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Region Guide

These are the regions of planet Solaris and other realms that the Elyndrians have discovered throughout their adventures.

    Known Regions

  1. Osperian Forest
    The biggest forest.

  2. Endless Plains
    The broadest field.

  3. Skyhold Mountains
    The tallest peaks.

  4. Xhan Tarn Beach
    The longest beach.

  5. Darkmire Swamp
    The darkest swamp.

  6. Hinterfall Jungle
    The thickest jungle.

  7. Kazarial Desert
    The vastest desert.

  8. Dormuzahn Isles
    The farthest islands.

  9. The World's Edge
    The coldest tundra.

  10. Planet Lunaris
    The smallest moon.

  11. The Afterplane
    The lifeless lands.

  12. Planet Gorgonia
    The Gorgon home.

  13. The Void Realm
    The emptiest place.

  14. The Wildlands
    The wildest lands.