nomaverse. The Void Realm is a place of silence and darkness, where the only light source is a mysterious river of flowing energy known as The Flow. The Flow is the source of all magic and life in the Void Realm, and it attracts various floating isles with different civilizations built upon them. The Void Realm is home to the Voidwalkers, a powerful and secretive race of mages who can manipulate the Flow and travel between the isles. The Void Realm is also where Lodoros Isle resides, a hidden and ancient isle that contains a gateway from planet Gorgonia.

The Wildlands
The untamed and diverse lands that lie east of the Osperian Forest. The Wildlands were once a barren and desolate wasteland, but after the fall of the Black Empire, the Grovekin reclaimed the land and restored it to its natural glory. The Wildlands are now a vibrant and flourishing region, where the flora and fauna are varied and abundant. The Wildlands are also where a hidden Elyndrian encampment resides, led by Kora Nightblade, a fierce and cunning warrior who opposes injustice. The Wildlands are also home to The Breach, a massive hole in the crust of planet Solaris that leads into the World Below, a dark and mysterious realm that holds many secrets and dangers. The Wildlands are a place of freedom and adventure, where the unexpected and the extraordinary can happen.

The World Below
The ancient and hidden sub-world that lies far below the world’s crust. The World Below is only accessible by traveling through The Breach, a mysterious passageway in the Wildlands that leads to the depths of planet Solaris. The World Below is a vast and wondrous underground world, where the skies are lit by large ciedium deposits that protrude from the ceiling above. The World Below is home to a surprisingly advanced species of Grovekin known as the Protokin, who have adapted to the subterranean environment and have developed a unique and sophisticated culture. The Protokin live in harmony with the nature and the magic of the World Below, and guard its secrets from the outsiders.

Zetha Prime
A mysterious world sculpted by primordial energies pulsating with otherworldly life. Jagged, crystal-crowned mountains pierce sapphire skies, while bioluminescent rivers wind through meadows teeming with alien life. In the heart of this wonderland lies Gearrr, the capital city, its towering spires crafted from an unknown, ever-shifting metal that dance with energy. The Zethans, a people of shapeshifting forms, dwell within, their silent city powered by the manipulation of zetherium. Beneath Gearrr, spaceships built from stardust whisper through the void, powered by the secrets of the Nomaverse itself. But Zetha Prime's wonders unfold only to those who earn the Zethans' cryptic trust, for beneath their city's gleaming skin lies a labyrinth of hidden chambers and ancient wisdom waiting to be discovered.