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Skyhold Mountains

Home to the most massive mountains on the face of the planet. The Skyhold Mountains span the same distance as Xhan Tarn. It rests just north of the beaches and stretches the entire length of the continent. Local lore suggests there is an advanced city of Avian who live at the top of the highest mountain above the clouds. Many have sought out the fabled city, but very few have returned from these exploratory endeavors. There are many sights to see in this region, despite its dangers. Some say the city was destroyed by the Dark Avatar during his rampage across planet Solaris.

Notable Locations

Thunderwing Stronghold
Thunderwing Stronghold is a hidden city in the Mountainous Region. It is home to the Thunderwing Brood and Lord Kelthuron. Visitors are typically welcomed, but there are strict rules. The city is surrounded by cavern walls and has a dim glow from glowing crystals. There is a tavern, an inn, and shops.

Skyhold Mountain
Towering over the surrounding peaks, Skyhold Mountain is the undisputed monarch of this mountainous realm. Its colossal form, adorned with a tapestry of jagged cliffs and soaring summits, casts an awe-inspiring shadow over the land. This untamed wilderness holds a wealth of secrets, its hidden depths beckoning adventurous spirits to unravel its mysteries.